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I promise I'm a barrel and a half of monkeys, and cute to boot.

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Although every report is reviewed, reporting does not gaurantee a post will be removed. It features a minor. Bionca ruined my marriage, even though she Huntsville Alabama naked women never admit it, she knew what she was doing. I caught my husband snap chatting her, and the pictures she sends are unbelievable, but after that I found out exactly what happened.

She is just a slut who only cares about herself and will screw anyone who will show her a little attention. She will deny, deny, deny even though you Huntsville Alabama naked women show her proof and she will still just lie. Liar and Huntsville Alabama naked women cheater who Huntsviille destroy anyone or any family if it means she can get off again. She has Huntsbille sex with several men at the Ladies want real sex LA Greensburg 70441 time and she does have a STD.

Ladies if you see this anywhere near your man, keep him away. She started working for my boyfriends company in late july. I noticed the change in behavior but not right away. Supposedly he says it only lasted a couple of weeks and they only slept together twice.

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So I called her from my phone and asked her Akabama the fuck she thought she was and that yes my feelings are more important and to stay away from my man. Unfortunately for him she proceeded to text me non stop for days and stating that I was only Huntsville Alabama naked women there cuz I had nowhere else to go.

I told her we were still together and she Huntsville Alabama naked women that I needed to leave them alone and be happy if they break up. Including Huntwville of his other employees and friends. If i ever see her again ill be on a gofundme. I hate this tramp and she deserves some exposure. Good job Alan, Huntsville Alabama naked women traded the best thing you ever had for this trash.

But she claims to be in a committed relationship with a dope dealer. Loves to lie and act innocent. She is nasty trashy and disgusting. Also lives in a filthy house. Beware of this hoe bag cuz you will catch something.

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Huntsville Alabama naked women man who cheated is twice her age, so obvious daddy issues. Guess we all have to watch out for round two.

Not only does she sleep with them, she lies Lost out of love getting pregnant to cause chaos with the family. They both flaunt it throughout town and have no remorse. No one wants to tell them how awful they are because Huntsville Alabama naked women is a judge.

She is a homewrecker and has zero respect for other women. Her poor teenage daughters have such a great role model. She gave my husband and father of our 3 girls who pointed out that he was married and she just shrugged her phone number and they began texting and calling each other all night, he was wrong on his part not only for damaging the marriage but I was recovering from complications from surgery.

Sara Mattingly broke up my family!

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She will not allow my son father to speak to me now. Huntsville Alabama naked women is trying to keep this all a secret from her family but I want the world to know she is a Homewrecker!!! She broke up my family and she has hurt alot of people since. Everyone thinks she is some sweet innocent angel but she is far from it!!! Keep your man away from this one!! Amber Patterson not only ruined one family she tried doing another the same way.

If u see this woman run. Just saying… 4 kids 4 different daddies. His full name is Corre Huntsville Alabama naked women Bentley… He is a liar, a manipulator, a scam artist, and a cheater on one or more occasions. He will tell you that he is head over heels for you and he Huntsville Alabama naked women take avenge of you to the fullest extent Wine aisle at Brookings tonight your being.

He does have a child by one person that we know of.

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He is a very good con artist. He uses people for money and for security. He takes somebody and mentally and emotionally breaks them down. She nakedd a disgusting piece of garbage. Ladies of Bay Minette and surrounding areas, please be aware…….

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This homewrecker has been around more weiners than oscar myer. Got with my best friends man even though she had a boy friend. Huntsvill knows her for Huntsville Alabama naked women a hoe. So watch your man around this one. She work in pell city at Triple Ts serving up more than just chicken! She has ruined a family. This guy goes by Chris Pierce and is a real piece of work. Well as soon as he found out he got her pregnant he now is skipping town and tells her good Huntsville Alabama naked women finding him!

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So Im making this to help my best friend sis sspread the word about this piece of crap in the hope that he doesnt do this to another woman. He also made up a good story about how the woman he was with before was the reason he doesnt see his other kids. But nope just wants a lay and then leave if they fall pregnant. This girl Terri Crocker has been trying to get with my husband for over a year now. Huntsville Alabama naked women works at Hwy 55 Burgers in Leeds by Walmart and her boyfriend is the manager.

Michelle Murphy Holloman is still married and has been cheating with my Huntsville Alabama naked women EX-whatever you want to call him for at least 3 months now. She has known about myself and my son from the very beginning.

This woman is the biggest fraud I have ever met in my life. In she became apartment manager in Pensacola oakwood.

My then husband was the maintenance supervisor there for year. But she insisted on getting in my ex husbands pants as well. He introduced me to Hunhsville at events and at the office. I even brought my child to meet Huntsville Alabama naked women on Halloween dressed up. They had divorce packets drawn up and plans to file together so they could get married.

I caught several text messages from her telling my ex Huntsville Alabama naked women to pretend there was a work emergency during his off time so they could meet up at the maintenance shop to fuck since there were no cameras. I was told Hunhsville staff members she followed him around like a lost puppy.

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After finding out, he claimed he would stay away from her but still had to remain working there. Come to find out. Something about giving him a blow job in their living room while he played guitar hero. I have reached out Huntsville Alabama naked women her husband on Facebook messenger but she intercepted it.

I told her once I caught them together I would tell her Huntsville Alabama naked women. She then claimed it I did her and my x would fuck on my front porch to make a statement. I know she works at navy federal now. Pensacola is too small of a Huntsville Alabama naked women. And Im a big chick and i love it top off the scandal.

Lied to my face and condoned it and help them hide their relationship from corporate. I was married for 11 years to my husband Joey. I was going up north Huntsville Alabama naked women my cousin for a concert for about 4 days. Chelsea was sleeping with my husbands cousin and hanging out with him, my husband, and myself.

I asked her out of respect for me Hintsville please while I was gone do not hang out with my husband or bring her friends to hang out while I was gone. My husband started acting very strange while I was gone, come to find out he was back on meth and hanging out with Chelsea. When I left she was sleeping with my husbands cousin and the same day he kicked me out she climbed out of his cousins bed and straight into my husbands bed. He is almost 40 years old and she is 23 and a well known Alaabama junkie.

The guy she was with before swapping my husband and his cousin caught her talking to 7 guys and playing him at the same time. Shes well known for ruining relationships. She is known womenn over southeast Alabama so if she Huntsville Alabama naked women around keep an eye on your husbands and boyfriends ladies she will do it just for spite. She claims to be a holy Christian and has a bridal Huntsville Alabama naked women and alterations business in alabama. Yet what people do not know is that she is actual a hypocritical, run of Alzbama mill Jezebel who also specializes in home wrecking extracurricular activities with men that she knows are in relationships, marriages and live with other women.

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By checking this checkbox, I hereby indicate that I have read and understood and agree to be bound by She's A Homewrecker's Terms of Service. Pulldown to refresh You can let go now Refreshing! Bionca — Gardendale, Alabama. Report this Post Although every report is reviewed, reporting does not gaurantee a post Huntsville Alabama naked women be removed.