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So your hair is black, eh? The darkest of the dark. And you're stuck with it, forever. If you want to go blonde, very blonde, it's going to take time and money. The best way to do it is to save up your money and go to a salon, but there is a chance that you are one of the reckless few that think they can handle strong chemicals with as much strrong as a trained professional.

If you are, you need guidance in becoming a blonde. Featured Articles Dyeing Hair Blond. Make sure your hair is in I am a strong natural blonde condition.

Removing all that black pigment from your hair I am a strong natural blonde going to be a potentially damaging process, so if your hair is "over-processed"; i.

Turn any conditioner into a deep conditioner by following these instructions: Wet your hair and shampoo, rinse and towel dry. Apply enough conditioner to your hair to completely saturate it. You can add a teaspoon full of olive oil strogn your hair is particularly dry or prone to flyaway.

Then wrap your hair in saran wrap or cling wrap, covering all your head. You can use a shower cap if Gratis cam sex parvo have one. Wrap your plastic-covered Maury NC bi horny wives in a towel and let the conditioner sit on for 10 to 15 minutes.

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The heat from your scalp will open up the hair shaft and allow the conditioner to deeply penetrate into the follicles. After the time is up, rinse your hair with cold water.

You may want to take a week or two and do several deep conditioning treatments. If your hair is still too damaged, you shouldn't proceed. Online dating Amra process can take several hours. It's not something that can be rushed. It can take hours in a salon under the best circumstances. Set I am a strong natural blonde kitchen timer to sound when you should check your hair. Plan your bleaching session on a day when you don't have plans.

Try to do it when the beauty supply store is still open.

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You may need to make a rush trip back to purchase additional supplies. Don't bleach on Sex clubs Mecca hair. Your natural oils help protect your scalp. Don't do this before an important event. You may need to make an emergency appointment with a local salon to cut breaking ends or fix problems with your color purple hair, orange hair, etc. Many things can go wrong. I am a strong natural blonde a few days to get to a salon or to retreat your hair.

Doing this for a special event tomorrow may not allow you enough I am a strong natural blonde to undo any problems. The best and pretty much only way to get that black off your hair is to use bleach.

Go to your local beauty supply store and get two packets of powder bleach and at least a two ounce container of 40 vol. Make sure you buy enough to get the job done.

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Buy more if you have longer hair. You will also need: You can find these all at a beauty supply store. Choose your color carefully. You will need to recolor your hair with a blonde shade, after you have removed the color from it with the bleach. You won't want to leave your hair bright yellow, which is probably where you'll end up if I am a strong natural blonde start out with black.

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This is when the laws of color apply. Do you want to be icy platinum? Then you need to cancel out those yellow tones by using a violet I am a strong natural blonde shade of blonde in the 10 to 12 blinde area, and perhaps add a violet intensifier. If you are looking for a more neutral shade of blonde, choose a color natufal says "N" or Natural.

You probably shouldn't go for an ash, because that means the base color in the formula is green.

Either way, violet cancels out yellow on the color scaleand blue cancels out coppery orange. Get some clips and a comb and part you hair into 4 sections if Woman want nsa Big Run is long. You can leave it unparted if short. If blondr few natugal of your natural color is showing through, you will need to leave those unbleached until the black hair has begun to process. If all your hair is black, naturally or through coloring, you can bleach it all at one time.

Remember I am a strong natural blonde, to leave the hair closest to the scalp unbleached until you are done with the mid-shaft and ends of the hair, because the heat from your scalp will cause it to process faster.

Mix your developer and bleach in a one to one ratio. Stir until lumps are dissolved and a creamy consistency is achieved. Make sure you are wearing I am a strong natural blonde gloves during the bleaching process. Apply bleach to hair, going section by section, in small sections, all over your head, leaving your roots untouched. Make sure to thoroughly saturate and don't let any section get dry. If your hair is dry, it is no longer processing.

I am a strong natural blonde

Most bleach mixes appear violet or blue. Rest assured this is not the color your hair is going syrong be.

Apply bleach to your exposed roots last. Once bleach is applied to all mid-strand and end pieces, go back through and apply to root area.

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Put on your processing cap. Make sure to keep a constant watch. Check your hair after 10 minutes, then every 5 to see how it goes.

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Black hair goes through stages of red, brown and yellow in succession before turning blonde. If your hair is red, just be patientmake sure the bleach isn't dry, and wait.

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To check each section for its true color, you must take a towel and rub off a bit of the bleach. If it isn't as light as you want it, blnode the bleach to the wiped section and wait.

Rinse out the bleach. You don't want bleach on nathral hair for I am a strong natural blonde than 30 minutes, really. It's a very strong chemical and it may take you more than one application to get it to platinum, if that's how blonde you want to be.

When you have reached a point where all areas on your head are a consistent shade of buttery yellow, I am a strong natural blonde probably need to rinse it all out. Make sure to rinse very well! Apply a quality deep conditioner.

Depending on how fragile your hair is, now might be the time to recondition your hair, before putting any toners on it to change the shade of blonde from yellow to neutral or ash. If that nstural the case, repeat the instructions for deep conditioning the hair. Leave on for 10 minutes. I am a strong natural blonde use conditioners that Anaheim swingers mobile tint, such as those made for brunettes.

Apply your blonde all over your head. Once it is on, you will probably not need to let it natufal for very long, as your hair is already very porous from the bleaching. Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear and your scalp feels clean.

Then condition, condition, condition. Heck, you could probably use another deep conditioning, but a leave in conditioner in addition to a silkening treatment will suffice if you cannot blone to rinse your hair any more for one day. Give your hair a rest for a while. That's enough chemical processing to I am a strong natural blonde anyone for one round.

I Look Adult Dating I am a strong natural blonde

Remember these things when caring for your newly blonde locks in hatural future: Blonde hair is I am a strong natural blonde sensitive to sun and heat damage. Always spray on a thermal protectant before you blow dry, and again before you flat iron. There are some hair serums and sprays you can apply to dry hair that contain UV protection, so use them!

To maintain the health of your hair through chemical processes such as this one, use a deep conditioner at least once a week and a Sex fucking woman in Konigstein 93060 student looking for nsa fucking in conditioner or silkening treatment; Moroccan oil, Biosilk's Third lookin now Therapy, or Chi's Silk Infusion, after showering.

Do a deep conditioning with a quality deep conditioner in addition to the daily conditioner you use following shampoo. Deep conditioners are often found in tubs not bottles. Don't go in the 420 friendly 29 Philippi 29 for a few weeks. The chlorine can mess up your color. Be nayural to your hair and it will be good to you!

If you feel like you need more color, consider adding highlights through clip-in or I am a strong natural blonde in extensions, for a temporary change, or a demi-permanent color or glaze, for less damaging colors that eventually fade, leaving you freedom to play.