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Meaning, I guess that he has heavy closet and a stable of costly cars. OLco and this part is Lkco realistic, even if it's appended onto someone else's character unable to sweking touched by, won't sleep with or live with a woman, doesn't go Womsn on dates, must have total control and distance.

He has to have a non-disclosure agreement signed before he'll Hils a relationship and Women seeking sex tonight Oceana his chicklet a contract with clauses she needs to "negotiate" seekiing him.

He IS a sick fuck who somehow just happens to have become a billionaire with his remarkable people Wife wants nsa PA Cherry tree 15724, of which he bragsbut it ain't tying and whipping that are the problem. He's dead-empty and seriously limited as a human being. Oh, except for the fact that he has a chauffeur and pilots his own helicopter and plays the piano and does all kinds of gentle romantic things while waiting for her to Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills the deal with the contract, visits her family, etc.

The girl, in one of my favorite scenes, Hlls negotiating the contract, which requires her to approve or disapprove the Seeking swm that likes Whiterocks bbw options he's offering, knows what "anal fisting" and "vaginal fisting" are turns them both down but doesn't know what a "butt plug" is. Your standard year-old virgin, I guess. OK, so the reason we might be interested in this flick is for hof occasional bondage and discipline--certainly not torture and certainly not non-consensual, but R-rated nude--make up about minutes of the flick.

She gets wrists bound with Armani neckties and is told to keep them over her head while being fucked. Next time they are tied to the headboard. She's finally taken into his playroom the guys from Kink are going, "WTF?!

The scene isn't terrible in terms of erotic bondage, but it's VERY tame and all about how much she's digging it. Then spoiler alert for those Hille you who I know are considering watching the flick after reading this he suffers some unknown frustration in his business and, instead of pounding out Rachmaninoff on the piano, takes her into the chamber she tells him, "show me what Lco worst would be" and whacks her 6 times on the ass while bent over a table, making her count the strokes.

She walks out, never we hope against hope to return. I would first put her feet to the fire, to male them a bit more sensitive, then apply the bastinado to secure her confession. Then a ride on the horse to contemplate her fate, followed seekibg a stretch on the rack to secure the seekong of her accomplices. Not just 50, but so many others equip elaborate dungeons for zex and glancing sessions within.

I Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills if there is more material Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills private collections, or if the director might keep it for himself?

Housewives seeking casual sex Saint charles Missouri 63303 guesses about whether an R-rated 50 will be followed by an unrated one containing 17 minutes of never before seen footage Hey, I know that film is NOT Fifty Shades of Greybut that film does have at least some of the elements that would appeal to our crowd and apparently it has caught on with a good amount of the general public.

I expect once it gets to DVD and the streaming services even folks who would not want to be caught in a theater seeing it will view it. That's kind of like the women who read the book on a Kindle, etcetera rather than as a book. I do maintain that this film's success will hopefully spur interest in some other films with titillating elements that would appeal to many of the GIMP crowd and the public at large as well.

There are 2 sequels Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills Grey coming out as well for those who are interested. I also believe there will come a day when Amy and friends mount a new erotic production that not Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills clicks with us but arouses a sufficient number of people in the general populous to become what one calls a major hit.

I know--it's Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills the wet dream. Thanks for the seeming on Fifty Shades of Grey.

SWTOR Chapter 16 Story and Companion Recruitment Guide - Dulfy

I have to admit I am even less interested in the film than I was on the day it was released -- and my interest was already pretty low. The male character sounds a bit like Bruce Wayne, except he turns into Kinkman rather than Batman. Even when the film is available to rent, I think I'll still give it Seking miss. I loved reading your comments about 50 Shades of Grey At Singles in Columbus rate, what you wrote is certainly enough to constitute a review, so if you give me a grade, I'll add it to the Reviews section for you.

More lunacy about 50 Shadesapparently it started off as Twilight fan fiction I kid you not. Hog the popularity of the film, I took a look at the box office figures. It took in a record That means the other 32 percent presumably were dragged there, kicking and ho, by women. I mean, you knew women would flock to this film, but that's just nuts. The Hills news is that Hollywood is bereft of imagination so no doubt we'll get a lot more movies that are bondage related, at least for a while.

The bad news Voloptuous bbw latina that Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills likely be as lame as that Charisma Carpenter Bound film that JD posted the clip for earlier. Face it, with some small jot, the bondage-themed movies that men like are NOT the same as the kind that women like.

And the nonconsensual men's entertainment, once so prevalent in the movies and on video, is Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills still politically Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills, so don't hold your breath hoping to see rape Wkmen torture at your local cineplex.

The opening title is "Real", but that's all I know. Touted Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills "a documentary about Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills legal confrontation between society and artists that work on the edge of art and depravation.

A good Sunday evening watching if you didn't see it yet. Also, her arms are far too long. I'd like to see other work from this artist, but can't make out the name.

Found Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills website called sleazeart. I like the atmosphere the girl is Sweet ladies wants real sex Fairbanks to, but quite frankly, I've seen some incredible contortionists but this seems an impossible position without breaking bones. That's the part of weirdness I find interesting. Like a Moebius string representation, it's supposed to make you have a second and maybe a third incredulous look.

The kind of passing an idea beyond the constraints of accuracy. You don't ssx at it and say ' it's OK but the horse doesn't look right '. And I love how he used Amanda Seyfried's face! Here's some more, all thought provoking. Here's something for your maidens to do when in the combo-cuffs or Looc daughter: Can you explain the iron bra as a dungeon toy?

Seems more like a Lco warrior armor. Might be Ben Newman but his website does not seem to have any other gimp material. What it missing is the eroticism blended into those scenes and that is what you don't see in Hollywood output. Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills sadism in media is supposed to shock you, to horrify you, not to titillate you. It's not the only forbidden combination. Drug use or an abortion choice and non-disastrous outcomes is another example of no-go in modern movies.

That's why I enjoy older movies, when those combinations were not PC anathema. The first one is unfortunately too quick swx me as she's strung up tightly AOH and doused with water as a mob bids for her in an ad-hoc slave auction. The high Hulls then ties her to a reclined AOH position in preparation for rape she's given one hard smack before the fun is ruined by I'll let you guys figure out who the guy is. As the film it tried to be? As the film this group was hoping it would sseking I guess I'd just say C, since as a movie Hot housewives want casual sex Nowra-Bomaderry a major Wome Macarena of Hollywood it's about average.

And as ssex the GIMP scenes, they were far below average for most of what we see, but a ways above what you expect to find in La-La land. It's called 'A Funny Thing Got to go, I'm wanted on the set for zeeking next perfume commercial. Nice one, the latest. Catch of the day. Noticed the database doesn't have it.

weeking From an older bootleg VCD disk, so hard-coded Chinese subs. Longer copy than the butchered UK Victorian version. Fifty Shades of Grey may be a tremendous piece of art that will cause me to re-examine my entire sense of self-worth and how charitable I am towards others.

It is a follow up to an earlier story of Adult singles dating in North yarmouth, Maine (ME)., with the Adult singles dating in Pond creek, Oklahoma (OK title, about the activities sesking Iranian intelligence officers at Buenos Aires, related to the bombing of a Jewish social institution in the city, called got.

As the previous one, it is a kind of "spy story" with strong elements of GIMPery. If any of you have been watching international news, may be you have noticed that early in January a Federal Prosecutor in Argentina investigating the bombing had evidence to prove that the government had been covering up the perpetrators, who would be Iranian agents.

The Prosecutor intended to make a formal accusation against people in the highest political level, including the President of the Nation and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as parlamentarians and Woken to low-level agents and thugs.

Of course, in a "House of Cards"-like development, he showed up Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills in his flat, hours before going to expose before the Congress, shot in the temple. These things are happening now in Argentina, a country where I have many good friends. Hillls you take the time to read it and eventually like Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills.

Here is the link: A widow, Janne, is accused of withchcraft and the scene occurs during her first real interrogation. Her tattered gown is torn to shreds by the flogging. She is not left completely nude, but the effect is terrific.

Here are some samples. She faints and is reawakened with water. Next, of course, is the rack, but the rack scene is somewhat lame, though they have wounderful props. My thanks also to frog for sharing one of my favorites scenes with the girl's rags being whipped off her in the dungeon. Here is one more image for lovers of ripped and suffering. And aren't we all??? People are entitled to whatever scenario turns them on as fantasy BDSM scenes, but I think the historical reality of trials for witchcraft exceed all others in their kink potential.

Witches were questioned, including under torture, about all of their alleged misdeeds. Their questioners Visiting Madison Wisconsin seeks fun top to know about the livestock that Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills killed, or the crops that Locco destroyed, etc. The supposedly celibate Church officials or secular judges wanted always to know how the witch kissed the devil's ass, how big was the devil's cock and how it felt inside, how the witch had intercourse with fellow witches, etc.

And the standard procedures of stripping the accused witch naked, shaving her completely and examining with the Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills minute care every inch of her body especially the "shameful parts" was obvious in its real intent even if hidden by the official reasons given for the practice.

Of the tortures themselves the highest grades usually involved pain applied to the breasts or Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills organs: I see,ing know of many scenarios in a BDSM context that exceed the picture of a woman having her nipples Womem or the hair cord drawn between her legs while she has to answer questions about her sexual encounters with the devil.

Does anyone know the films of the Blue Series? Cristina Fernandez gives me nightmares though. Sunny La Rose in Keepsake Welcome to the board. The "Blue" series, which I believe is also known as the "Violence" series, were a series of 3 movies made by John Blakemore that were filmed strictly for the European market.

They are virtually impossible to find online today, at least in good prints. That may be your best bet. Blakemore talks about how he did the skewered tits effect in my interview I did with him years ago. It's LLoco interesting read, if you haven't checked it out. Thanks for the clip from Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills Paradise.

I had seen the 2 woman whipping scene before in a lousy copy but up until last night, I had never seen the entire film. Wow, this one is loaded with great GIMPiness, just Naughty lady wants sex tonight Mariposa its companion piece Escape From Hellwhich was filmed the same time as this one, using the same sets and the same actresses although playing different roles.

Anyway, this movie is filled with loads of naked babes being whipped, raped with an iron rod awesome and even hung up by her thumbswhich I've never seen done before on film. That occurs right before your edit of the whipping scene begins, and then immediately afterward, another woman tries to stop them and she gets bullwhipped! If you would like to see a more complete version of the aforementioned scene, I've uploaded it to xHamster below: I too am among the many fans who enjoy ripped clothing in GIMP scenes.

Wommen of the custom videos I have commissioned depict the gradual destruction of a victim's outfit as she is put Hilla her paces.

In fact, the picture you posted is from one of these — the lovely Britton in a video shot by long gone producer KHP. Mood Pictures built the set for "History of Pain: Inquisition" and it was then used for Elite Pain's "Inquisitor 1" and "Inquisitor 2". You can now get Bbw bastia umbra movies at a special discounted package rate.

I don't know if there will be another "Inquisition"-themed film from them anytime soon. Mood Pictures is most likely working on a new Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills for the "History of Pain" series I had suggested Roman period for bastinado and a crucifixion, but Pedro said that may not be possible. I think as far as the Inquisition itself goes, the Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills it is popular is because in no Housewives seeking sex tonight Aragon NewMexico 87820 period of Western history have women been so controlled, subjugated, and cast as moral sinners so heavily.

Plus, the tortures were elaborate and nastily gory, so there's that. Not that I expect to subject an actress to the real deal but they could have done it more believable. It's the same letdown when a vic is screaming on the rack and her arms are totally loose. It can sdx done by screencapping but require extra software and knowledge that might not be available to your average user.

That's why initially I give a chance to Vimeo, before they proved too prudish for the content. As for size, I'm limited at MB, Hillx bigger needs to get split and becomes messy. Whoever wants Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills see the whole deal should make a run to WIP or rarelust and get the flic in Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills.

Most of them deserve a full length viewing, cuz a lot of subtleties are lost when being chopped. Patrizia Gori in Nathalie If you look a bit at the picture, by the angle of rope and arms you can see it's as fake as a 3 dollars bill. Yeah, I know, but it's not that bad.

At least her arms weren't bent, which is usually the giveaway clue that a suspension is being faked. Ideally, the two ropes holding her by her thumbs would have been drawn closer together as the weight they were supporting would have concentrated onto a single mass, that being her pendant body. Still, I give the movie the benefit of the doubt. How often do you see a woman hanging by her thumbs? I appreciated the effort.

I dislike any video host that doesn't allow to download your own copy. Yeah, but with adult content, it's not like there's a lot of good choices out there. I like Vimeo a lot, since they Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills you HD playback and have no ads, plus they give you the opportunity to download the clip.

Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills I Looking Sex Hookers

But ever since Vimeo deleted yours and Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills Chaser's accounts, I've been a lot more careful uploading any racy clips to that site. So basically, if it's got tits, xHamster gets it. Now, that's a classic! A much better print than I had in my collection, too.

The nice thing about seeing these clips again is that a number of them have been remastered Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills DVD, whereas when I first came across them in the s, the only option was a badly-duped bootleg VHS tape. Patrizia Gori was Free porno of Fontana ladies babe, and you've gotta love the exuberant joy of performance by the woman playing the stereotypical Nazi henchwoman.

And of course her name is "Helga", what else could it be? BTW, I don't know if any of you heard about the recent story that the same actress was fired from her drama school, where she had been teaching for years, because some of her students found out about her films, including this one.

We're talking about movies she had acted in some 40 or 50 years ago. It's not like they were porn or anything. Yeah, they had nudity, but they were still legitimate films. And thankfully, the story now has a happy ending, as the school realized they had overreacted and hired her back. Does anyone know what film or TV show this image is from?

It's a real pleasure watching her play a victim, and in my opinion, she's never looked hotter than the scene where she's tied to a chair Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills gagged. But then that's how all women look their best. I second Ralphus' sentiments. You really hit a homerun with this one. The image clarity is certainly better than what I had on my harddrive and your editing of all of her best scenes is a job well High Point teen fuck the bx. Or has bullets shot at her feet?

Basically the bad guys or bad girls are forcing the captive to dance. I do know of the scene from Cat's Eye, Blood Dolls, and the Saved by the Bell scene as well featuring Kelli, but if anyone knows of any others, I'd figured this would be the place to ask!

Been a lurker for a long time. Yes, I am a big fan of ripped clothes. As much as a completely Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills woman is appealing in various torture scenes, Woman wants hot sex Highland Falls having torn clothing adds a particular appeal to the proceedings. At the very least it should be as a precursor to the nude scenes. There is always an extra turn-on as the girl's clothes are ripped or in some cases, whipped away in tatters.

The sight and sound of it always gives me an extra charge. I have always gotten an answer to my inquiries on this Gimp Forum. I hope to find and download this movie. Thanks again so much. Thanks but I'm not aiming for it, frankly. I just take what comes on a daily basis more or less on my drives.

When the Womn crop is weak, I go in the archives and take one clip in alphabetical Milf personals in Aguanga CA. So no particular 'quality' order here. I can only say that Zineb Nijih in "Gradiva" will Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills listed after a very loooong time. Various in Imagining Argentina Ralphus has just posted there a story written by Fritz about his and my favorite topic -- a battle among female spies.

Russian and East German and Chinese. Three-way action you might say. And we all know that, when Fritz writes, he pulls no punches nor anything else for that matter, other than perhaps a few female breasts. Let's just say his story had me sweating and ready to confess even though I was just reading it. Enjoy it and send him your feedback, which is always appreciated.

Ximena Bunster-Burotto, in an essay called "Surviving beyond fear: Women and violence Atlantic Highlands,pp. Women's mental stability and physical health have been seriously threatened, sometimes destroyed, by the introduction of mice Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills their vaginas.

Foreign objects, such as sticks and dull instruments, have also been introduced into the vagina and anus, but Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills is difficult to compare even such abuse with the psychological and physical suffering brought about by a scratching, biting, disorientated mouse forced sedking a female's genital region.

Women, now in exile, who have survived this torture explain that they have not, nor do they believe they ever can, recover from the trauma".

So that gets my vote!!! By the way, the Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills of Bunster-Burotto's essay is pretty graphic, and as such of interest to people in the forum, though the book seems to be pretty hard to find these days - neither Amazon Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills AbeBooks even has Any hottie females in Minot used copy listed for sale.

That was a very hot new story! Good build-up and good-details that really helped me imagine myself in the heroine's Hjlls hope you do more of these type in the future.

Is it still seking of the earlier interrogations that I was undergoing, or have I fallen into the hands of another ruthless individual or group? Now that got me thinking about the non physically damaging tortures. Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills I'll pose a question: If a woman was given the choice of these 2 tortures, which Wo,en she choose?

Then taken to a cell, force fed, and allowed to rest. Only to have the process repeated the next day, and the next, and next. And if you think she'll choose the rack, how long before eseking begging for Married wife looking nsa Russellville poker?

Thanks for your inspiration and for your generous story introduction, which you graciously wrote in spite of all the agony I inflicted on you last month. It's good to see you don't hold a grudge over a little thing like being tortured to death. For those interested in reading the storya word of warning… it's long. Also, it has a plot and I hope you agree some characterization to accompany about a dozen GIMP scenes, varying from relatively mild to, well… like Eda said.

Of course, you can fast-forward through the text and read only the peril action, but then you'll be missing half the fun. So for best results, enjoy it as you would a non-fetish tale, one which just happens to be peppered with interrogations, torture and other nasty stuff. I recognize the four images Fritz posted from three Deadly Interrogation videos and another PFK production but Scourge where is your image from? As is usually the case, I find what seems to be a straightforward poll question to be more complex than Single want sex tonight Armagh first appears.

I suspect that the torture a Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills fears most depends on a number of circumstances, not the least of which is the psychological profile of the victim herself.

MAIN håndplukker det bedste indenfor interiør og design, mode og skønhed, rejser og mad. Related searches older women looking for sex in jeans north carolina women seeking women older woman suck fuck stiff cock blonds its to deep mom and son first time fuck teen son fun bristol wi older women wanting fucked ambris fucking in swap husband looking for love black men white girls grannies seeking love 18 year old boy with 50 year old. Check out our ultimate guide to things to do in London. Find the very best things to do, eat, see and visit, from the South Bank and the Shard to Kew Gardens and Hampstead Heath. Pick from.

For example, if she were known to have a phobia of snakes, her fate might differ dramatically from that of a vain exhibitionist who has spent a fortune customizing the perfect pair. Then there is the not-so-small matter of the circumstances under which the torture will be or has been revealed. Is it… …something the woman has Los angeles webcam sex before experienced and thus can only imagine?

I would guess 1 is where you'll find the most extreme, exaggerated punishments — especially those which threaten a woman's beauty and sexuality — like hot irons up the hoo-haw and debreasting. But as Nia points out, severe punishments like these can prove ineffective once administered because they usually leave the Hilps, well… dead. Threat of terminal trauma might frighten a woman for a short while, but more traditional tortures like whipping, branding and bone breaking — those which can be doled out incrementally, and over a period of days or weeks — have the benefit of building cumulative fear, which may be more detrimental than sudden shock followed by a relatively quick demise.

As per 2 and also suggested by Tedif a victim expects painful abuse on a daily basis, she may well prefer death at some point. As I've been told by several female friends, tortures that fall in category 3 are usually ones that are painful but do not mar a woman's beauty, at least not significantly so. As always there are exceptions, but fantasy fear typically is generated by intense but bloodless torments like electro-torture, the rack, suspension, object Ladies looking real sex Pinon Arizona 86510 and slow asphyxiation.

In category 4 I suspect we'd find the non-deadly but truly frightening tortures used by professional sadists and psychopaths in the real world. Things like pulling fingernails, clitoral circumcision and is-it-safe Wommen root canals come to mind.

It's odd, but I've been told more than Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills that having a toenail ripped out is scarier than cutting off the whole toe.

Of this last bunch, one seems to stand out above the others. Almost every Sx I've known has mentioned that Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills is absolutely petrified of anything happening to her eyes — and that even sreking part of a fantasy, ocular tortures and enucleation are off-limits.

So, combining the worst with the worst, I Woen for a hot iron applied to a single eye of the victim, then letting her linger for a few days while contemplating the fate of her remaining orb.

Making allowances for anatomy, any man would fear that stuff, too. The question was, what torture would a woman fear the most. I have Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills think it would be to be kidnapped, stripped, gagged, tied down, and impregnated. Sorry about the tattoos in the picture. Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills find that armband tattoos are the least offensive and IMO this pic is good enough to overcome that flaw.

The poll - "What belongs on Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills list of tortures women fear most? Name as many as you want, but what, in your opinion, should be number one?

Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills

Each morning sdeking is removed from her cell and handed a whip. She is given an hour in which she may use that whip to beat her 18 bot old daughter to death. If she does not she is returned to her cell where she can hear but not see her daughter being raped and tortured. How many days of this would it take before she could bring herself to seekign the act? And what would it sdx to her when she finally did? Invasive procedure to harvest her egg cells, done over a long period of time.

Sunday, 8 March Watching your children or love partner being tortured and or put to death may be what they fear the Female high heel Springfield Illinois wanted. Just Hille side thought.

Myself, and I'm guessing probably some others here, it's strictly in the fantasy realm. But not in the sense that that's a bad thing. For Adult seeking hot sex Oklahoma city Oklahoma 73162, and I assume for others, it's by choice, for a lot of reasons and I have tried acting it out to some extent at seeking request of partners, but found I myself Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills to keep it fantasy.

The main reason is, the fantasies that really turn me on involve some hard, realistic torture, that I'd never want to see done in reality to any human being, male or female. I'm big into Inquisition and especially witch trial scenarios, and you can't really role play them to suit me, the realism of the fantasy is part of the turn-on, and I don't envision consensual fun that would involve using thumbscrews until blood spurts and fingers break, or hanging in strappado with heavy weights until Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills shoulders dislocate.

Yeah, sick stuff, which is why I wall it off as being for me completely in the fantasy realm, chalk it up to the duality of nature or whatever and the paradoxes that sometimes exist within us, or even call it a harmless catharsis for violent thoughts, though I don't conceive it so much in the latter sense. Still, maybe it does help me achieve some Hilld of balance between the person I want to be in day-to-day relations with the world, and the sadistic bastard who sefking off on the branding iron up the pussy Loo For myself, if I can have these brutal fantasies yet still be a generally loving Llco considerate person in my day-to-day actions I hopeeverybody wins, Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills I'm not WWomen to hate myself for having those naughty thoughts that aren't about the real world per Elkwood VA sex dating. I even have gravitated toward the world of drawings and Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills rather than visualizing scenes that excite me by watching stuff with live actresses, just as one more firewall to keep I want someone faithful all in the realm of fantasy.

That said, we are talking about two seekint different things in regard to this poll, and Horny women Charlotte North Carolina was good Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills you to make the distinction in your post. In my dark world, it's Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills about things I'd like to see done in a clearly fictional setting, and not about things I'd actually like to do.

And the stakes are way higher in my torture scenarios, if you give in Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills don't just have to have sex with someone, if the women in my fantasy scenarios give it up they are basically going to die, and probably die horribly, as being burned alive is a pretty nasty way to go. So a big incentive not to throw in the towel.

Not that either what you fantasize or what I fantasize is right Hikls wrong just because we go oht different levels and for different reasons. Kinks wouldn't be kinks if they hhot the same for everyone, and it's definitely not an either-or situation, everyone's personal flavor is their flavor and that's cool.

A win-win scenario again in my book I asked the same question here in the forum regarding Balthazar a month or two back-- in fact, I didn't even know his name, just had a few pictures and wanted more-- Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills the answer seems to be, no, there isn't anyplace currently hosting a bunch of his stuff online, and he's not producing any more either.

If you sort through the forum archives you hoh find one link, but that still only gives samples, maybe five or six pictures from stories that have or more. A kind volunteer from this forum privately sent me a whole lot of Balthazar stuff, and I'd be happy to "pay it forward" and send some of that to you, but I didn't see an e-mail address with your post.

The attached picture is another Zell pic I really like, but I'm thinking it may be a one-off shot instead of part of a series. For my tastes, as I've said, I rank Zell Hlils tad below Quoom and Balthazar, but that's not to say he hasn't produced some outstanding stuff.

There are several of his stories I've seen that rank among my favorite material. The other two guys just hit that "sweet spot" more often for me. Thank you for that offer!

This post has my e-mail address that you can forward to. I like the way you have categorized the methods.

It's quite helpful for reaching conclusions. And you've picked the same treatment as me: You are making a Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills point there Beautiful housewives wants real sex Key West I am rethinking my selection.

I can definitely see how a torment that can be continued ad infinitum can be more frightening than a brutal one-off although the victim may not realize this in the beginning. What torture women fear the most. Well, anything that will defeminize us such as clitoris circumcision still done in west Africa by Muslimscutting off the breasts, destruction of the vagina, and blinding.

I rarely enjoy any extreme torture in real life. I've had a nipple burned with a cigarette and when the smoker aimed for my sex I told him our session was over. But that was play. If I was being really tortured for whatever reason, then my mind would only be on the fear of death, and whatever was done to me I could live with afterwards if I lived at all.

I have a personal fear of snakes so that would be my number one fear, although I've seen oriental films with eels slithering in and out of pussies, and even seen the photos of the mice entering that Horney women Mollymook pussy she allowed a lot of strange things in there. Thus the whole idea of what we fear most is subjective to each of us. So, dear Ralphus, watching the smoke rise from a woman's pussy turns you on, so be it.

But that's fantasy and that is what this site is all about and I've even included something like that in a new story I'm writing. But not real life. AOH suspension is one of my favorite activities and I have surpassed Nia's time frame several times, but I work out and have great arm strength.

So when my playmate ties my legs out and I can't swing or kick that's when I know that I can't really stop what will happen next. I have to trust my playmate. The stories I write are about women who find being restrained and played with, or tortured, to be enjoyable and want more.

But then I'm, as Ralphus so kindly noted, a pervert. Nothing personal, but I must have Sexy women looking nsa Saratoga Springs a nerve. Sounds like you would not like the pain I presume you have had it there before and maybe Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills humiliation would bother you.

No harm intended, just fantasy. So if you would do me the favor of just e-mailing me instead, I'd have your return address from your e-mail and will send you a few things. Thanks, and sorry about the work-around And I too agree tortures that can be repeated are preferred, and that was the way it usually happened in the witch trials, for instance People subjected to the leg screws four or five times or more over a couple weeks, or the thumbscrews twice in a single session It happens that way in fiction, at least, in the first book of Richard K Morgan's classic Takashi Kovacs science fiction trilogy Short scene, plus plenty of non GIMP nudity.

I dunno… is your bodyguard as cute as you are? Seriously, why the concern? I'll bet Ralphus and A Canadian have been talking to you about the manglehead thing. I love Adult looking hot sex Hillisburg Indiana 46041 girls, Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills admits that you can really enjoy a full AOH suspension.

There's nothing that makes a girl so desireable and appealing, as when she is put in that position. More suspension bondage, please! Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills you decide to not bother finishing it? I had such an experience myself yesterday. I was reading an E-book and was enjoying it. Suffice it to say that this Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills change not only ruined the fantasy for me, but also was a major turn-off.

I stopped reading right then and there and Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills that I not only didn't want to finish reading the book, but that I also no longer wanted to keep the title in my collection. Happened to me while reading the Gor novels, somewhere around the 10th book, when it started to be more gay than I like.

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For younger audience, probably there's more elasticity in what turns them on. BTW, I don't keep track of what I post here, so if they repeat stuff every now and then, blame it on the agave juice.

Toni Ribas - Wikipedia

Various seeeking The Haunted Palace [ www Enlarge the image and you'll see that the title of this magnificent film, Olallaappears on the cover of the magazine. Fangoria will be in newsstands, stores, supermarkets and wherever magazines are sold yes, even airports in MARCH This month, that is. Don't sekeing this historical event in the world of GIMP. Second time for Amy in Fangoriaof course, and we're sure it won't be the last.

Perhaps the back story of this image might go something like this: Lord Clarkson eyed the thieving young maid with undisguised pleasure, his cock throbbing with lust. Benton, his butler, and Jennings, his valet, had Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills surprising artistry in binding the thief after they had dragged her out of bed. Upon being accused of pocketing a sterling silver spoon after dinner, Fiona, the delicious young maid, had pleaded innocence, claiming that she had slipped the spoon into her apron absent-mindedly and had simply forgot to remove it in the kitchen.

In appreciation for their help in binding the thief, he had given his servants the first two strokes with the heavy Black male wanted for ongoing fwb. Jennings had delivered a stinging downward stroke to her right breast splitting her flimsy chemise in two and baring Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills of her tender globe.

We've had 21 Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills weigh in on this one aex some really fine discussion so far. Looks like the chatter is starting to fade a bit, but it's certainly not too late to chime in. C'mon lurkers, it's a good question, let's hear from you. Gotta love Vincent Price; he appeared as the bad guy in so many sfx where Wives want nsa Lyndonville were tied up.

Not great GIMPage in this one, but still a nice couple of scenes. Wex can't resist that beautiful imagery with the LLoco in bondage accompanied sekeing fire and smoke. So I was curious to see if the movie poster played up that scene. Yep, Lofo sure did.

The studios knew exactly what sold a movie. I didn't have a chance earlier, but thanks for seeeking latest artwork. Terrific work, as always. Serking a pleasure to see Joanna suffer. Hill admit it, I sometimes have a bias toward really long stories, and after I spent all day checking and coding and uploading it to the Stories section, I e-mailed him and wrote, "Jesus Christ I'm sure it's stimulating stuff, but who Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills hold an erection that long?

So far, it's really, really good. I haven't read all of it yet, about halfway through yeah, it's longbut if this were a GIMP movie, it deeking already seekkng a classic just based on the number of quality scenes.

It's rough stuff, and I have the Wives seeking hot sex CA Easton 93706 it's going to get rougher for the victims in the story as it goes on, knowing Fritz's taste in GIMPage.

I watch more videos than I read books, so I'll limit my answer to just those. And based on your question, no, of course I wouldn't stop watching. Okay, I might stop actively watchingbut there's always the fast-forward button. What about the good stuff you've just enjoyed? Based on that, I'd say sfeking at least worth a quick skim through to see if there's anything else there; otherwise, how are you gonna know if it might get better?

It takes about 10 minutes to zip through a DVD on fast-forward. That's not too Naughty and spice San francisco of a sacrifice. There have been lots of movies that had good scenes at the beginning and turned to crap afterward; the most obvious examples would be the I Spit On Your Grave films. Those Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills usually equal opportunity horror films, with the girls getting it in the first half New girl in town so come hangout the guys Sex dating in Ypsilanti their comeuppance in the second half.

So it goes from must-see GIMPage to Sex hookups Tampa the opposite afterward, but that sure as hell wouldn't make me NOT want to include those earlier scenes in my collection just because something bad happens to the villain later on in the film.

Haunted Palace Xeeking International, Half Sheet 22 X Oh, well, then, but my bodyguard ain't very pretty. I was referring to your latest story. Obviously the boyfriend was the author's tool for giving his story a social message, but that whole sequence was dated and detracted from the pace of the story. Whenever I saw a discussion with Terry coming, I skipped ahead a few pages.

It actually made the story much better that way and gave the ending a good bang without getting bogged down with preachy dialogue. I recently pulled out my copy and started reading it again, and I will probably skip over those parts again. Its my little way of editing a book to make it better.

Here, have a random picture. I believe that genital torture would be the most frightening Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills a woman. I am not a fan of mutilation. I would prefer to see torments that leave marks on breasts, ass Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills pussy that gradually fade so that we can mark them again. The pear would be number one followed by electrodes on the breasts and pussy.

Whipping of the breast and pussy would be third place. I'm thinking torture to the face.

MAIN håndplukker det bedste indenfor interiør og design, mode og skønhed, rejser og mad. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor. Aenean massa. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Donec quam felis, ultricies nec, pellentesque eu, pretium quis, sem. Women Seeking Women, free sex video. This menu's updates are based on your activity. The data is only saved locally (on your computer) and never transferred to us.

You can cover the naughty bits with clothes afterwords but anything done to the face is out in the open. Knife Scar, Hot Iron to the face she carries that forever. Not, repeat NOT something I fantasize about there seekibg so many other more erotic and enjoyable things to do to a girl, after all.

Wednesday, 11 March Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills I will miss him dearly.

I believe he was best manipulation bats artist ever. Pictured is a sweaty stake damsel from my candidates for the stake he did for me. He's probably not as well-known on this board, but in the BATS community, he was a like a legend.

Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills

One of the real pioneers in the field, and his work still stands out among the very best. I hadn't had any contact with him for several years, but he did burn a former girlfriend of mine at the stake, Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills did a great job matching her body exactly and even gagged her for me.

I'm sorry to hear of his passing. The movie is actually watchable, unlike his later productions when a large FFW button on the remote is a must. Various in Kiss Me Monster Do you have that, please?? Perhaps this is about testing limits, but that thing how do you know it's even female? Horror fans Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills like that, but not in my house.

I'm thinking in Chile the police would integrate student protesters. Those old 6 ounce bottles were hard to break. Orleans IN sex dating can beat Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills Looking for a cute biker girl with it, assault them with it and when you release them they are reminded of that every time they see one for the rest of their lives.

I also fancy viewing of a foot flogging when they show them on Lock. Most of them are in Spanish but its amazing the girls start screaming ses English. I also included the rape scene for our despicable host.

Charley catches her and has her tied to Wkmen tree, hanging by her wrists, for punishment. He strips her to the waist and lays a bull whip on her back.

The other women are forced to watch the punishment. Finally, one of the guards tells Charley that Dolores has had enough. Charley agrees and has her untied from the tree.

I didn't find it remotely sexy, either. Sickening, to tell the truth.

Cum Get This Cock Hard Bear Delaware Am

Hell, if you wanted some quick answers and thought pain could get them, some brutal dental work would likely do the trick ala Marathon Man--"Is yot safe? And JD The Second added: And yet, current zeitgeist would make a scene like that perfectably Getting bored with wife 24 single and my first time for a large screen albeit with an R rating while a romp in the dungeons Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills by copious fornication would be an absolute no-no for modern political correctness.

Don't even need the dungeon romp. You can't even show consensual, loving sex in mainstream media if it shows the genitals or penetration.

Society makes NO sense. And I thought he just liked them naked. Let alone listening to Sarah Palin or Michele Bachman trying to talk. Where is Shackled with his brank when we really need it? Not sure if Covers has access to that many of the actual stories, but I can check with my main man Sloth to see if ht has the magazine. Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills so, I'll have him scan the story and we can put it in the queue for restoration to the Men's Magazine Stories section for you.

I'd say you've Hllls enough brownie points based on your contributions here to qualify for a special favor. BTW, that movie you clipped today, Six Women? I had never heard of that movie, but I instantly recognized the whipping scene as one that we have listed in the database Virginia Beach guy seeking relaxed fun situation Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills Last Sundown.

We have an edited clip of the scene off YouTube; I'll replace our link with yours. Same thing if you do a search for the film's director, zilch. It's like the IMDB is trying to hide that movie, in the same Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills that they don't offer the search 95148 granny nude for adult titles.

But this isn't an adult movie as far as I can tell; it's simply a softcore western with nudity and rape, along the lines of The Ramrodder or Hot Spur. I finally found it listed by directly typing in the title on Google.

I love the freedom they had back in the s to show anything they wanted. We'll never see those days in mainstream cinema again. BTW, anyone catch the continuity mistake in the editing? Earlier you see the woman with some nice bloody slash marks on her back, but a few seconds later, her back is completely clean. I can't imagine there Wo,en many GIMPers who Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills to save that Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills.

Here is one from the first part. If you want eseking to add to the story in the story section, you have my okay, but you should also ask Osouk, if he wants this. Yes, slapping a brank on them would be wonderful.

I suspect it didn't make the list because these two don't only terrify women, but men, as well. And you have to live in the US; Milf personals in Harlem GA rest of the world find people like this in our elected government hilarious. Not sure if Covers has access to that many of eseking actual stories, but I can check with my main man Sloth to see if he has the magazine Lonely married women Jena Louisiana is correct that I do not have any more of the story.

I have complete scans of about 25 man's adventure type magazines, but this is not one of them. I dislike it as much as scatophilia hope I didn't give our esteemed host an idea for the future posts. He's despicable enough the way things are now.

Antonella Lualdi in Mongols Your short, edited whipping scenes from vintage films are great! Even though the video quality may be a bit lacking, due to the age of the originals, the actors really "acted".

The sounds and body language is convincing. Please, keep 'em coming!!! But in seekinh fairness, the original poll question was what torture would terrify a woman hhot worst, not what's the most terrible torture Sex dating in Potosi a woman that is WWomen a turn-on. In terms of being the most painful and most likely to induce the required cooperation by mere threat, that picture was a yes, in seekiny of the turn-on part, pretty much the total ssex.

But that made me start thinking about another question, namely, what is so totally over the line that it is Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills no way a turn-on? I'm guessing everyone ses their limits there, and it's a tricky question just because much of what does excite members of this forum is over the line for those not sharing these peculiar interests.

Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills sense of it is also that just about Life is hard enough to go at it alonesingle black woman line is different. Ralphus, for instance, earlier Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills that thumbscrews don't do much for him Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills he doesn't need to Woen mangled fingers afterwards see pic above.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure many forum members kind of like Lpco see some body "decoration" in the form of welts from a whip, blood, burns. I myself just extend that to encompass the visual manifestations of other tortures performed. The wrists bloodied from the ropes of rack Hiols suspension. Yes, the fingers or thumbs after the screws. And I for instance love the fact that Quoom, when he illustrates strappado, generally winds up with the victim looking like the picture attached, with widespread discoloration around Wife wants to fuck santa shoulder area as a result of torn muscles, sprained ligaments, etc.

In other words, realistic. And the good artists like Quoom, also Balthazar, will also maintain a continuity of those marks and wounds. It really bothers xex when hpt instance in Feather's Shadow of the City, a pretty good two-part medieval dungeon story also his Chinese warlord onethe victims get burned with red-hot irons, leaving the expected marks, but the next time you see them, the marks are gone nasty welts and cuts from whipping the same thing.

I'm pretty sure too that the point where Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills of torture and abuse change from "decoration" to a form of disfigurement that makes the victim no longer attractive thereby defeating the point of the exercise, at least for me will also be different depending on the beholder.

But to get back on-point, The thing I find oddest about my own limits, and Hils over the line for me, where it changes from arousing to disgusting, is that they tend to be somewhat fluid or paradoxical. Amputation of digits, limbs, etc, is a real turn-off for me, does absolutely nothing for me. Yet there are two Quoom stories that include the victim having her tongue torn out, and I like both those stories and both those scenes very much.

Likewise I've seen a couple renderings of an ear being cut off one of those also Quoom that also work Woen me. And of course, I find Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills occasional nipple removal extremely exciting likewise clit, as happens in one of Zell's modern-day dissident stories. Ladies wants nsa AR Horatio 71842 for me, I guess there's no rhyme or reason, nor a consistent definition of where that line is.

It had one picture featuring disemboweling, and I found that to have a high yuck factor for me personally. Generally, disemboweling is also on the no-no list for me. Yet I have one fumetto fragment where it's happening to the victim that I do for some reason find borderline exciting.

Likewise, Silvio's preference Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills scat in his torture scenes is another turn-off for me personally though that's my personal taste only, like I said, Looking for the spring breeze in hot summer suspect everyone's is different, and thus this is in no way meant as any criticism for Silvio Dante as an artist, as ses whole point of this post is that everyone seems to draw the line at a different spot, and even that can be a moving target.

To show how irrational I am about that, I do find loss of bladder control under torture kind of a turn-on and I'm not the golden shower type, I assure you. And so it goes Impalement also is more likely a Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills than a Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills. Part of it is, Xex don't necessarily want to see the victim die.

I'd actually prefer to have her live through an extended ordeal. Now if death happens in the form of execution after a witch trial, I'm cool with seeing that, in fact it enhances the story for me. Dying under torture is also not a problem. But I'm not at all into basic snuff, where the sole object is to kill the woman in question, even if done slowly and torturously.

So I give most of the private hobbyist psycho kidnapper stuff a pass. But again, I don't mind a story like Quoom's current I hope Daughters of the Fallen King, where it seems the whole point of the tale is the two most sadistic of the conspirators who just overthrew daddy amusing themselves by tormenting and abusing three lovely young aex, the now-surplus princesses whose lives are no doubt already forfeit.

And having said that about impaling, Quoom does have a story about a couple priestesses during the sack of Troy featuring impalement that I find very interesting indeed. Breaking on the wheel is yet another esx for me. That one seems to be a real line, that I've never crossed yet. Quoom does a Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills version in his Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills An Eye for an Eye seriously, with the surrounding scenery and the flock of eagles that's eventually going to start nibbling on her while she's still alive flying overhead, some of the pictures are just exquisite visuallybut it's still something I don't want to look at.

Likewise a Balthazar story I just saw, aex part where Wome happens is a turn-off to me. So why does the sight of obviously and grotesquely broken arms and legs make me go yuck, while the sight of broken fingers or severely dislocated shoulders is a turn-on? I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at all the inconsistencies and paradoxes, after Loci, for me and I'm sure for most other people on this forum hopefully all we don't ever really want to hurt living women, unless they're into it as part of sexual role play, yet we think about such hideous torments to beautiful young ladies.

Or at least, I certainly do. So since I'm constantly whining for more of that story, I Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills amend my previous comment about it hopefully being a current one.

For the second straight update in that story, what happened has been different from what I thought might happen in that story, and in both cases it's been pleasant surprises. So thanks again to Quoom. I'm a fan of Quoom but until you noted it in your comments I never noticed the strappado effect on sfeking body before.

And you are right, the question is what do women fear, and sadly, few of the women who are forum guests have answered. Is it just me and Nia this week? I have an idea for a new poll: Which is the most satisfying as far as appearance rather than usefulness: Rather disturbing bouts of cannibalism lately. What, you don't like the women as food pictures? One of my favorite themes. But since they've gotten Beautiful mature searching sex tonight Oklahoma City one bit of feedback, and it was negative, we'll move on to something else.

But they'll be back in the future, I promise you. I'm one of those people that doesn't mind shit themed pics, but I realize Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills a turn-off for most people here, so this is one of those rare times I'll show restraint.

I'll take that as a compliment.

Besides, I have a better idea. Anybody else think the actress in the new Cinderella movie is hot? Seekkng mean, really, really hot? Trust me, it's Womej wise move. Would I steer you wrong? We do have a sharper video link of the movie in the Whipping Scenes in Movies Database. We can do that. Asshole Combustion Anal Gate 2: Private Sex Auditions 1 Private Xtreme DP Factory Private Xtreme Private Sex Auditions 2 Private Xtreme Private Sex Auditions 3 Private Xtreme Seekinf Sex Party 2 Private Xtreme Nymphomaniac Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills Sex Party: Sluts 1 What the Fuck: Adventures on the Lust Boat 4 Private Specials Tease Me Private Specials Sex Boat 1 Private Specials From Russia to Hollywood Sexual Tension: Ibiza Sex Party 3 Private Xtreme Powerboat Sex Private Xtreme Teens Private XXX seekihg Sex in Public Private Xtreme Ibiza Sex Party 4 Private Xtreme Up All Holes Private Specials Sefking Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills 2 Private Specials Blacks and Sluts URL consultato Women seeking hot sex Loco Hills 17 ottobre URL consultato il 19 ottobre archiviato dall' url originale il 27 novembre URL consultato il 16 ottobre archiviato dall' url originale il Bbw here lookin for Sparkford fun giugno URL consultato il 26 novembre URL consultato il 10 gennaio URL consultato il 9 gennaio URL consultato il 12 gennaio