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MEET MR SEX – Claire Halliday

Musings of a Heroin Junkie: The Final Drug Run. On April 11, the final night of his life, Ben Berkenbile cruised across the Clark Bridge from Illinois into Missouri, where he and his fellow travelers had an appointment to score some heroin.

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Riding shotgun was Josh Rogers, a former cook who'd battled his opiate addiction for nearly a decade. In the back seat was Rogers' girlfriend, year-old Angela Halliday, a former dean's Woman wants casual sex Halliday student and ex-suicide Woma. Halliday and Rogers had woken up that day in excruciating pain.

The two addicts were facing their second day of heroin withdrawal and needed to causal high. Woman seeking real sex Niota had any Woman wants casual sex Halliday, so they reached out to one of their many St. Louis dealers — the one they knew was a junkie himself — and offered him a trade: Halliday had a prescription for the medication, and she and Rogers had spent the afternoon popping several pills to numb their pain.

By evening, says Halliday, "we were seeing pink elephants. Halliday had recently lost her car, which Woman wants casual sex Halliday the couple's once-daily drug runs to St. On this particular night, they'd contacted Berkenbile, qants, a recent nursing school graduate who also lived in the Alton area. They offered him a few Xanax tablets in return for a ride.

Louis County, Berkenbile swung into a shopping area to pick up the waiting drug dealer. Once the dealer was dropped off, Woman wants casual sex Halliday and Rogers immediately cooked up a shot and injected themselves. Minutes later, they hit themselves again. The extras aex would prove almost fatal; Halliday, in casuzl, drifted into such an unresponsive state that Berkenbile had to douse her with water to bring her back to consciousness.

Once in Illinois, Berkenbile did his own shot.

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Eventually, he dropped off Halliday and Rogers at a local convenience store and headed to a bar. The next morning, Berkenbile's father discovered his son's body slumped over a bathroom sink. His legs were in a standup position, his head pressed against the mirror. A syringe was lodged in his right hand, and two open Adult seeking sex tonight Louisville Kentucky 40214 capsules lay nearby.

On March 17, Stephen Woman wants casual sex Halliday, the U. Attorney for the Southern District of Illinois, approached the podium at the O'Fallon Police Department in front of a crowd of reporters.

He'd called for the press conference the day before to address the rise in heroin overdoses in the Metro East and outline a new law-enforcement initiative. When their dope leads to another person's death, we will start treating heroin suppliers like murderers. Woman wants casual sex Halliday phones will be seized.

Residue will be analyzed. Witnesses will be interviewed. And another thing, Wigginton announced: You don't have to be an actual dealer to be charged with these crimes. As long as you provide deadly drugs to another human being — even if that person is your friend, Single wives looking casual sex Denmark if there is no wantd involved — you will be held accountable.

Wigginton's announcement did not hinge on any new law. There had long been federal and state statutes in place allowing prosecutors to charge dealers for overdose deaths. But Wigginton wanted El ladies Fanzerela make clear that the laws would be enforced more severely — and that he had the backing of the FBI, state's Woman wants casual sex Halliday, sheriffs' offices and local Woman wants casual sex Halliday departments.

Gibbons took the podium, his message was the same: Dealers, your dead end will be in a state prison or in a federal prison.

In the back seat was Rogers' girlfriend, year-old Angela Halliday, a former . In the spring of , she stumbled onto a casual acquaintance named "The sex was very much intertwined with our heroin use," says Halliday. I want to give them the fear of becoming the soulless people addicts become. Here's a shocking little tidbit of information: Women and men have similar sex drives. I know, crazy right? After all, how many times have we. What's different about today's sexual world is that there are men and women in every age group trying to work out the right time for sexual.

By announcing the new initiative, Wigginton and Gibbons were appealing to a sense of fear and desperation in the Metro East — and indeed, the entire St. Louis region — as the body count of heroin-overdose victims continued to mount. In the city of St. Louis, the number of fatal overdoses jumped from 38 in to 66 in Louis County, the tally ticked up from 51 to But the situation Hlaliday Madison County seemed uniquely worrying.

In that Woman wants casual sex Halliday, home to a smaller population than its neighboring counties across the river, heroin fatalities had more than tripled, from five in to Halliay in That number will almost certainly be eclipsed this year, as the county coroner's office has already recorded fourteen fatal overdoses through June, with a fifteenth potential case still under investigation.

Experts give various reasons for the drug's rise. Whereas heroin once carried a stigma associated with dirty needles and sketchy alleyways, it's now being marketed to younger users as a socially acceptable Sex Dating Blenker that Free Tucson sex ads be smoked or snorted, like cocaine.

It's also gotten cheaper: Moreover, the purity level Woman wants casual sex Halliday rising, making Hwlliday easier to get hooked, says Harry S. Sommers, special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration's St. According to Sommers' intelligence unit, laboratory analysis for seizures from the St. Louis area in showed a 24 percent average purity level; inthat number rose to 35 percent, with the highest reported purity level being Louis, with its web of highways, has become a national hub of heroin trafficking, according to last year's National Drug Threat Assessment.

Regionally, between andthe percentage of emergency-room Woman wants casual sex Halliday drug-treatment admissions related to heroin use rose 19 percent, marking the largest such increase among the fourteen U. Angela Woman wants casual sex Halliday recalls a happy childhood growing up in Bethalto, Illinois, daughter to an auditor and grade-school teacher, well respected in their community.

From an early age she showed an appetite for books and politics, favoring pot-stirring authors like Hunter S. Thompson and Kurt Vonnegut. Friends describe her as caring and funny, with an intellectual streak that Woman wants casual sex Halliday her from peers.

Halliday's cerebral nature blossomed further at Greenville College, the central Illinois school where she majored in philosophy, served as a teacher's assistant and made the dean's list.

Professors at the Christian college appreciated the perspective of the only atheist casuql socialist in the room. During college, Halliday developed a fondness for drugs.

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After graduating inHalliday took a job as an overnight crisis-intervention worker and suicide counselor in Jerseyville, about a half-hour drive north of her hometown. She'd wait for Woman wants casual sex Halliday calls to come in, then travel to hospitals, jails and drug-treatment centers to provide support and psychiatric assessment Hzlliday people on the verge of breakdown.

Ladies seeking real sex Hull Texas 77564 Halliday would become frustrated by a mental-health system that lumped patients into overly broad psychiatric categories without getting to the root of anyone's unique symptoms. Eventually the darker nature of Woman wants casual sex Halliday job started gnawing at her.

She worried that, for some of her patients, suicide seemed almost inevitable. In August her company went through a round of layoffs, and Halliday was let go. Her boss confirms the layoff wasn't performance-related.

The relationship with her boyfriend was not going well, and she began slipping into self-medication with opiates. Woman wants casual sex Halliday it was Vicodin. In the spring ofshe stumbled onto a casual acquaintance named Ben Berkenbile in a Cassual parking lot one afternoon. Berkenbile, she says, was sitting in his car, fumbling with a needle.

Halliday had never seen heroin before and was curious. As her melancholy persisted, her opiate cravings intensified.

She drifted away from want friends that summer and began hanging out with other Alton-area users. They'd pool their money in drug-friendly households and wait for heroin shipments to arrive from St.

For every ten years of heroin addiction, Woman wants casual sex Halliday of them are spent waiting. It was during one of those waiting periods that Halliday met Josh Rogers. Rogers was a skinny year-old chef at a nearby Captain D's, beloved by friends and coworkers for his kindness despite his opiate addictions.

Halliday noticed a Noam Chomsky library book wats out of his bag and introduced herself. She liked his big, hazel eyes and gentle charisma.

Rush Pop Culture References from Power Windows: A Tribute To Rush

He liked her dark makeup and compassionate demeanor. Eventually they began dating. As the relationship took off, so did Halliday's heroin use. By the end of the summer she was snorting it each morning as soon as she got of bed. Fucking wives Little rock before long, she could no longer take the pain. The next couple months became a Woman wants casual sex Halliday ride of drug binging.

Woman wants casual sex Halliday

Halliday and Rogers became "married to the needle"; no drug — for her, neither heroin nor cocaine Womann Woman wants casual sex Halliday satisfying unless Woman wants casual sex Halliday. The couple blew a month's rent on dope and moved to a new house along with another user, Nikki Strasen, who Hallidwy several years had been romantically involved with Wannts, including a period of engagement. The house was paid for by Strasen's father. When Strasen moved out in an attempt to get clean, Halliday and Rogers remained, treating themselves to drug-fueled pleasure sprees.

It was a happy time, she says. Rogers would eventually quit his job, and the couple would spend all day together. They'd make their daily drug run and then return to bed, where they'd listen to music, play board games and make love. The couple pledged to move to California together, where Rogers would apply for a medical-marijuana license and Halliday would apply to grad school.

Every dollar was shared. Every baggie was split. Rogers could fish through Halliday's purse, and she through his wallet.