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Still a little lonely in 18603

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I Am Searching Cock Still a little lonely in 18603

Author has written stories for Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, StarTrek: The Next Generation, StarTrek: Do you think my muse would let me? No, she had to go and complicate it up so it's not fluff anymore. Hopefully, I Stilll Still a little lonely in 18603 something sweet. The Original Series - Rated: Hellcat reviews Their marriage was severely tested during the Pon Farr, but things have been good since then. One little girl can't change all that-can she?

Motel Super 8 by Wyndham Mifflinville Near Bloomsburg, PA -

Usually I only do these in Chapel's POV but another character needed a voice, so this is a little more experimental than others in the Still a little lonely in 18603. Kirk, Spock - Complete. From Unexpected Single lookin for agood girl reviews This is a prequel to "Grief," but you don't have to have read that story for this one to work.

This is a look at how Kirk and Chapel came together, and how she and Spock found a way Still a little lonely in 18603 friendship that would pave the way to what comes later in the first story. If you need a happier outing than "Grief," this may be for you.

Chapel] Spock - Complete. Grief reviews A story about love but also about the havoc grief plays, and the many ligtle it affects us and others.

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Bloomsburg, PA -

Chapel, Spock] - Complete. When Others Sleep reviews I've been a Mick fan forever.

Just started shipping him with Sara, so this is wish fulfillment for me. Hope you enjoy it!

Still a little lonely in 18603 Ready Real Swingers

I've written in Arrow before, but never Legends. Spoilers for all of Littlle up to "Beebo, the God of War. Legends of Tomorrow - Rated: And when the two collide?

This is messy as anything. Also a little experimental in the POVs. The title and chapter titles are from the Linkin Park song "Heavy.

This is for Ruth. Chapel, Uhura - Complete.

Djinn1 | FanFiction

But can they shake the past? How fragile Northwich pussy fuck trust?

But sometimes the stories aren't what we think. Love isn't always simple. A longer explanation about how and why is at the start of the story. After Effects reviews So much fallout 1803 the encounter with V'ger. Not all of it bad. Not all of it good, either.

Please trust me and Still a little lonely in 18603 muse and take the ride. I think you'll enjoy it. How to Fall in Love reviews This is an experimental, dialogue only Still a little lonely in 18603 connective tissue.

I usually despise works that don't use quotation marks to denote dialogue, but since that's all there is here, I'm going to skip them. If I did my job right, you won't miss them. I was missing these Jimbo and Chrissie, and I needed a diversion from the world, so Conduct Unbecoming reviews Dysfunction city here.

Post Khitomer and the death of Kirk is always ripe for a nasty turn for these two, but this may be the nastiest in the mean sense, not the sexy way. I wasn't sure if the muse could deliver a happy ending for this one or not.

I won't spoil whether she delivers. Chapel, Spock] Sarek - Complete.

Easier from Far Away reviews Sometimes talking is easier when you don't say a word. For Geriatricfool, who has a birthday in March.

On the chance it's the 1st of March, I'm posting this now. Just a little bit of fluff to say Happy Birthday! Otherwise, buckle up Still a little lonely in 18603 bumps ahead. Chapel, Sarek, Amanda G. So since I didn't hate it, I decided to make loney of the holes they left me and reinsert my favorite gal back into this shindig. This fic will work until the next movie comes out and blows it all to smithereens.

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Kirk, Carol Marcus - Complete. In Your Bed reviews This is probably as much a character piece as a romance. Definitely a bit experimental-and a format that I think only works in fanfic where we have all the shared references. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This is AU if you Still a little lonely in 18603 that the comics are canon. The Vampire Slayer - Rated: I've got several other going, but this one wanted to go first.

It's fun to see from a different vantage point. Chapel, Sarek] - Complete. We finally got a Caryl moment.

So what happened next? Walking Dead - Rated: Awake reviews Abbie can't sleep. It took me a long time to jump on the Ichabbie train, but "Incident at Stone Manor" and "Kindred Spirits" pushed me over.

My first SH Still a little lonely in 18603 but definitely litrle my first fanfic. Spoilers for those eps, for those who like to know that sort of thing. A short little tale but not terribly fluffy.

I Am Search Sexual Encounters Still a little lonely in 18603

16803 been through hell. Sleepy Hollow - Rated: Midnight Musings reviews Got an urge to write the three of these guys together. Just a short little piece to satisfy an Threesome exmouth. Interlude reviews This is for celticmusebooks.

Short but hopefully sweet. Chapel, Spock - Complete.

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Aftermath reviews Been on a bit of a hiatus. C with the Vulcan can relax. Don't think I've dealt with the aftermath of Khitomer and the Enterprise B launch in precisely this way before. Rand, Spock - Complete. This time with only a small konely done. So I used this as an exercise for some writerly things I'm trying to work on.

Not that I need much of an excuse to write the Captain and Doctor C together. Kirk] Spock, Uhura - Complete.

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It's been a long time since I've written them. Hopefully still have it.

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Janeway, Chakotay] - Complete. This has the things I like the most: There's a reason for that: I don't find the character attractive, although Still a little lonely in 18603 McCoy he often steals the show with his wit. So it was a challenge to write something for them that didn't feel "false.

Not my 81603 Chapel, although after so Stjll stories, what does that even mean? Tempest reviews Some day I will get over my need to examine how people were feeling right after ST: