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This site is best viewed with JavaScript enabled. If JavaScript is disabled in your browser, please turn it back on then reload this page. It gives back life to those who no longer exist. To submit additional names, please contact us with, if possible, the name, dates of birth and death, place and cause of death, and any additional information you feel is appropriate. Please see the copyright information below. Medical communities, media and governments Housewives looking sex Moapa neither how debilitating this illness is nor Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion those with Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion suffer.

The United States National Institutes of Heath are not keeping track of the morbidity and mortality rates, although many have died and many more will if more is not done. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim there have not been deaths reported to them. We are grateful for the help of William Young, who began the list and who compiled a great number of names on this list.

Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion

Medical doctors have pointed out that excruciating pain is the foremost reason that others have chosen to take their own lives. The majority of these patients did not have the medical care they needed; they suffered unremitting pain with little hope of relief or comfort.

We acknowledge their suffering and hope that they have not died in vain. Faye Abramsondied in October of at the age of 46 following complications from surgery. Faye was well organized and, although bedridden, was always ready to answer patient's questions and give them physician referrals. She Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion "incredibly determined" according to one patient who felt Faye was a Mancnester.

She supplied an information table at her support group meetings with many articles.

Faye was a long-term patient who left a husband, Howard, and two daughters, 10 and 4. Pamela Schlangen Acherdied in her sleep in the early hours of October 27, From Baltimore, Maryland, Pam, who had just turned 59, was a very long term patient chxt had been wasting for a Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion and found herself unable to digest.

She had been having heart problems during the weeks prior to companin death and had been tested for arrhythmias just the week before.

Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion Pam was a courageous patient who found the Racine Wisconsin chat network profession a challenge to convince of the severity of her illness including federal NIH physicians. She left her parents and a sister as well as countless friends. She became so severe that she finally had to be placed in a nursing home where, in the fall, she gave up all of her medications knowing she no longer had any quality of life.

She died months later of an influenza type pneumonia that her body could no longer fight. Ruth left three children, Peggy, Sue and John as well as her husband. Rhonda AmenFemale. Age and cause of death unknown.

Her second bout with cancer, despite her will to live, took her life. Originally from Connecticut, Jean loved life and was an inspiration to many. Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion husband and one son predeceased her. Kathryn's worst symptom of the illness was multiple chemical sensitivity which made the disease so much more challenging. In the end, just swallowing became impossible.

Like most patients, Kathryn found that she was much more knowledgeable about her illness than most physicians and, of course, many who had no answers told her that her suffering was Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion in her head.

She found one that understood her suffering, Jay A. Identified as a gifted child, her quest for knowledge remained unquenchable. Kathryn leaves her parents, John and Ellen and a sister and brother-in-law who reside in England with their two young sons.

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Paul Anderson42, died from an overdose of drugs in July of in Galphay, England. Paul was stricken with M. He was a brilliant translator who spoke ten languages. His wife was his main caregiver while he suffered from constant and increasing pain. A suicide note read, "I'm sorry. I can't take any more pain. Anonymous48 year-old female. Date of death unknown.

Anonymous42 year-old female. Anonymous32 year-old female. Occupation, mother of three small children. Anonymous19 compabion female. Anonymous45 year-old male. Support group leader and friend of deceased.

AnonymousFemale, age, date of death unknown. AnonymousAge, sex, date of death unknown. AnonymousSex, date of death unknown. AnonymousFemale in 40s.

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AnonymousAge unknown. Both had high EBV titres. Death was attributed to malignant lymphoma caused by a herpes virus. Anonymousfemale, aged 44, of Florida who died from complications following chiari malformation surgery.

An outgoing, funny and spunky individual, she left two daughters and is sadly missed. Anonymous62 year old female, took her own life on April 9,after a long battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Graves Disease and Diabetes. Anonymous Bernarddied as of pancreatic cancer Mznchester in a UK hospice in early April of Bernard was in his early 50's and the cancer was diagnosed in He chose to forego aggressive treatment because he felt, with his long history of ME, it would be Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion.

His family Vermnot friends miss him. Anonymous Terry58, died in the spring of after being sick Seekiny 14 years. He had been bedridden for the final seven years. His neurologist had suspected he had multiple sclerosis but, despite neurological symptoms and testing, he was never diagnosed with ME officially but merely Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion he had a "progressive neurological illness of unknown cause.

Terry's cause of death was said to be heart failure. Edyth Antelline79, died on March 7 rdafter a series of strokes that had rendered her paralyzed for nearly a year as well as a Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion tumor in her stomach. Hot housewives looking sex Fort Collins published poet, Edyth was very creative, a lover of the color pink, and got her strength from the ocean.

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No matter how much pain she endured, she always made you laugh, recalls a friend. We need more people in the like her in the world.

Arkway76, died January 15 thin Rhode Island. Born in Illinois, Charlene was former social worker.

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She left a daughter and son, both of Massachusetts along with a grandson, two brothers and a sister. She served as an Executive Board Member from As editor of the Chronicle, she edited, wrote articles, and personally folded and addressed each Vermonr by hand. With the support of a small volunteer committee of four or five members these were hand stamped, Wives wants sex East Palo Alto by zip-code and then rushed to the downtown post office to be delivered to approximately 25, readers all over the United States.

This duty alone consumed a minimum of two Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion work each month.

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Marilyn was committed to providing and educating CFS patients with as much information as possible. She believed knowledge dispelled fear and would further our own patients need for research. Marilyn took part in Paul Cheney's first Ampligen trial. Shortly afterwards, she developed breast cancer, which she courageously battled to the end.

She also left behind many, many friends and fellow patients who loved her dearly. Marilyn lit the torch of knowledge, when CFS patients struggled and suffered in the dark. She led us into the light. Tracey constantly searched for new possibilities of getting well, but in the end wellness became a faded and unreachable distant light.

She left her parents, Glenn and Sandra Ash. Henk Arjen Baas47, died on August 27, He was diagnosed with ME and confined to wheelchair and mobility scooter, but accompanied with his beloved dogs. He couldn't cope with the misunderstanding and prejudices about this serious and devastating illness. The only chaat out for him was suicide. An unidentified infection in her lungs hospitalized her in early July and spread to eventually shut down her major organs.

She tried to find any options for her Seeking Manchester Vermont movie hiking chat companion, researching the subject in depth. Said a phone friend, "Her penetrating insight and level of awareness always opened Women looking for sex in Stratford Upon Avon new insights for me…" Barbara left her husband, Ronald Seking who has shared her medical diary with the National CFIDS Foundation and a brother, Chet.

Barbara was born in Plandome Manor, NY. Seekig was a graduate of Swarthmore and Yale Universities. She had taught Cultural Anthropology at Southern Connecticut University and had served as medical social Cuckold dating Carlsbad, counseling terminally ill patents, at the Meriden-Wallingford Hospital. Gurli Bagnalldied on August 17 th ,