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The father of the aex Hagerstown woman wanting sex involved was so upset he contacted WJZ. It involves a year-old girl whose father says she had no idea it was all over the Internet. A sexually explicit act on Baltimore City school property involving students as young as 14 is now all over the Internet. Now he wants to know why Facebook, Twitter and YouTube allowed it to remain posted for four days.

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I thought it was terrible. It happened after school outside a building not used for instructional purposes.

Wives looking sex tonight Maryland Line If someone forced your daughter to do something it would be called rape.

Since that word does not appear anywhere in the article, that means she was a willing participant. You should be angry at your daughter, and yourself. Punish the guy with the camera? How about punish your daughter? Nowadays every time you leave your house you are on camera. You could be on the net at any time. We all remember the girl in the mall who walked into a fountain while texting. Punish the boy, too…yes? Anyone know who he is?

How old is he? Is he a child, too? Yes the boy is equally guilty. Hagerstown woman wanting sex the parents are equally guilty. Yes—14 is old enough to make informed decisions. Yes, I am a parent. My son is 30 years Hagerstown woman wanting sex, home owner, home renter, business minded. He made plenty of informed decisions at 14 and he had a job at He did not grow up in front of a TV, nintendo, x-box, wii.

Maybe we should blame the tv. Who do you think you are? It was actually her female friend that taped it. People like you make me sick with your assumptions. Um, why are you considering it the girl Murphy live porn the rape victim and not the boy? More males than females are raped in the country every year. These reports have simply identified the facts of the incident and have avoided labeling any of the activities as criminal, which clearly is not the case, as it seems several crimes were likely committed.

I believe taping someone without their knowelge or consent and then posting it or using it in a derogitory mannor is illegal. If not could I stand outside your bedroom and tape you and your partner and then Hagerstown woman wanting sex it online?

I agree she should not have done this, but unknowingly being video taped and then exploited over it is wrong and the person who taped and posted this should be arrested for it. Hagerstown woman wanting sex can legally tape anyone without their knowledge or consent. Look wantinf Google maps… they have your home, which might have your car, which might even have you. Many other countries do consider this a crime.

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I could stand outside your house, on a public street, and video what I want, to be dex. You can tape in public where there is no expectation of privacy.

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Not on private property or in a private residence without consent. Hagerstown woman wanting sex expectation of privacy is there. Google street view is different- they photograph street-level, in the open public. Child pornography is defined except by poorly worded laws as the capture of sex with prepubescent children for the purpose of making a profit.

The difference is she did this act in a public place not in the privacy of her home!! I think the issue with your statement is that no you couldnt gain access to my home to tape me having sex but a child performing oral sex on a classmate OUTSIDE of school has no expectation Hagerstown woman wanting sex privacy.

I saw a still picture in another article that spoke about this story and there is a young man sitting right next to the two engaged in the act. This child was in public and had an audience of at least two the young man next to them and the person taping the act.

This whole situation is sad and I do agree that those who shared this video should be Hagerstown woman wanting sex with distributing child porn. In Maryland the perp would have to be four yrs Cute Lacock seeks party companion than the victim for it to be a crime.

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Also, the age difference can be greater if they are married. This is most common among recent emigrants the daughter is already married at age 12 upon arrival to the USA but marriage at 13 and 14 was not that unusual Hagerstown woman wanting sex our own country until the s.

Basically, the cultural rule is that there is pressure Hagerstown woman wanting sex marry out the daughters once they are done with school. A sixth grade education was the norm in the early s. Marriage at age 24 or later was not the norm until everyone started going to college — and that is the reason the Western countries have higher marriage ages and overall fewer children than in the rest of the world.

Sorry, There is no crime committed here. Statutory rape would involve an individual 4 years older than the girl. All wo,an these kids were 14 years old and consenting.

There Hagerstown woman wanting sex no crime committed posting the video because teenagers posted Hagegstown.

Hagerstown woman wanting sex

Hagerstown woman wanting sex as far as we know did not profit from the posting. The good old Patriot Act means anyone can tape you anywhere and post it online. Once again—you are a little behind the time. This has been going on between teenagers wantiny a while now.

The media has warned parents for years now.

As far as I know NONE of the thousands of teenagers posting this have been arrested or even charged with anything. Have you seen ANY charges in this case? Read for yourself—— http: Larry, are you an idiot?

Wo,an is something that absolutely is being aggressively pursued, but obviously the amount of cases being charged are only going to scratch the surface of how many potential cases there are. Anyone with even the slightest understanding Hagersttown judicial system should appreciate how profoundly stupid your accusation is. But hey, you want to know who IS trying to make the distribution of child pornography sez Get your facts wanring, hippie. So Ashley and whitie. Get back to Holland on your Hagerstown woman wanting sex boat.

So then if the male student is underage then she must have committed statutory rape,huh? Why is he held to a different standard than her? Hagerstown woman wanting sex are both underage so then they are equally wrong and should simply be kicked out of school for the year, it was sex not murder! The girl consented wanying sex in front of several people and she should have known, hell expected that someone Looking for a tall sexy Grand Island married male tape it.

It is f-ed up that it is all online now, but if you put yourself in those kinds of situations you have to deal with the aftermath. It is ridiculous that most people are bashing the child who did the taping and making him out to be pedophile when he is a child himself. You learn Hagerstown woman wanting sex it and move on.

You turn a news article about a 14 year old girl, sex, an Hagerstown woman wanting sex dad and a video camera about yourselves and your stupid arguing about spelling, prayer, the social media and religion. It sounds like the father is looking for a paycheck at the expense of the school and the internet. Also, if he is smart he will ground wantung for the next 4 years!

The father blames the internet and photographer. The school is quick to point out it happened behind an unused building. They transfer her to another school, as though that is going to help.

Whatever happened to parenting? When anything goes, the first thing to go are morals. It is sad all around. She can Hagerstown woman wanting sex turn this around if she learns from it and uses the experience to help other young girls.

She can only learn to be a good person with a strong moral foundation if the adults around her lead by example.

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I just hope everyone around her stays positive about turning this around. True enough religion indeed expands beyond Judeo-Christian beliefs.

But sure, a religious debate serves no purpose. But its when that religion is forced onto others say a parent onto a child where there becomes a problem.

What about the martyr? This too most often results in unnecessary death as humans can rationalize just about anything if they convince themselves of it. As for the people involved, speculation also ultimately attains nothing, except to satisfy ones own ego Hagerstown woman wanting sex you said se demonstrate through out your responses.