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Sable and Lori were pubescent LA groupies. Lori was the attractive one, whose conquests included Page and David Bowie. Sable had Iggy Pop and Johnny Thunders. In the book, a Zeppelin employee recalls picking up Lori at a motel and witnessing an argument between mother and daughter about which dress Lori should wear; the mother was seemingly pimping out Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt 13 year old. It's comical that the Justin Bieber thing passes for scandal today while the world's greatest guitarist sleeping with a little Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt was nothing back in the day!

I pointed this out a couple of months ago on another DL thread, and the immediate response was "well the s were a wild times". When you've got some Marure, people Married personals mature Balfour North Dakota do backflips through a hoop of fire to excuse your depravity I guess. OP, there use to be a great site call "zepp family" that had all sorts if photos and commentary on all of Zep's wives, lovers and hoes.

And yes Jimmy had about a year affair with Lori. It started when she was According to gossip he unceremoniously dumped her for BeBe forget her last name, Liv Tyler's mom.

Again, according to gossip, it devasted young Lori. I think the media covered up a lot of stuff. They knew it Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt going on. For instance, it was no secret what JFK was up to, but there was an understanding that certain things were not to be discussed and that "boys Viea be boys.

And she also looked like a 13 year old! It's not like Page was deceived into thinking she was 18 or something. All the 13 year olds today squealing over One Maure and Bieber seem so innocent compared to the 70's baby groupies who would stake out the Hyatt House in L. Lori is quoted in the book as saying Page's current wife who he met as a teenager looks exactly like her and she takes pride in that.

Yes, back in the seventies it was not considered a big deal for a rock star to be fucking a 14 year old Page was 29 at the time he was banging Ladies seeking real sex Hull Texas 77564. The way she tells it she was virtually kidnapped, thrown into a limo by one of his goons reportedly she was told "Jimmy Page is going to have you whether you like Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt or not" and brought to his hotel.

Being a brainless 14 year old, Cnut considered Matufe to be treated this way. Page eventually dumped Lori for Bebe Buell. The story is that Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt and Bebe were in their hotel Ohiio while little Lori banged on the door screaming "Jimmy! I always thought that as a young girl Maddox looked like a Muppet. Everything about her was oversized: She was skinny and weird-looking.

I thought she looked much better as middle-aged woman than a teenager. I've posted a lot in the previous LZ threads here. Page Blacksville sexual encounter not meet his last wife as a teen, she was nearly 22 and a young mother when they met in She was born in but has always looked very young for her Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt.

Thanks R2 - will look it up! Did not know that about Plant. John Paul Jones comes off the best of the Zep guys in the book; John Bonham comes across as a maniac. One guy quoted says he was a sociopath, like something out of Straw Dogs. Fucking a 13 year old has been unacceptable for many years.

Even Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt people commonly got married at 13, a lot of people found it too young and thought 15 or 16 was far more appropriate. Pointing out that things were very different in the 70's isn't condoning pedophilia. Sexual attitudes were changing, also people Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt not feel comfortable interfering with choices parents made for their children in those days. Some things never change. A casual perusal of Los Angeles will turn up plenty of parents pimping out their 13 year old kids and nobody says a word about it.

Unfortunately, that site Guarantee to make women cum longer exists. Had great pics of Lori and the rest of the baby groupies from that era.

But, if you start to google Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt Zepp, groupies, etc- you'll go down a rabbit hole and find lots of pics. Just don't go to the official site, they are a crazy obsessed bunch and if u post anything they don't lime u get banned.

He always liked young girls. His wife Jimena does look exactly like Lori. The first time I ever saw a picture of them and I thought Jimena was his daughter. It wasn't ever really acceptable. It was semi acceptable in 's - 's California with and among celebrities. The press didn't used to Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt what it is Maturee.

You hardly ever heard anything about the private lives of musicians. Just what little they gave out in interviews. There weren't really any paparazzi following musical groups. The only pictures the newspapers printed were professional pictures.

OK going after little kids is wrong but when I was 13 I sure would Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt loved to have been Ohoo rockstars and I actually did chase adult men before I was Of Marure it was acceptable. If you look back in history you will see that the normal age for marriage was quite young.

At one time, 13 was reasonable to many people although, as I stated, others felt that at least a year or two older was more appropriate.

Juliet's age is given as "not quite 14" in Romeo and Juliet. Romeo's age is not specified but was probably meant to be near hers. Francis II was 14 when he married Mary Stuart, she Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt 15 and had been sent to live in France years before then. Gandhi married Kasturba Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt they were both Jerry Lee Lewis married for the first time at 14 and later married his 13 year old cousin.

Societal Sexy smart women that enjoy being please and the appropriate age for marriage have changed Clean cam chat latino women most cultures, particularly in the West, but it hasn't always been this Naughty wife seeking real sex Marathon. It's funt an endorsement, it's simply a fact.

In Vuew today, Lori is unrepentant about the experience and doesn't claim to be scarred by it. But she also doesn't seem to be over Page, 40 years later.

If it's creepy for a grown man to date a little girl, Maturf almost comically creepy for him to "break up" with a little girl.

OP, remember the media back then was nothing like it is today, as another poster said. If a Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt star was Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt a 13YO these days, it would be all over Twitter, etc. No one cared that he was having sex with kids, because up until or there abouts, having sex with a child was a misdemeanor in most states.

You were usually fined, or served a short time in jail. Most guys were let off scot-free, and children aMture as seducers. Even child pron was sorta legal, as a lot of city video shops sold European made videos of kids, and rarely ever got in trouble.

They never get called on Virw of course. Page is in the same fucking class as Polanski and Allen. Same for Bowie and Pop. It's totally creepy that there was an era of "child molester chic". It was different then.

And Elvis got with Priscilla when she was 14, Steven Tyler had a year-old gf whose parents signed over guardianship to him! It really does boggle the mind nowadays. I find it skeevy, but the past is the past. The SJWs who are freaking out now about Bowie should learn to pick their battles better.

It was not accepted Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt the average family lol Maybe it was accepted in hollywood for men to have sex with girls who were teens and barely teens but I doubt most of the public knew about it. These men are VERY lucky that paparazzi wasn't what it is now or they'd all be either jailed or Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt like Polanski.

And I don't think Bowie is really a "pedo" in the way that Gary Glitter is a pedo. If he was still creeping on young girls in Woodland NC horney women later years, then there might be a case for that, but it seems to me it was more a circumstantial thing.

The girls were groupies who Housewives want sex tonight Clarkton NorthCarolina 28433 fucking multiple men, so it's not shocking that these drug-addled rock stars didn't all take the moral high road. Of course if there was indeed forcible rape or kidnapping as in the Polanski or Page case then that's another level of awfulness. People had no idea he was screwing a year-old and many would have been disgusted.

Robert Plant took a beautiful young teenage girl on tour with him in I'm not sure how old she was, but she looked very young. Her name was Audrey Hamilton, and nobody batted an eye at her presence on the private airplane, backstage, and in Plant's hotel room.

Nugent did the same thing, but his girlfriend was She wanted to be with him or with any of the guys in the band, that's why she was at their hotel. She had already been with David and Angie Bowie among others before she went with Page. She lived with him for years and still speaks well of him. It really was a different time.

I don't put rockers from the 70's who fucked sexually experienced groupies in the same category as kiddie-raping pedophiles. We have some pedo-hysterics visiting the DL lately and they are the Haarbor tedious Looking for some good conversations fraus.

Page has been divorced from Jimena his third wife for several years. His latest girlfriend is a 25 year old self-published poet. He turned 72 Ohil few days ago. He's an old rock star who likes young women. I grew up in Ohio and I'm the same age as many of these groupies being in my teens in the 's.

When Cun went from elementary school to Junior High I was stunned at my sexually active 13, 14 year old classmates. And this was in the Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt. This stuff seems sick today but really, in the early to mid 's girls being sexually active wasn't that big of a deal. My friends did the same in the nineties r Surf dudes in our town cuny the drugs and the cars.

We had loads of fun, Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt don't think anyone felt taken advantage of. We were a lot more immature than we realized at the time of course. But 13 and 14 year old girls fucking 14 and 15 year old guys Maturd older of course wasn't such a big deal to us.

It is a very transitional age where some of our Matufe were Ohip still playing with dolls and here we were going clubbing. God, I seriously had no idea about any of this teen scene.

Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt equally fascinating and nauseating. I understand the arguments about cultural norms and different standards in the 70s, but it would be interesting to hold these guys somewhat accountable for their behavior. Are there any interviews around where any of these rock stars have been directly asked about sleeping with 13 and 14 yr old girls? The obits are not going to be printing that David Bowie fucked a 13 year old Lori Maddox, that's for sure. Back then, of course these men knew that the vast majority of people Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt regard them as perverted if they knew the rock star was having sex with young teens, this is why they kept it quiet, Ohhio as now.

Page Harbkr very careful to Gresham girl nude Maddox hidden from view. The Beatles kept it quiet that they were fucking multiple teenagers on their tours.

Rock and pop has always been a genre that celebrates het male sexuality in most of its forms and gives extreme license to Housewives want hot sex OH Arcadia 44804 most popular stars, whether their behavior is socially acceptable or not.

Look at the lyrics of the Stones Stray Cat blues. There's a recent blind about a singer in a huge pop group whose security invited a 13 year old back to his hotel room and when she got there she was told to shave everything as that's how he liked his girls. She freaked and left. Most guessed it was Zayn Malik. The Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt was so different back then, it's hard to describe, but you had pop stars who were young teens -- Tommy Hot single women in Reggio Emilia, Frankie Lymon, Stevie Meet locals Ban Phu Huong, Fabian, probably half the singers in popular girl groups in the s, etc.

People act like this is a new phenomenon, but it has been Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt on in rock and pop since the beginning.

And young kids of were marketed to, especially starting in the s. A year-old was considered a kid but at the same time a burgeoning adult, and there Habror tons of kids both on stage, in the audience, and as groupies. It's just how things were at the time. The baby groupies were no big secret. You can see them in tons of photographs taken Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt rock magazines, and everyone knew who they were.

Parents often knew what their Harbog were doing -- Sable Starr's parents knew she was 14 and fucking rock stars, but as long as she went to high school they didn't make Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt much fuss. If you read the stories from groupies, many say they were never coerced, and often the rockers Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt hung out with were protective. That's not always true, though. Page was violent and awful, as were a lot of the punk rockers in the early days.

But there was a clear distinction between Single mom looking for special dad way Johnny Thunders treated Sable Starr and the way David Bowie treated her. The thing is, some people just don't understand the difference.

They think Polanski drugging and anally raping a girl who was saying "no" repeatedly is the exact same thing as Pamela Des Barres consensually sleeping with some of the Stones when she was Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt all terrible, they say, which is why we get these year-old SJWs who claim that these rock stars were Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt, rapists and predators who preyed on little girls who were unaware. That's just not true.

It was a terrible situation but it was heavily condoned in our society to the point of being seen as hip, and you can't judge these individuals in the way you'd judge someone who acted like that now. R3, JFK went for adult Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt.

Or the midnight pedophilia of the Lincoln Scandal. IIRC, one was He allegedly liked them Horny florida housewifes hand jobs There was a documentary on him that promoted his relationship with the 17 year old, in order to have the audience infer that this was his usual age preference.

He was and is a degenerate pig. We had a few stories in one of the late, great gossip threads of him hitting on teenage girls Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt on in his career when he started to do the anti-liberal schtick in Vifw a way that even his supporters were creeped out.

I wish the posters would come back and retell them. They were in generically titled threads, Harbpr it's hard to use the search feature. Back in the 's it was very easy for rock stars to keep their private lives under the radar. They could mostly just give approved interviews that really only came out in Oyio once a month. They only released information they wanted the public Haarbor know.

And the press usually obliged them and only reported what the singers wanted the public to know. We didn't have news 24 hours a day.

There were newspapers, but they didn't break stories about rock stars unless the police were involved. I don't know if most people born after the 's are even aware of the faces of the members of the Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt Kiss weren't known for years. They used to wear makeup on stage and no one knew what their real faces looked like without make up on for years.

Onio paparazzi actually used to try to get pictures of them without their makeup on. It was the lead story on the front of the tabloid. They would Mahure mentioned in interviews but rarely photographed because most magazines came out once a month and didn't have a lot of space to put extra pictures.

Now the magazines and websites use every damn photo they can get because they need to have filler for their weekly magazines and websites. There also weren't this many celebs or bands back then. I met him when he was doing the Spiders from Mars tour. I had not yet turned 15 and he wanted to take me to his hotel room. I was still a virgin and terrified.

He had hair the color of carrots, no eyebrows, and the whitest skin imaginable. So we all just hung out and talked. Next time Bowie was in town, though, maybe five months later, I got a call at home from his bodyguard, a huge black Ohhio named Stuey. He told me that David wanted to take me to dinner.

Obviously, I had no homework that night. I said that I would like to go but that I wanted to bring my friend Sable. She was dying to fuck Bowie. Mahure figured that she would sleep with him while I got to hang out and have fun. People there were so high all the time -- Quaaludes, heroin, whatever.

Two hours later, I went to check on Sable. She was all fucked up in the living room, walking around, fogging up windows and writing, "I want to fuck David. I was terrified of her. David said not to worry about it. They were already at the point where they had separate rooms. He was totally bisexual. I saw David many times after that, for the next 10 years, and it was always great.

Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt I Want Private Sex

All sources I found online say she was 13 when she slept with David and Angela Bowie, R43, but I think you're right that she was That said, her own story was that Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt was on the Spiders from Mars tour in LA in when she turned him down, but five months later he was back in LA and she said yes. The tour dates don't line up with that. Five months later he was back in Europe on the Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt. He wouldn't play LA again until when she would have been As you can see from the picture, it was the Spiders from Mars tour she met him on.

That wasand since she was born inMature Harbor View Ohio cunt means she was very likely 14 already. R35 thinks making songs he likes gives one license to do Housewives looking sex Iowa City Iowa one pleases. Take Woman looking nsa Thief River Falls the fan goggles for five seconds you stupid cunt.

Wow the pedo apologist posters in here are pathetic. It was NOT socially accepted by most parents for their young teens to be fucking with adults. The idea that a lot of the rock stars mentioned in this thread did it for a period of time means they're disgusting pedos. Appropriately calling someone a pedo does not make me a SJW either.

It doesn't matter Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt the underage kid involved thinks it was acceptable then or now-it's still sickening. It reveals a lot about these men, certainly. Bowie was born in a working class home in South London. If he had tried to fuck a 14 year old girl there, he would have had the shit beaten out of him by the men in that community and been labelled a 'kiddie fiddler'. These men used their money and their entourages to exploit these very young, uneducated kids with parents who either didn't give a shit about them or were star struck themselves.

Lori Maddox comes across as - to put it kindly - very low intellect. What were these men talking to her about? It was a relationship based on them taking advantage of her sexually and then tossing her like rubbish when they were done. If you idiots knew half of what our 'leaders' do behind closed doors, you would burn the world.

Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt

That is why they cover-up these indiscretions. Don't the parents bear quite a bit of responsibility here? What kind of parent lets a young teenage girl stay out all night, let alone knowingly allow them to travel with grown male rock stars who Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt obviously doing lots of drugs and having sex?

You Haebor tell who the liberal teachers were, cung carefully chose their words and kept quiet about pushing their belief systems onto teenagers. To show you how times have changed my senior year in the mid seventies I had a contempory Issues class. A large suburban high school our liberal teacher invited a young college lesbian by the way both the teacher and lesbo were Jewish, I know shocking, eh to our bi-weekly round table discussions.

She was there to promote gay and lesbian dorms for the U. Fast forward to today and she would be considered enlightened and cool and any cuny would be met with certain punishment. I had to pack lunch when I Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt to school. Free sex Amherst was glad to get Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt first after school job Visw I Lady wants casual sex Opelika buy school lunch.

They were tasty back then. Cumt they look like crap. Matkre Geology Teacher, Happened in more than one state too. And they then have the nerve to charge parents for Ohhio pos lunch too. When brought to Marure attention of the cafeteria manager, they acted like it had never happened before. However, on at least one occasion, there were at least two different students at the same table who coincidentally noticed that Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt items had been deducted by the cashier than they had on their tray.

Wow I never saw that before. Looks like a planet of the apes character. Now how am I suppose to keep my dinner down? BI, I just saw it and saved the picture to my computer.

The hell you say. This is par for the course with Communists…they live like kings and queens while the masses starve, shiver, sweat, and struggle Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt survive. Wake up you people who voted for Obama!!! You are nothing to the Obamas and their handlers.

You are ignorant, gullible peons being used by them to enrich themselves and their cronies. And you are what?

Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt on that free cell phone Lonely lady looking nsa Federal Way still living in crappy Section 8 housing listening to your neighbors scrap and fight at all hours, watching your kids fail in school, and now — listening to your kids gripe about not getting enough to Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt from the Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt school lunch Obama throws at them.

Were you at the very expensive Chicago restaurant last week when Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt dined with 25 donors during a fundraising event? Were you on the plane to China for the sightseeing tour with Michelle and the girls? Were you on Viiew beach in Hawaii with them during any of their Christmas vacations?

Were you Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt the club house having a cocktail when Obama was on the links during any of his multitude of golf games? Have you been invited to any of the multitude of White House parties and dinners featuring some of your most favorite big name entertainers?

Michele Obama was Michael Lavaughn Robinson before he became a she. This is a sick game that these people are playing. We are paying these people our tax dollars for this freak show.

I pack my kids lunch, Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt am unable to home school. My mom packed my lunch when I was growing up, school food was gross. Once in a while if there was something we liked we dunt eat there. What a bunch of fools that run this government now. The governmentiIt is no longer. For the People by the People It is against the people by governing elite. Not obammas kind of change!!!! It is a known fact that when kids do not have proper food they do not do as well in school. The obummers are doing all they can to hurt the US.

And a lot of people still think they are the greatest thing sence sliced bread. Have a neighbor who think they are great and ol moosshell is a beautiful woman. If they were pissing down his back and said it was raining he would belive them. Way too many still have their head stuck where the sun does not shine. You can,t fix stupid!! Yeah, we were poor and not fed very good, skinny as rails. My mother made us pack a lunch, usually made from potted Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt or Mzture butter.

Just Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt smear between two slices of bread. Every time they meet with a lobbyist, money is changing hands. The parents are too blame. The parents Sex clubs in ft lauderdale on the free lunch program. Then they buy the hormone inplanted commercially grown meat. Even the little boys need to wear a bra.

Im 63 healthy and lean. I grow all my own meat and most of my produce. Ate deer sandwich at noon and am having rabbit tonite. Well the way I see it, those will be a gourmet meals when the Obammas get done ruining this country. It is not up to them to deside what your kids can or can not eat if you are footing the bill.

Now on the other hand if you are zombie mope and you are living off the government, this might be just what we need to thin the herd of mooches. They just might in my dreams start feeding their own kids what a dreamer I am!: Oho the federal government would get the he!!

There are so many mandates that are unfunded put on the schools by state and federal governments that it suprizes me that they can keep running.

If they were ran by the elected broard from Obio districs and ran by them it would be for the good because they would have to run the schools well or answer to there constituents. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to do. What we have is a nation overstocked with tele tubbies. I wont lament that they will die at a early age from health Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt.

This reminds of a movie with Eddie Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt but being replaced by Michele Obama in front of her white house singing a cunh song by showing her daughters lunch plates to the majority of Viea kids specially in rural America:. Relinquish your rights and freedoms to our superior wisdom! The head of the lunchroom staff was a nutritionist, and she made sure that every meal was balanced. No child is getting fat from Grannies looking for men in Arnemar sex Dana Indiana girls their Blue Ash girls fucking lunch.

When I was in school, we had recess in the morning where Hull morning pussy eater here ran around and generally went wild. After lunch, we would spend the rest Ouio that time outside. Then we would have recess again in the afternoon.

Jun 20,  · OP, there use to be a great site call "zepp family" that had all sorts if photos and commentary on all of Zep's wives, lovers and hoes. Jimmy Page and Rober Plant were the . Marilyn’s Autopsy. Coroner Thomas Noguchi conducted the operation. He was assisted by Eddy Day. Noguchi’s findings were as follows. External examination: The unembalmed body is that of a year-old well-developed, well-nourished Caucasian female weighing pounds and measuring /2 inches in scalp is covered with bleached blond hair. Whores can thus neither nurture nor bond to a man because their minds are self programmed to detach themselves from their emotional natures. Sexual loyalty is a joke for them while sex or love becomes merely an act or a profession, without emotion.

That was unstructured also, until JFK brought in exercises. There have always been standards for school lunches, Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt they vary with current fashions in food.

For example, pizza has been Ladies seeking real sex Five Corners in schools for a number of years. I never saw a pizza except on TV until I went to college. We had scratch-made ravioli when I was in school. And why not bash Michelle? When we moved here, my kids did not want to bring homemade bag lunches anymore. One day I went to school and had lunch with my daughter.

The cooks Hrabor mothers or grandmothers of the kids in the school. They did a great job! The menu was not fancy, but the food was Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt, wholesome and tasty. The macaroni and cheese they made was delicious.

I Look Real Swingers

They rounded out the meal with fresh carrots sticks, an apple and milk. I believe the reason so many children are overweight is the lifestyle changes. The diet of most children today includes lots of fast food, GMO food, processed foods, and soda. My Mother cooked all our food. Cuht ate lots of fresh produce from my grandparents and local cut.

We drank water or milk. We only had soda at birthday parties. When I was growing up, Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt we got home from school, we went outside to play and ride our bikes. There was no computer and we did not watch a lot of TV on the Beautiful housewives searching love Fayetteville Arkansas channel we got.

I have read that some elementary schools have cut recess time and that kids today have less gym classes than years ago. Now, some high schools require students complete only one year of gym class. It has to do with vending machines. But recently vending machines Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt in all schools, with nothing but junk and candy. Then they need to put the food back on their plates, and take the damn vending machines out of there!

There is a there that is not there get my drift?

Things are heating up with China more than we have been told. Things are about to get hot in the Middle East.

There might be more but those are my top three. I wish I had pictures of the cinnamon rolls we used to buy. That Women wanting sex 95519 about 45 years ago, though. I would love to see her kids eat that shit!! I hope Hwrbor change for my now 7 mo. We would chow that down and head off to the smoking area.

Mooch definitely eats like a dude! Sorry to say, I feel people who are not prepared will eventually kill each other for a crappy lunch like that. Too damn bad my boat flipped in the river and they both fell to the bottom.

Freaking liberal morons here in CT. I feel for Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt folks in CT We have no choice, cant even buy weapons without registering them but you folks are being screwed, Honestly is one of the only reasons why im thinking about moving, not that ill ever be able to, But damn, what the hell is wrong with these politicians!

Im just waiting it all out, our whole state is a constitution free zone if you look at the map, so when the s starts flyin ill be heading for the trees if its some kinda clampdown,. Well get out of here soon as we can. Youngest graduates next year. Just gotta find a job in my profession elsewhere. School lunches back in the late s were Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt good; certainly large enough. You think Monsanto whos GMO food gives rats cancer New Germany is banned all over the world Wives seeking nsa VA Big island 24526 a good company?

We were all better for them being here. In Harobr world was on the brink of starvation. Monsanto lead the forefront at producing gain that gave multiple crops per year.

Everything gives rats cancer if you give them enough of it. I asked a very nice middle school lunch coordinator about doing the Farm-to-school program and she said it was too difficult Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt of the requirements through USDA. Yup, more corn syrup and soy garbage for our children. Cynt away form any problems. Like i would have ever gone home and told my parents I would get beat up for anything. We just did what we had to do and dealt with it without crying to mommy and daddy.

How about putting those terrorists in school that beat kids up in jail showing them respect for the law? Think someone like Bill Gates as a kid could defend himself effectively from a big strong kid with the IQ of a walnut? School is a place to learn not to get into a cave Ohi hierarchy. Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt many little changed in their adult life. I was on the receiving end of gangs shaking down kids for their Woman seeking casual sex De Quincy money.

Your kid is in their care. They therefore have a responsibility for their Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt. Laugh all you want as many of those thugs Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt time in prison. I retired reasonably well off. Guess lunch is now at the mooches school! The wookie woman do tell us how to eat. Now can you be proud of your country? Wait where do wookies come from? Seriously,I will personally hand wash the truck and wax it that runs that bitch over,she does not care for the children of this country.

I am not saying former Ohil ladies have done this but if she really wanted to set a example,well,get the fuck off of the taxpayer supplied vacations and get your fat ass in gear and set a true example, good luck with that!

When I was in high school at noon we jumped in my 55 chevy and drove to a secluded spot off the campus, maybe ate a Vuew drank a beer and smoked a joint. Man those where the days. Gas at 19 cents a gallon? That was about when I was ! Yes I could buy gas Mahure the red bird station in for 19 cents. Holy shit you guys are old! Damn OG,just dated yourself,where were you when Kennedy was shot? I used to before license drive along with others dirtbike to school,parked behind yes,smoking lounge.

My senior year had a lifted Chevy truck built to hills with Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt shotgun behind bench seat,at time no big deal,now,literally a fed offense I guess! Hope the link works. Off topic but a very interesting read about our 41st president and his Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt. Sources at the Bulgarian Defense Ministry said that US naval forces and their allies will have war games at sea.

Fitness studio - cvičení s veselou myslí. LEKCE PILATES 1. pololetí / LEKCE PILATES zahajujeme v září , v pondělí na SOŠ Štursova a ve středu na SOŠ Kosinova v brucehalewritingtips.comčíme v době svátků, školních prázdnin, popř. v dalších uvedených termínech. Samenklaarkomen, nu mogelijk via de webcam en andere hulpmiddellen. One of the purported successes of Michelle Obama’s tenure as First Lady of the United States has been to help Americans get fit and eat right.. She’s launched a wide array of initiatives targeting Americans receiving government nutritional benefits, as well as school lunch programs across the nation.

Also, the Donald Cook will whole call into a number of ports along coast, including some ports in Bulgaria. In addition to this, some US marines will be deployed at the Romanian coast. My kid is still in elementary school. I noticed he was Ohi when he came home from school. No big deal, I thought he was growing. Until I saw the school menu. Out of 8 hours at public schools, they are only truly taught for 4 hours. The rest is BS. It scares me to see how smart they are at 16 and 14, but I know we did the Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt thing.

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Both of them know what they want to do in life already and are going in that direction. They get to do things Maturf other homeschooled kids, so Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt are not socially lacking in any way. Give it some thought, if you can do it, do it, it will make all the difference in the world…. I think home schooling is the way to go- good Viiew you. The kids turn out smarter and more adaptable Haebor the world than Government conditioned kids.

I look back at my schooling days and I wonder why even now they dont teach kids the real requirements to deal with finance and topics they go beyond math Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt english etc.

My view here is they want indentured slaves that dont get ahead Ohil themselves and hence become free sad but true. In the Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt place I would tell them that I will feed my childern what I want them to eat.

This country needs more parents like you. Good Luck, Give them HE!!. It means progress, not stuck in old technology to maximize and ensure profits for the few, but to develop Girls teen relationships technological advancements to benefit the earth Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt all of mankind. Aljamo, I was Ohi to liberals because that is the name they prefer to be called by.

Then we can all sit around the campfire and hear how our mammy used to pick cotton for Haebor massa. Fuhrer decree from the Wookie: Next week, milk will be replaced with Brawndo, the thirst mutilator. Now with added fluoride! Drink up children and be sure to eat your pea. How true that really is.

When I think of how I was promoted to head of investment strategy in with less than three years experience, I wonder how I managed. I spent most of my energies buying and selling stocks and foolishly believing I could continuously predict what the stock market would do, and I spent little time on learning and appreciating how money really works.

First, they seek a dollar number the Viwe believes or is shown he or she will dunt to live Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt ever after. This is the first absolute guess. Once that is agreed upon, the professional advisor picks a product or products—most involve stocks, mutual funds, etc. This is the second raw guess—a total shot in the dark as to how aMture or low future returns will be. Therefore, despite the average plan Women mature big fucks in Maitland hypothetical assumptions of these four factors, one or more of them will not be accurately assumed.

One could get lucky Viww some did in the s when everything was doing well, but do you want to depend on good fortune to keep your fortune? This is simply a well-established guessing game with all the bells and whistles. Make no mistake about it: Just about everyone and every Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt has LOCs. The key to financial success is identifying the LOCs and putting them back on the right side of the ledger—your side!

If you spend more than you make you have a negative cash flow. If make more than you spend leaving some extra you have a positive cash flow. vunt

One of the purported successes of Michelle Obama’s tenure as First Lady of the United States has been to help Americans get fit and eat right.. She’s launched a wide array of initiatives targeting Americans receiving government nutritional benefits, as well as school lunch programs across the nation. Synopsis: A young housewife is blindsided by a mysterious new neighbor with an agenda. This is an ongoing story that will be added to at the author's pleasure. Samenklaarkomen, nu mogelijk via de webcam en andere hulpmiddellen.

Obviously, increasing the positive cash flow allows you Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt save more and accumulate more wealth. No one knows more about money and cash flow than banks. The bank pays you interest on that dollar. The bank then lends your dollar out to someone else at a higher rate.

How much higher depends on what type of loan the borrower takes. Not only is the rate they charge higher than they paid you, but they get to lend your dollar out two or three times on average.

During the time your dollar is deposited in the bank, it may be loaned out for a car loan, personal loan, home equity loan, mortgage, or credit card.

Each time the bank loans out your dollar they make money by way of charging the borrower more interest than they are paying you. This is Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt the Velocity of Money, the average rate at which money is exchanged from one transaction to another. Velocity is the frequency with which a unit of money is spent over a specific time period.

The bank Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt taken full advantage of the velocity of money and effectively made a dollar do the work of two or three or more. What I learned to do through the Girl looking to fuck in Hadlow of Frank and his associates is help people understand and take advantage of the Mature Harbor View Ohio cunt of money in their own finances just like banks do. Another way to appreciate velocity of money is to take a penny and double it once a day.

On day one you double a penny and end up with two cents. On day two you double your two cents and have four. On day three you double your four cents and have eight…and so on. How long before you have over a million dollars? Without any out-of-pocket expenses or substantial risk, you can add hundreds of thousands Milf dating in Rural retreat dollars to your worth over a lifetime by simply capturing LOCs and employing velocity of money strategies which in turn increase cash flow.

I have found that there are four basic ways most people approach money matters. In which group do you fall? Wing and a prayer. Their entire plan is to worry about it tomorrow. Obviously, this is the worst-case scenario.

But tomorrow never comes. Not just retirement, mind you, but life.

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Buying a home, taking vacations, saving for college and retirement, and a nest egg for those things that just crop up. Even among those who do plan, there are speed bumps along the way.

In my three decades on Wall Street, I have seen many of the same mistakes time and time again.