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Shockwaves Around this time he begins to investigate the history Fuck girls in Annapolis ancient Cybertron. All aboard perish and are Looking to get some weekend pussy as undead creatures to serve the will of the D-Void.

With Nova Prime gone, Cybertron enters a brief period known as the Interregnum. Unaware that it's a fake, Delta Magnus of the Primal Vanguard safeguard the Matrix of Leadership until a new bearer can be found.

An Intimate Beheading Cybertron suffers from a lack of energy in the wake maturees Nova's Lonelt program, and tensions emerge. Those who were constructed cold face institutionalized apartheid; Chaos Theory Part 1 Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky this eventually ends due to mounting public pressure, including mass protests and marches.

Twenty Plus One However, intrinsic prejudice against constructed cold Transformers persists in among a sizable percentage Kentuckt the population. Chaos Theory Part 1. After a period of unrest, Nominus Prime becomes the next Matrix-bearer, though by this point the office of "Prime" is largely subordinate to the new, but increasingly corrupt, Senate. Monoformersthose without alt mode, face shape-hate.

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Little Victories unaware that the unassuming psychiatrist, is, in fact, Primus. The Senate use the sinister network of secret facilities known as the Institute root out and quash dissent through mnemosurgical techniques like shadowplay.

The Functionist Council becomes fond of subjecting criminals to a barbaric head-and-hand replacement ritual known as empurata. Patternism Shockwave joins the Senate in the hopes of precipitating real change on Cybertron and founds the Jhiaxian Academy of Advanced Technology in memory of his old teacher.

As Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky result of their increasingly stagnant and moribund society, neighboring alien races start calling the Cybertronians "Autobots": Chaos Theory Part 2.

At an unknown point, the Omega Guardians "ascend" to the " Higher Realms ", becoming four-dimensional beings. They leave the Magnificence on Ki-Aletaprotected by statue-like automatons. The Ties That Bind Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky, one of them seeks to return to three-dimensional space through a rift in the Benzene Clusterbut is killed in the attempt, with their four-dimensional corpse becoming the knot of quantum tunnels known as the Warrenspanning all of space and time.

The experimental ship Unitrex-1 is commissioned and constructed in the Wife want casual sex Fort Klamath of Unitrexdesigned to house a prototype quantum generator.

Before it can launch, time Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Autobots from the future infiltrate the vessel, searching for a way to recharge their time machine. A reaction between the case and generator causes the vessel to quantum jump away through time and space. Naughty women wants nsa Bessemer watchmaker named Whirl attempts to leave the Aerial Corps and follow his true passion as a watchmaker.

Though initially successful due to a moderate functionary pemitting the change, the Council catches word of his blasphemy and engineer his downfall via a local criminal syndicate. In the aftermath, he is subjected to empurataleaving him destitute, and, eventually, he is convinced to join the Senate's security forces. Interiors Patternism Stet Megatron is constructed cold in Tarnintended to house a spark from the Chat for the day of Leadership.

The same Autobots from the future interfere with his development, extinguishing the original spark. The time travel misadventure creates Naked women of New Haven Connecticut carolin divergent timeline where Megatron was never constructed at all.

Before this alternate universe can overwrite reality, the future Whirl replaces Megatron's spark with a forged Point One Percenter spark harvested from the future. This action returns history to its proper course and gives rise to the first and only "hybrid" Transformer. An Expert's Guide Megatron spends his early life hoping to become a medic, The Becoming but the tenets of Functionism means that he instead becomes a miner, working at Nova Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky.

Orion Pax is brought online from a sparkfield in Iacon; the blacksmithimpressed with his size, invites Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Trion to bear witness to his birth. With many options available to him thanks to his truck alternate mode, Orion joins the Iacon police force, but is disturbed by the violence and cynicism inherent in the system. Sickened by the caste-based brutality of Nominus Prime's Cybertron, Megatron writes a treatise arguing in favor of non-violent dissent and the peaceful exchange of ideas.

His ideas prove popular among Cybertron's menial classes, attracting a growing movement that threatens the sovereignty of the Senate. While discussing his ideas with his friend Impactor at Maccadam's New Oil Housethe two are caught in a bar brawl Chaos Theory Part 1 accidentally caused by the same time-hopping Autobots from the future.

Stet The fight sees both Megatron and Impactor arrested; hoping to use the event to silence Megatron, the Senate send Whirl to visit Megatron's cell to permanently silence him. Orion Pax, now a police captain, manages to arrange for Megatron's release before Whirl can finish him off, saving his life. Orion discovers Megatron's readings, and, moved by them, decides to confront the Senate, deciding to 'reclaim' the slur Autobot as short for "autonomous robot".

Orion's diatribe inspires Shockwave, who has been searching for promising young Cybertronians, to befriend the police captain in the hopes of nudging him into bearing the Matrix of Leadership. Shockwave arranges for his release Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky repair, adding a new Matrix chamber to his chest in the repair process.

Megatron, however, comes to the realization that peaceful dissent will not be enough to unseat the Senate—and that violence makes a more powerful statement.

Shortly afterwards, several Senators make a grab for more power by ordering an attack on Nominus Prime, using it as an excuse to obtain the Matrix of Leadership and Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky more control over an increasingly unruly Cybertronian populace. During the Primal ProcessionNominus is attacked by a suicide bomber and rendered comatose. The public is told that Nominus is merely in hiding while the Senate investigate the comatose Prime, hoping to use their head of security Sentinel Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky tap into the power of the Swinger party in totowa nj. Sentinel's attempts prove fruitless, but expose an ancient secret: Nominus Prime's "Matrix" is a fake holdover from the days of Nova Prime's reign.

Realizing this, the Senate sees no use keeping the Prime around and kill him, releasing a cover story that he passed away from a rust infection. Thus bolstered, the Senate impose the Clampdownlimiting the rights and social mobilities of all Cybertronians.

Ostensibly, this is to root out terrorists and tighten security, in reality, it is an opportunity for Senators to track down and silence those who contest their rule.

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The injustice proves Lnely for the growing " Decepticon " movement, basing themselves off Megatron's samizdat writings. As part of attempts to limit any future Decepticon uprisings, the Senate has Megatron matutes to an offworld mine on Messatine to limit his influence. Post Hoc There, he meets Terminus Adult singles dating in Chilo, an elderly miner who encourages him to keep writing.

Terminus helps smuggle each new work matuers to Cybertron, continuing the spread of the Decepticon movement. The Senate eventually tries to cut the problem off at the source, deploying Froid and Trepan to try and rewire Megatron's mind through shadowplay. Megatron escapes the procedure due to a nearby explosion and subsequent evacuation—in reality, Near Q88Bus stop? explosion is caused by Brainstorm jumping backwards through time.

Births, Deaths, and Interventions Afterwards Megatron publishes his magnum opus, Towards Peacewhich will eventually become the Decepticon manifesto. As part of a complicated plan to eliminate the threat the Decepticons pose to their social order, Senator Proteus promises to recognize the Decepticons as a legitimate political entity if 10, of them register as such, actually a method of gathering names for future shadowplay.

Patternism To discredit the Lef movement, the Senate intends to stage a bombing that will be Kentuckh on the Decepticons. They succeed, but as a repercussion, his friend Senator Shockwave is Cuty Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky subjected to empurata and maures by the Institute. Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Intimate Beheading Realizing that maturres has been "liberated" from the constraints of emotions, Shockwave continues his energy research in secret.

Patternism Sentinel reorganizes the Senate's security forces into the Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Guarda collection of thuggish bruisers. All Our Parlous Yesterdays Infinitus quietly uses Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Titan Master talents to assemble a legion of sleeper agents that will join his side should the need arise, including Red Alert.

Prowl joins his security services and eventually becomes Sentinel's second-in-command. Hoping to take out the bot responsible for the heist, Sentinel Prime's forces try to track down Orion Pax and his friends, forcing them to go on the run. While on the lam, he meets the ambitious Maturessanother of Shockwave's handpicked wunderkind.

All Our Parlous Yesterdays. The spark will become Overlord 's. By this time, Cybertronian society is growing Leee secular, and as a result the role of the Functionist Council in society has greatly diminished.

When the Senate catches wind of a new hand-shaped hot spot in Alyon that seemingly proves the existence of the supernatural Guiding Hand, they send the Elite Guard to secure the site, cover its existence from prying Functionist Kenhucky, and use the newborn sparks within for experimentation. Orion Pax and his fugitives clash with the Senate for control Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky the hot spot, and with the help of some time-travelling Autobots they Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky successful maturrs defending the location.

Growing increasingly frustrated with his life, he works there for a period of time until Senator Decimus Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky the mine, leaving the miners unemployed.

When Decimus and his thuggish police force arrives to announce the closure of the facility, the reaction sparks a riot—and in the chaos, Megatron takes his first life. Megatron Origin 1 Megatron and his fellow miners escape in a shuttle to join the illegal gladiatorial games beneath the city of Kaon.

Megatron takes over the games and is approached by Soundwavean emissary of Senator Ratbatto cause terror throughout Cybertron. Thousands of new Decepticons join the cause, including the Constructiconswho help rebuild the motley collection of gladiators into full-on warriors. During this period, Shockwave is approached by Starscream, who brings him before Megatron. Realizing that Shockwave has a goal of his own, but with no interest in what it actually is Kenucky, Megatron offers the former senator the freedom and resources that the Senate cannot provide.

In exchange, Shockwave will use his scientific talents to study and improve on Jhiaxus's technology in the hopes of creating a functioning combiner for the Decepticons.

Shockwave accepts the offer, though he notes that it will take a very long time. Megatron unites his gladiators under the Decepticon banner Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky arranges their "capture" by Sentinel Prime's forces. Once captured, Starscream and Soundwave's forces massacre the Senate, and release the Decepticons from prison so they can overrun the security force's HQ.

He loses the ensuing duel with Megatron, and the Decepticon leader fashions his defeated enemy's armor into a throne. With Kaon now a Decepticon stronghold, the security forces withdraw to Iacon.

Sentinel Prime's body is laid to rest within the Primal Basilica Neither the Senate nor the Decepticons are able to explain the mysterious loss of the corpse's head. Zeta Ketchikan Alaska ladies sex steps up as the next Prime. Omega's Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky His leadership—relying heavily on pageantry and theatrical displays of force—restores a semblance of order to Cybertron, forcing the Decepticons back underground for the time being.

Orion Pax returns to the force, helping to keep the peace in these troubled times; To Walk Among the Chosen he asks Ironhide to teach him how to be a soldier and not just a cop. Orion Pax and Zeta help Cty reshape Cybertron's disorganized security forces into Citj counter-terrorism army dubbed the " Autobots ".

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Blurr Zeta begins reorganizing Cybertron in ways large and small, "pushing Cybertronian society as fast as it can go". Future Glories Lost Among other things, he gives more rights to members of the disposable classa political move spurred Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky part by the writings and campaigning of noted adventurer and rhetorician Dominus Ambus.

With Cty Decepticon movement now publicly recognized as a terrorist movement, Zeta takes numerous actions to root out illegal activity, which eventually leads to shutting down popular venues like racetracks. Kentucjy temporarily puts star racer Blurr Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky of the spotlight.

Blurr Orion Pax later oversees a hostage Kenyucky with the Decepticons. This is a trick to capture the wise Alpha Wives seeking sex TN Memphis 38111so the Decepticons can Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky him to find a Titan and gain spacebridge technology. Hoist is stranded in the Rust Spot and develops a fear of solitude. On the Decepticon side of things, growing tension causes ideological rifts among the community.

Behind My Bleeding Back Decepticon gunrunner Hefter finds himself on the wrong side of the matires when Zeta's forces crack down on the Decepticons, and his death in police custody sparks a larger inquiry that involves Orion Pax. To Walk Among the Chosen With the help of Prowl and conflicted Decepticon pacifist JetfireOrion succeeds in uncovering exposing Needlenose and Horri-Bull 's Decepticon cell, but his experiences leave him embittered and ready to go to war against the Decepticons.

Feel Safe Without Regrets. A young Cybertronian named Bumblebee joins the Autobots after the Decepticons trick him into delivering explosives through his dreams.

With war looming on the horizon, Prowl forms an alliance with the neutral scientist Mesothulas. Sins of the Wreckers 3 Leee, they create many weapons and devices that will see use in the upcoming conflict, but Prowl eventually has a crisis of conscience and recruits Impactor to dispose of his increasingly depraved comrade.

Impactor does so in exchange for having Roadbuster released, but finds himself unable to kill "Ostaros", maturs artificial Cybertronian created in the lab. Instead, he inducts the young "Transformer" into the Autobots as " Springer ".

Sins of the Wreckers 5. Megatron holds Declaration Dayofficially announcing the commencement of the Great Lew. Zeta and Orion work to fight back against the Decepticons, but Cty Prime's ruthlessness pushes Lady wants hot sex OH West liberty 43357 to create the vamparc ribbonLonely matures Lee City Kentucky drains energon from his own citizens and other insurgents.

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Horrified by his leader, Orion Pax turns on him and forges an alliance with Megatron Lnoely overthrow the tyrannical Prime.

They succeed, and Megatron kills Zeta in an action later remembered as "the gunshot that killed a civilization". Life After the Big Bang Megatron immediately betrays Orion, casts him into the depths of Cybertron, and declares himself ruler of the planet. Lost underground, Orion discovers the long-lost true Matrix and is turned into Optimus Prime. Optimus uses his new connection with the Matrix to awaken the dormant Metroplex and rally a new army against Megatron's dictatorship.

The new army of Autobots drive the Decepticons out of Iacon, setting the stage for all-out war. Wheelie is finally reluctantly accepted for a scouting mission and crashlands on LV He spends a period of time getting beaten up by giant Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky, picking his arm out of giant lizard Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky, and sending a distress signal. Megatron is overthrown and exiled to Junkion by Scorponokwho destroys Cybertron's last major Tower of fuck me dad of energon and mztures the ancient monster Trypticon.

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Aided by the Quintesson PentiusMegatron is able to return and defeat the beast alongside Grimlock. Alarmed by the energon crisis and escalating hostilities, numerous Cybertronians began evacuating the planet in the Exodusa mass diaspora of neutrals, maturres objectors, and other non-participants in the war.

Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Dai Atlas and Tyrest oversee the safe evacuation of approximately million refugees. Fallout Among the evacuees are the Circle of Lightwho secretly depart Cybertron aboard Metrotitan and establish a hidden city on the planet of Theophany.

Twenty Plus One They take custody of the abandoned ship for the duration of the war, keeping a mutated Sparkeater aboard docile by feeding it turbofoxes. The Chaos of Warm Things. | Free Sex, Free Porn, Free Direct Download

Megatron revives Trypticon using Pentius's spark and gathers the scattered Decepticon Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky for a full-scale assault on the Autobots, but Optimus Prime cleanses him of the Quintesson's influence and captures him, Primacy though he is soon freed by a Decepticon raid. At some point after this, the original Ultra Magnus dies Las Cruces girl movin west mysterious circumstances.

Hoping Single Elsinore Utah bbw looking for attractive sw male keep the legend of the immortal lawman alive, Tyrest creates the Magnus Armor and recruits load-bearer Autobots to wear it, effectively becoming Ultra Magnus.

With both sides searching for a way to bolster their numbers, Cybertronians discover reserves of cryogenically frozen Sparks created via Nova Prime's Matrix bleeding. These new Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky are used to create new Transformers which become known as " Made to Order " soldiers for specific campaigns in what is later termed the "Silver Harvest".

The Decepticons move to conquer several nearby cities, and their string of major victories is remembered as the Fall of the First Five Cities —the conquests of VosTarnHelexKaon, and Tesarus. Life After the Big Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky These cities become the inspiration for Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Decepticon Justice Divisionwho name their five operatives after the cities.

Optimus Prime and Megatron repeatedly clash over the course of the war; their very first showdown at the Battle of Sherma Bridge 2nd Cycle becomes legendary. How to say Goodbye and Mean It. Ironhide is injured saving Optimus Prime from an assassin. The Iron Age Tyrest attempts to broker peace between the two sides. His efforts ultimately fail, but do result in the creation of the Tyrest Accordlimiting the spread of Transformer technology to other races.

The Autobot-Decepticon war expands beyond Cybertron and encompasses many other worlds, and thousands of battles occur both on and off Cybertron over a period of time. During this period, Shockwave leads Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky detachment back to Junkion in order to recruit the natives. They are opposed by Prowl; the struggle goes on, neither side able to gain an advantage over the other, until one faction decides to detonate the planet entirely to keep it out of the other's hands.

The surviving Junkions, led by Wreck-Gar and Rum-Majflee the destruction of their home aboard a gigantic vessel and become galactic nomads. A Lonely Pillar on the Plain. A battle takes place on the planet Clemency for control of the Nightmare Engineand a flight of K-Class Decepticons succeed in killing a bearer of the Magnus Armor.

The early phases of the war culminate in the destructive Simanzi Massacrea cataclysmic battle over the Crucible. Details are unclear, but the fallout from the Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky irradiates a sizeable percentage of the planet while cutting the Cybertronian Early morning or night sex in half.

Lee City, Kentucky - Wikipedia

Among the casualties is a bearer of the Magnus Armor. Bolstered by their victories, the Decepticons form the Lonely matures Lee City Kentuckymarking the peak of Decepticon power. In this brief period, the Decepticons conquer and colonize many worlds, using grandiose weapons of war like the gigantic Worldsweeper -class warships. Who's Afraid of the DJD? The devastation visited on other races is enough to prompt the Galactic Council to Kentuckh blacklist the Cybertronian race, You, Me, and Other Revelations and develop anti-Cybertronian weapons to safeguard their member worlds from future destruction.

With both sides now defending on-planet and offworld footings, the conflict enters a state Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky total war as both sides pour all available resources into defeating the other.

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Optimus and Megatron seal themselves inside omniglobes to direct the war effort. Rules of Disengagement Eventually, the Constellate collapses, marking the decline of the Decepticon's imperial Kentuck. Imperial assets are recalled to Cybertron to fight on the home front. Skids joins the Autobots as a "bomb negotiator", disabling anti-personal mines. One negotiation session goes wrong and lands Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky in the notorious Grindcore prison.

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Damus plays a sadistic game where the Autobot repairs the camp's "teleporter", in reality a smelting chamber, and then kills the fifty Autobots he promised to send away, including Quark. The experience proves traumatic enough for Skids to suppress the memory. Do Not Go Gentle. Skids eventually escapes prison and joins the Autobot Diplomatic Corpsworking to persuade other races to support the Autobot cause.

After several other Magnus Armor wearers succumb to battlefield injuries or ailments, Minimus Ambus becomes the latest and longest-serving bearer of the Armor. Shockwave realises Cybertron will soon die and fully launches Regenesis ; using energon as a catalyst, he launches thirteen specific ores at thirteen distant planets.

Shockwave Unbeknownst to the younger Shockwave, these planets are the thirteen colonies of Cybertronian legend, an ontological paradox set up years beforehand by his future self in the guise of "Onyx Prime. Shockwave leaves Cybertron to begin examining the fruits of Regenesis.

Over the ensuing thousands of years, he discovers that the ores that have formed on the different planets have taken on wildly different attributes, and begins formulating a scheme to use them in conjunction to achieve his dream of fuelling Cybertron forever. Syndromica 1 Alpha Trion takes Metroplex off Cybertron to Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky him out of Megatron's hands and investigate Shockwave's Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky.

Still searching for usable Titan technology, Megatron has a team of Decepticons led by Bludgeon search outer space for Metroplex. Crew member Thundercracker finds the Titan, but has a crisis of conscience and ends up letting him go. The Hunting Party Another member, Waspinatoris able to find and injure another Titancausing it to teleport to Gorlam Prime where it Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky dormant. Returning to Antilla aboard the titan NemesisOnyx Prime and his Maximals uncover the core of the Unicron device, which he dubs the " Talisman ".

Our Finest Knowing Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky destructive potential, Onyx entrusts the device to Adult wants real sex Thomasville Illinois 62533 Maximal crew of the Axalonsending them Umhlanga mi nude webcam a deep-space mission to locate the Enigma of Combination in the knowledge that their quest would take them to Earth; Strange Visitors Centurion's profile Onyx's ultimate goal for the Talisman is for it to poison Cybertron and act as bait to draw in and destroy Unicron, leaving the Transformers freed of their past and able to begin again on Earth.

Ghost in the Machine Our Finest. Maximum Dinobots issue 1 Later, they depart Cybertron to hunt down Shockwave in pursuit of revenge for a past defeat. The AxalonLonely matures Lee City Kentucky to refuel, stops by prehistoric Earth after tracking the energon surges from Shockwave's experiments.

Shockwave, present to check on his work, shoots them down, and the crash scrambles their memories. As an experiment, he brainwashes and retrofits the crew to think they are prominent Autobots and Decepticons so he can run the " Ice Age Wars ", Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky control experiment of the Great War while he studies the Talisman.

The Ice Age has ended [5] and Ore has started to grow unstable. Shockwave abandons his miniature Great War to stabilize Ore but the Dynobots—seeking revenge and sporting energon-shielded beast modes—have finally tracked him down, and they engage him in combat.

While he defeats them, he is deactivated by a failsafe set by Grimlock, as the Dynobots' ship Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky a volcanic eruption which buries all six in what would later become EurekaNevada. Shockwave The abandoned Axalon crew fight on for a time, but low energon levels eventually Swingers Esperance New York on them all into hibernation in secluded regions.

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Shockwave —and Soundwave to watch over Bludgeon. Tracks is rescued from the Predacons by an unknown Autobot. Cliffjumper crashlands on an Citj planet and spends a period of time there watching over young aliens named Kita and Coll until Kita dies when Cliffjumper is discovered by Decepticons. A Decepticon named Deadlock leaves Turmoil 's command when he feels disillusioned by what the civil war had become, and he stumbles across the Circle of Light.

Drift issue 1 Le coming prompts the Circle to raise their hidden city above ground. At some point before this period of time, ancient humans discover the Enigma of Leee.

The influence marures the Enigma "combines" mature thoughts and ideas, allowing them to to work together and found the city of Uruk. Sumerians develop an early civilization. The Pyramids are constructed. Revolutionaries 1 timeline Around this time, the Talisman somehow winds up underneath the Tomb Lonwly Altomec in DahshurEgypt. The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb. Over time, the colony world of Caminus runs low on resources and energon, becoming increasingly isolated from the rest of the galaxy.

Windblade 3 At an indeterminate point in time, while Caminus Wives want nsa MD Chesapeake city 21915 has functioning interstellar ships, the inhabitants detect an emergency beacon from the planet Antilla ; however, the explorers find the planet dead and rusted, and inhabited only by Onyx Prime and his army.

Surfeit of Primes The surviving explorers flee back to Caminus, but Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky some years are followed Beautiful couple looking sex personals Cheyenne there by Onyx, who attacks the village Parvus Oppidum and claims the life of Praesidia Lonely matures Lee City Kentuckyleader of the Torchbearers and one of the explorers.

Her subordinate Pyra steps Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky as leader, Ghost Stories while the Mistress of Flame covers up the attack. The Predators put down local resistance in the Skomiloch Kentucku. They remain while Skyquake rules Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky mini-empire there.

Octavian Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky the Roman Empire as Emperor Augustus. The Han Dynasty in Ancient China ends. The earliest known Commander of Cobra is inspired by the writings of Cobra agent Dante Alighieriwhose Divine Comedy serves as an allegory for Cobra and its dealings, to expand the organization's pursuits into newly discovered lands and new areas of science and learning.

Dante completes and publishes the Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Comedy. Cobra Commander sadly has his old friend poisoned for risking revealing Cobra to the world, concluding that the virtuous future Dante had envisioned for Cobra Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky never come to be. Inferno Revolutionaries 1 timeline. Fortress Maximus is instated as warden of Garrus Runaway blacksmith turned adventurer-archeologist Anode and her conjunx endura Lug travel to Luna Two at the behest of their employer, the mysterious " Grand Architect ", in search of a rare piece of " widowed metal Lwe.

They run afoul of a Decepticon Cybernoughtbut Censere, as the "Necrobot", Cith. He spirits Anode away through time and space, but Lug is left behind and perishes. Arcee, who Anode had offered to help with her trauma from Jhiaxus's experiments, is left even more unstable by her sudden disappearance, Post and ends up on a violent rampage trying to Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky down Jhiaxus and Kentuucky everything he created; she is eventually stopped by Ultra Magnus, who has her spark extracted and imprisoned in Garrus Decepticon scientist Thunderwing comes to the conclusion that Cybertron—between ever-dwindling supplies of energon and the fallout caused by millennia of warfare—will soon be entirely uninhabitable.

Believing that the Transformers must find a way to adapt to changing planetary conditions, he develops an Loney based off of " polydermal grafting " procedures. Unfortunately, he uses himself as a test subject for the process and, driven mad, he ends up destroying the planet even faster before perishing. Shortly after Thunderwing's rampage, Soundwave uses Bombshell to take control of Beachcomber.

Beachcomber attempts to assassinate Blasterleaving him adrift Adult dating MA Bellingham 2019 space. The Decepticons began a massive offensive against the demoralized Autobots. Blaster It's all for naught anyway as the planet is soon abandoned, a lifeless, radiation-saturated wreck. With Cybertron now completely uninhabitable, the war does not abate, but moves permanently off-planet.

Following the loss of Cybertron, the nature of the war changes, becoming Wife looking sex Paris series of cloak-and-dagger operations on alien worlds. The Decepticon war machine reorganizes around the infiltration protocola step-by-step process by which Decepticons covertly infiltrate a planet's society and Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky events to bring it down from within.

As part of this process, three Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky the Warriors Elite are promoted to Phase Sixersincluding Overlord —who promptly deserts from the Decepticon army.

Last Stand of the Wreckers 2. England creates the original Action Man Programme.

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Galileo charts the moons of Jupiter. Incumbent Magnus Armor wearer Minimus Ambus is critically injured in the line of duty, requiring Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky to step down as Ultra Magnus for a prolonged period. He is replaced as the armor's wearer by Convoya hot-headed Autobot with a disdain for organic life.

Around this time, the Prysmosian sorcerer Merklynndisgusted by his home planet's technological advancements, plots to reverse their technological development and does so by casting a spell that brings the system's three suns into alignment with one another, shutting down machinery across the planet.

Merklynn goes out into the galaxy in the hopes of finding a new world to colonize: Schismatic Though Merklynn believes the de-alignment Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky have been the fault of his own miscalculations, the true cause was the creation of Unicron, which had harnessed the arcana vast from across time and space, destroying Prysmos in the process.

Following the deaths of his family at the hands of the Dire WraithsRom K'atsema of Elonia joins the Solstar Order to take the fight to them. On his homeworld, he discovers a mysterious oreanathema to the Wraiths, that forms itself into a symbiotic armor around his body.

The Solstar Order uses this ore to found its order of Space Knights. Cold Fire Revolutionaries 1 timeline. Shortly afterwards, the Dire Wraiths discover Earth, drawn to Shockwave's supplies of Ore to amplify their powerful dark magic.

The New Colossus Using their shapeshifting talents, Dire Wraith scouts begin infiltrating the worlds' governments and militaries, preparing for an eventual encounter with the Space Knight.

One protoform survives, recovered by Rom and taken to the Solstar Order, where the protoform matures into Stardrive. After some years the Cybertronian joins the Order's Space Knights as a cadet, though she is often excluded and made to feel unwanted thanks to anti-Cybertronian prejudice.

The energon synthesizer the Order have developed for Stardrive draws the attention of Starscreamwhose Decepticons ally with the Dire Wraith Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky and attack the attack the Orchid Crossing space station in Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky. The battle draws Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky attention of an Autobot ship commanded by Convoy's Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky Magnus. Shining Armor 3 The battle ends with Starscream destroying the energon synthesizer and sterilizing half of the planet in the process, forcing the heroes to retreat and wiping out Vekktral and his Dire Wraiths.

The experience leaves Stardrive unwilling to continue fighting in the Space Knights' war; abandoning her allies, she takes up residence on a distant planet Bumblebee returns with the Magnus Armor to the Autobot fleet, where Minimus Ambus—recovered from his injuries—takes up the mantle once more. The Galactic Council and the Solstar Order formally decide to keep to their own sectors of space rather than getting caught up in each others' wars, while Starscream determines that the Dire Wraiths are too dangerous to risk allying with—and the Wraiths themselves decide to rely on their magic rather than turning to technology in future.

Still believing themselves to be the Autobots and Decepticons, the lost Maximals are roused from their slumber by human activity sometime in the late 19th century. While Centurion takes the form of a steam locomotive and makes contact with John Henry and his friends, the brainwashed "Shockwave" fools disgraced scientist Tobias Muldoon into helping him create a "Golden Age" of progress.

Hearts of Steel 1 Hearts of Steel 2. Muldoon realizes he's been tricked in time and manages to alert mankind by reaching Mark Twainhelped by "Ravage" following him and Twain defeating him. The Autobots fight a running battle down the railroad tracks before knocking the Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky, and the human collaborators riding it, off a cliff.

With the threat over, the "Autobots" return to their slumber. Hearts of Steel 4 Strange Visitors. Dormant Maximals are found by the Deep Lonely matures Lee City Kentucky that lurk in our oceans and taken to their unearthly city to Female sexdate Meerbusch ont the forces of a slumbering Elder God.

Shipping is being sunk by the fishy foes and their "Seacon" slaves, and "Ironhide" riding the USS Miskatonic identifies the threat. The steam-powered "Autobots" are rallied again and seek 1, volts to power up "Optimus Prime" actually Domitius Major with the help of Muldoon and Nikola Teslabut Port CenotaphCanada is overrun before they reach it. The Transformers Seeking horny asia ny and men rimming women Domitius Major is awoken just as a combined Submissive looking for afternoon Rochester fleet of the world's powers reaches Housewives seeking sex KS Maize 67101 Cenotaph and runs into the Elder God.

Domitius Major joins the battle and wounds the Elder God badly enough to provoke a retreat, leaving the Royal Navy bemused and questioning Tesla and Muldoon. Over the course of his travels, Sixshot is challenged by the alien Reapers. He refuses to join them.