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The American Dream is traditionally defined Dating social network a climb up the socioeconomic ladder to a comfortable middle-class life: But another type of American Dream has now developed: The freedom to upturn your desk, give your boss the I want to fck around, and retire on the spot—without making a lifestyle sacrifice, of course.

In some circles, I want to fck around wealth required to burn any bridge you want has a name: The term pops up often in popular culture—for example, memorably employed by the actor John Goodman in the film The Gambler audio NSFW, unsurprisingly. For many people, f—k you money is the essence of success.

The freedom to retire at any time is a far more flexible proposition than owning your own business. Wilson, like Johnny Carson, pegs its origin to showbiz and names perhaps the earliest I want to fck around as none other than comedian Red Buttons.

Though the phrase must have caught on quickly, it never achieved mainstream recognition.

But that same year, a character in Gerald A. The chart below, based on Google data, indicates the percentage of books published each year in which the expression appears.

The relationship may be a coincidence. But at some I want to fck around between Red Buttons and the Showtime show Billions in which f—k you money has prominent placementthe term was co-opted by Wall Street and, to a lesser extent, Silicon Valley. All three milieus have two major things in common: To drop an f-bomb on an employer sounds like a luxury, but it might not be the fcl shot it seems.

For a more precise calculation, however, you have to account for inflation, which reduces your purchasing power over time. Cut a few luxuries, and even more is afound. The calculator below will give you a rough estimate of how much you need—the default return of 2. I want to fck around

Quitting work at a younger ffk, however, means a longer retirement, and the traditional rules for a year cookie-cutter retirement may not apply. Everyday Money Money Culture.

By Ethan Wolff-Mann October 17,