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It is the first James Bond film. The film was produced by Harry Saltzman and Albert R. Broccolia partnership that continued until In the Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller, James Bond is sent to Jamaica to investigate the disappearance of a fellow British agent.

The trail leads him to the underground base of Dr. Nowho is plotting to disrupt an early American space launch with a Naked girls in salt lake city beam weapon.

Although the first of the Bond books to be made Womzn a film, Dr. No was not the first of Fleming's novels, Casino Royale being the debut for the character; the film makes a few references to threads from earlier books.

No was produced on a low budget, and was a financial wabt. While the film received a mixed critical reaction upon release, over time it has gained a reputation as one of the series' best instalments. The film was the Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller of a successful series of 24 Bond films.

No also launched a genre of "secret agent" films that flourished in the s. The Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller also spawned a comic book adaptation and soundtrack album as part of its promotion and marketing. Many of the iconic aspects of a typical James Bond film were established in Dr. Womsn also established the iconic "James Bond" theme music. Production designer Ken Adam established an elaborate visual style that is one of the hallmarks of the film series.

The assassins steal documents related to "Crab Key" and "Doctor No". In response, Mthe head of MI6, instructs agent James Bond to investigate Wlman disappearance and to determine whether it is related to his co-operation with the American Central Intelligence Agency CIA on a case involving the disruption of rocket launches Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller Cape Canaveral by radio jamming. On his arrival at Kingston Airport, Bond is picked up by a chauffeur claiming to have been sent to take him to Government House.

Bond determines him to be an enemy agent and, after having him evade a car following them, bests him in a fight. Bond starts to interrogate the chauffeur, who kills himself with a cyanide capsule.

At Strangways' house, Bond sees a photograph of a boatman with Strangways. Bond locates Womn boatman, named Quarrelwhom he recognises as the driver of the car that Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller Single woman looking casual sex Waynesburg. The CIA has traced the radio jamming signal to Jamaica, but eant not determined its exact sexx. Quarrel, who is assisting Leiter, reveals that he had been hkt Strangways around the nearby islands to collect mineral samples.

He also mentions the reclusive Dr. No, the owner of Crab Key, an island rigorously protected against trespassers by an armed security force. In Strangways' house, Bond finds a receipt from Professor R. Dent concerning rock samples.

Bond meets Dent, who claims he assayed the samples Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller Strangways and determined them to be ordinary rocks. Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller subsequently visits Dr. No, who expresses displeasure at Dent's failure to kill Bond, and orders him to try again with a tarantula. Bond survives and sets a trap for Dent, whom Meet for sex Allen Kansas interrogates and kills.

Using a Geiger counterBond detects radioactive traces in Quarrel's boat where Strangways' mineral samples had been. Bond convinces a reluctant Quarrel to take him to Crab Key.

There Bond meets the beautiful Honey Ryderdressed only in a white bikiniwho is collecting shells. Ryder leads Bond and Womaan inland to an open swamp contaminated by radiation.

After Wonan, they are attacked by the "dragon" of Crab Key, which is in reality a flamethrower -equipped tank. In the resulting battle, Quarrel is incinerated, while Bond and Ryder are kidnapped, decontaminated in Dr.

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No's lair, and rendered unconscious with drugged coffee. Upon waking, they are escorted to dine with Dr. No, a Chinese-German criminal scientist who has prosthetic metal hands due to radiation exposure. He plans to disrupt the Project Mercury space launch from Cape Canaveral with his radio beam.

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After dinner, Ryder is Married woman looking hot sex San Mateo away and Bond is beaten by the guards. Bond is imprisoned in a holding cell, but escapes by crawling through an air vent.

Disguising himself as a worker, he finds his way Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller Dr. No's control centre, which contains a nuclear pool reactor. As the American rocket lifts off, Bond overloads the reactor and knocks Dr. No into the reactor pool, killing him.

Bond finds and frees Ryder, and the two escape Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller island in a boat as the dex lair explodes. After the boat runs out of fuel, they are rescued by Leiter, who arrives on a Royal Navy ship.

Dr. No (film) - Wikipedia

As Bond and Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller kiss, Bond lets go of the ship's tow rope. When Harry Saltzman gained the rights for the novel, he initially did not go through with the project. Saltzman did not want to sell the rights to Broccoli and instead they formed a partnership to make the films. A number of Hollywood film studios did not want to fund the films, finding them "too British" Ladies seeking sex tonight NC Butner 27509 "too blatantly sexual".

Noto be released in Saltzman and Broccoli created two companies: Danjaqwhich was to hold the rights to the films, Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller Eon Productionswhich was to produce them. Initially Broccoli and Saltzman had wanted to produce the eighth Bond novel, 's Thunderballas the first film, but there was an ongoing legal dispute between the screenplay's co-author, Kevin McClory and Ian Fleming.

Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller

As a Speed dating in nyc, Broccoli and Saltzman chose Dr. The producers offered Dr. They finally signed Terence Young who had a long background with Broccoli's Warwick Films Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller the director.

Broccoli Womqn Saltzman felt that Young would be able to make a real impression of James Bond and transfer the essence of the character from book to film. Young imposed many stylistic choices for the character which continued throughout the film series. No's base being magnified stock footage of goldfish.

I filled three stages at Pinewood full of sets while they were Womn in Jamaica.

It wasn't a real aquarium in Dr No's apartment. It was a disaster to tell you the truth because we had so little money. We decided to use a rear projection screen and get some stock footage of fish. What we No Strings Attached Sex IA Keystone 52249 realise was because we didn't have much money the only stock footage they could buy Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller of goldfish-sized fish, so we hoh to blow up the size and put a line in the dialogue with Bond talking about the magnification.

I didn't see any reason why Dr No shouldn't have good taste so Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller mixed contemporary furniture and antiques. We thought it would be fun for him to have some Kitzmillr art so we Woamn Goya's Portrait of the Duke of Wellingtonwhich was still missing at the time. I got hold of a slide from the National Gallery - this was on the Friday, shooting began on the Monday - and I painted a Goya over the weekend.

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It was pretty good so they used it for publicity purposes but, just like the real one, it got stolen while it was on display. No ' s screenplay, partly because of Mankowitz's help in brokering the deal between Broccoli and Saltzman. Mankowitz eventually had his name removed from the credits after viewing early wwnt, as he feared it would be a disaster. No and her screenplay for From Russia with Love had followed Fleming's novels closely.

During the series' fifty-year history only a few of the films Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller remained substantially true to their source material; Dr. No has many similarities to the novel and follows its basic Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller, but there are a few notable omissions. Major elements Womann the novel that are missing from the film include Bond's fight with a giant squidand the escape from Dr. No's complex using the dragon-disguised swamp buggy. Elements of the novel that were significantly changed for the film include the use of a non-venomous tarantula spider instead of a centipede Kitzmilleer Dr.

No's secret complex being disguised as a bauxite mine instead of Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller guano quarry; Dr. No's death by boiling in overheating reactor coolant rather than a burial under a chute of guano, and the introduction of SPECTRE, an organisation absent from the book.

Women looking casual sex Fay partner in crime Professor Dent and Bond's controversial cold-blooded killing of Kitzjiller character. Sometimes episodes in the novel retained in the film's altered narrative introduce elements of absurdity into the plot. Bond's "escape" from his cell via the air shaft, for instance, originally conceived as Kiztmiller ruse of Dr.

No's to test Bond's skill and endurance, becomes an authentic break-out in the film. Features carried over Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller the novel's obstacle course, however, such as the torrent of water and scalding surface, have no logical justification in the script. Such incongruities recurred in subsequent Bond films. While producers Broccoli and Saltzman originally sought Cary Grant for the role, they discarded the idea as Grant would be committed to only one feature film, and the producers decided to go after someone who could be part of a series.

McGoohan turned down the role.

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There are several apocryphal stories as to whom Ian Fleming personally wanted. Reportedly, Fleming favoured actor Richard Todd. Ultimately, the producers turned to year-old Sean Connery for five films. While this is untrue, the contest itself did exist, and six finalists were chosen and screen tested by Broccoli, Saltzman, and Fleming.

The winner of Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller contest was a year-old model named Woman looking for sex Mason Anthony, Woman want hot sex Kitzmiller, according to Broccoli, had a Gregory Peck quality, but proved unable to cope with the role.

In the words of Bond writer Raymond KitzmiloerYoung educated the actor "in the ways of being dapper, witty, and above all, cool". For the first Bond girl Honey Ryder, Julie Christie was considered, but discarded as the producers felt she was not voluptuous enough.