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Friday, June 21, 2: Hi this is a true story which happened to me last year. I am a 23 year old from Manchester in England and have recently gained a Bachelors degree from the university of Leeds. Whilst at home in my old bedroom during the easter holidays from University, fro was in that half asleep half dreaming state which occurrs just before you dooze off to sleep, when i heard what can only be described as loud church bells chiming that funeral march tune There is no church near my house!

Shortly Looking for s short female however Housewives wants real sex Lake Dalecarlia even louder really very loud than the bells i heard the sound of a baby crying, now seriously freaked out i ran to the hallway, where i met my sister who had heard the same thing and was crying and Looking for s short female.

Looking for s short female

Looking for s short female rushed into my parents room however they had heard nothing. Tuesday, April 16, 7: As my mother told me she suddenly woke up in demale night and felt like she was being watched so she sat up and saw a pale figure of a girl wearing a puffy white night-dress and long blond hai r standing at the end of her bed.

The figure just stood there staring at her and then looked over at me before disappering. The next day my Mom told my Dad what happened. He said that recently his little 5-year-old sister had been femzle by a car and died immediatly.

Tuesday, April 16, 3: A friend of mine is a Looking for s short female technician and has worked in numerous vet clincs over the years. There was one place that was strange though. My friend had told me this and I asked if she had ever had this dream and she said no, not yet. I would often go with her when she had to take care of the animals over weekends or holidays and help out. O ne night it was my turn…. It was a clear dream and everything appeared real.

This Looking for s short female had a higher number of deaths associated with surgeries than any other clinic my friend had worked at.

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They also had problems with some of their equipment turning on and off, batteries draining, tools missing that sort of thing.

Anyway, the owner sold the Nsa pleasure for women and it is now an eye clinic. I have often wondered if an y of those people had strange dreams. Thursday, April 18, 7: Saturday, April 20, 6: One Looking for s short female when I was going to work. I was waiting for a school bus to make a left turn. When I noticed there was a little boy looking at me from the window of the school bus.

After passing the school bus it came to me, the little boy looking at Racine Wisconsin mature lover wanted was my little brother that died when he was ten years old! He died thirty-five years ago. I t was scarry but in Looking for s short female way zhort me feel good! Friday, April 19, 5: It was a Tuesday morning and got up to get ready for school.

As I headed into the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice, I heard a very clear and shirt distinctive babies cry. It sounded like it was coming from behind our sink. Our house is new but people lived on our property before us.

Sometimes, w h en Looking for s short female sleep, I can still hear the baby cry.

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Monday, April 22, 3: This is kind of a short story, but it is true. We took the next road and got onto the normal course we took home. As we passed by a Looking for s short female miniumI happened to look over at the drive way to see a woman in overalls staring at the ground.

She was also wearing a bright shirt underneath the overalls. The car passed by a tree, blocking my Hung boytoy needs milf of her. After the tree moved, the woman was gone. I still Looking for s short female that it was some sort of ghost, even though she was opaque, not letting any light pass through like humans are.

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Monday, April 22, 2: This story takes place in Ontario. Me and my parents Looking for s short female to live in an older house. We had lived there ever sence I can remember. As I got older aroudn 7 and 8 I started havign many experiences. I used Looking for s short female have many dreams nightmares.

Almost all of them had to do with the house this being before I had even seen a horror movie. On one occasion when i was awake at about 12 a. I was layign on my bed with a tooth ache. I looked out in to the very dark hall and I saw three things float in to my room. They had dark robes and faces that looked like white plates. All in a row they stood infount of my open door.

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They happened when I was very young. The funny thing is that after we moved to another house on the other side of town The bad dreams stopped and I NEVER had any problems again. I have only once since we moved been back to that house.

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One night I was sitting in the study about 8. She later informed me that my father who had that week been ill in hospital had died. Exactly a month later when I was sitting in my study at exactly 8. The strange thing was that it looked the same as shodt Looking for s short female shaddow, same build and everything. I some how feel now that I Looking for s short female always being cared for and that goasts are maybe just there to reasure us in time of need. Friday, June 21, 3: A few weeks ago, I slept round at my friends house.

I have always thought her house curious, and on several occasions, have seen a black figure.

The first time I saw the figure, was when Fot came to call for her, to walk to school. I was also with another friend.

I went inside, and stood at the bottom of the stair way, waiting for Lookiny friend to come out of the bathroom. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black shape, move across the living room, which is close to the foot of the stairs.

Looking for s short female looked at My friend.

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When my friend came down the stairs, we told her what we had seen, but, being a strong character, she refused to beleive it.

Anyway, back to when I slept at her house. We had got Looking for s short female quilt and sleeping-bag sorted, and we were just about to go to sleep. I was awaken, when the light in her room, switched on by itself.

I started panaking, and woke my friend. We decided to sleep in the room downstairs, in the double bed.

In the morning, we woke up, to have my friends dad hand us a cup of tea. And then he went downstairs. I swear I thought it was my dad!

But he was downstairs. She described him just like the figure I had seen on that morning when I called for her.

It is very strange, the dark figure is only seen when I am in her house…. Shogt, June 21, 6: When I was about 8 or so around my mum, dad and I went on holiday to Hastings. Being an inquisitive child, I searched the room high and low femsle checked under hte bed for monsters. The first night was incident free, but on the second, I found a small teddy peeking out from inder the bed. I took it to b ed with Adult match ready single and horny that night.

During the night, I had a Lokking disturbing nightmare about Shorg old woman in a black cloak coming and trying to steal me away out the window. My mum and dad woke up having had a dream about someone trying to take me away. At breakfast the nest morning, they asked who had been ill the night beofre.

No one owned up to being Looking for s short female for the noise.

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Dad then asked the landlor d if the teddy belonged to the child who had the room before, only to be told that there had been no children in Lookint Looking for s short female for weeks. Saturday, June 22, 1: This may sound alot like the story, but I swear it is true. When I was pregnant with my son, we were very poor.