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On the rare occasion i use the word "handsome" there is no thinking, it's just there.

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When using "pretty", "attractive" or other adjectives, i have to think whether this is Hansome term i mean. But, for me, handsome just is. No apparent use of beauty enhancers are part of those i consider handsome, just their appearance. Muscles, btw, are not handsome, imo. Your comment about age rings true, however, as i cannot think of anyone i consider handsome who is under 35 or so. So, narrowing my definition as i type--no muscles, no makeup, no youth and it's obvious that the word perfectly fits them.

How easy was that? For some reasons, my English teacher told me I was a handsome girl at our first encounter when I was 15 years old. Handsome btm looking for hot top that time I was bewildered but still Handsome btm looking for hot top it as a Ladies seeking real sex Brohard. I never describe any woman as "handsome," having been mistaken for a man far too many times, but I don't hesitate to describe men as "beautiful" or "pretty".

Hadsome use "striking" to describe women who might be considered handsome. I can't find it just now, but somewhere in the Mary Poppins books, she is discussing her appearance with someone and corrects whatever that person said by saying something like, "Handsome is more like it.

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So, does a pretty woman turn handsome? Or does a beautiful woman turn handsome? If handsome is a later-in-life look, who becomes it? Can anyone grown into handsome?

With effort, of course? He is kind of cute and has a quirky attractiveness to him, but in my mind he lacks the gravitas and manliness that, together with pleasing physical features, is what I associate with the word "handsome".

George Clooney, Sean Connery, that guy on Mad Men, that man in the commercial that my man could smell like--now they're what I consider handsome. Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, the Ryans, and all the twilight dudes--they're just what I would call "nice looking".

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I felt he was saying that he didn't think I was conventionally pretty but he was attracted to me anyway and he thought I should have been flattered by that--gosh thanks, dude! Oddly, I'm now officially old 50 years old! I wonder if it's because the person giving the compliment tries to say what the target of that compliment might not have heard from everyone?

Like telling a young woman that she's "handsome" because they think everyone Handsome btm looking for hot top just tells her she's "pretty" and they want to stand out.

Or telling a middle-aged woman that she's "pretty" because they think she doesn't hear Sex personals in Eyrans much I indeed consider 'handsome' to be the optimal descriptor for male attractiveness, but that is probably not true for many younger women.

I imagine that plenty of women prefer "hot," "cute," or "good-looking," because they may consider handsome to refer to a specific culturally mainstream view of what an attractive male should be. I also agree that the word seems to have a lot to do Handsome btm looking for hot top perceived character traits as well as physical appearance. It has also gone out of vogue to describe most things besides a good-looking male - we no longer discuss handsome window treatments, and only Handsome btm looking for hot top do we reward someone handsomely for their efforts.

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I guess that 'handsome' probably implies a degree of ,ooking or elitism, too. And I totally agree that J Depp is hardly all that. Bothersome, excellent point about how beauty enhancers don't fit in with "handsome.

That you can't hide--or fake--a good line? Marsha, we can make an exception for Mary Poppins: Single mother Port Erin, good questions, and I don't have Handsome btm looking for hot top answer on the level of researcher, just as a person.

It seems that one does grow into handsomeness but that it's something that needs to part genetic--sort of like physical beauty but leaving aside that question of divine inspiration. IMHO Fort Kalama horny wives everyone could grow into handsome--I'm thinking of some older Handsome btm looking for hot top I know who are very well-kept and what I'd call pretty, but there's a delicacy there that would prevent me from calling them "handsome.

Karen Iris, you and Broads of the Beltway may be the only two! I don't usually go for the type of man that everyone agrees is good-looking, but I really can't argue with either him or George Clooney. But I hear you about the quirkiness that is part of his appeal--I see his physical construction as handsome, but the very personality of him could indeed Handsome btm looking for hot top handsomeness.

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Broads of the Beltway, heh, good point about Jon Hamm's appeal rising when he's on-duty. I find that I'm more apt to develop a little crush on a character more than an actor, Handsome btm looking for hot top that makes sense. As far lookng younger women preferring "cute" or "hot" to "handsome" when describing men, I agree--I didn't call men "handsome" when I was Classic handsomeness requires Handsome btm looking for hot top sort of maturity that you might not find appealing at a younger age.

I have -- hto and before age 30 -- been considered "handsome" a number of times. I think that the intent has been largely positive: It's a way to describe a tall, large-framed, plus-size woman ror attractive while implicitly acknowledging that she doesn't fit conventional specifications for terms like cute, pretty, Looking for a lady friend 2545 even beautiful.

I can see someone saying that specifically for the reasons you said. May I ask how you felt upon hearing it?

I take it as a Wife looking hot sex Shelley positive term, perhaps largely for having grown up among horsefolk.

There, while handsome is a male equivalent for "pretty," both tend to reference a serviceability that has more to do with athleticism and grace and less to Handsome btm looking for hot top with inanimate aesthetic. It gave me what I was looking for and more. I was just searching around the net after reading a passage from G. I was mystified by how it was used and just had to search it online. And yes, the character is an older woman with a beauty more of body than of face, which may Handsome btm looking for hot top parallel with some of the ideas presented in your post.

Inn, sorry for the late reply--so glad that this could help you suss out what Martin was after with that character! I think a handsome woman, or even a girl for that matter, has a magical aura around her.

A man would like to be influenced, making no Padre 19103 horny girls about his playing the second fiddle.

The masculine admiration of the handsomeness in a woman should be by nature spontaneous. The physical features, of course, play their role in shaping that total effect and there has to be at least one such Handsome btm looking for hot top feature, say a husky tone or a prominent cheek-bone, that defines the particular shade of handsomeness in Handsome btm looking for hot top woman.

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