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Racist, insulting, or attacking comments will be deleted.

That said, please help the mods by reporting said comments. Posts regarding other places that have absolutely no connection to Thunder Bay or Northwestern Ontario will be removed, period. Users who break this rule will be banned the 1st time, no 3 strikes with this one, folks.

Commenters are on a "3-strike" rule. Fuck "Open Streets" self. Yeh, that was "fun".

From when I left there were hardly any people on my stretch of that route- so thanks for making me hunt for parking for nothing. A whole 1k people?

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Want me Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay not hate your event? Maybe give two shits about the people who have to live there Parking is a pain on my patch of road- I had to circle for 20 2hight because all the other residents were taking up the pathetically teeny amount of street parking can you say one way streets everyone? Ontario

I have kids- yeh, let's undo all the "look both ways, never go near the road" lessons I've worked hard to teach them when you live on a busy-ass 2niyht. Fuck you Eco Superior. I hope the environment enjoyed Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay extra greenhouse gases my circling car made today.

I always love these internet rants, they always stir up such intellectual conversations that Fuxk can jump right into! So any insight on what to do for next year?

Fuck "Open Streets" : ThunderBay

At least try and think of the community when answering, not just Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay fact that you were inconvenienced for hours on a Sunday because of it. Think of the people who don't drive who wanted to go to this event, so busing for them was easier because it's in the middle of the city. I also read about the post with your Grandma, sorry to hear that she had a hard time making it to tea.

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I want your address so I can come "inconvenience" you whenever I feel like it with a nice big truck parked on YOUR driveway. Advice for next year?

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Hold it somewhere that people aren't completely cut off Get people to go somewhere Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay can keep coming BACK to Would it help by saying that I live on Arthur St, that my driveway is very near cut off as in it takes me 15 Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay to get out of my driveway every morningmy water gets cut off so often 48911 sex partner flushing the toilet is like playing Russian Roulette and that I have an onslaught of people on my property all the time?

Chill the fuck out, it's all over, you have your freedom back to be able to bring Nana to tea and let the twins play. Also I know some of the people who helped with the event, send your feed back to the EcoSuperior site and say it was an issue.

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Don't Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay on an open form to bitch about something. Also, just so I know, at what point in my previous comment did I anger you Fuxk the point where you requested my address so you could drive a transport truck onto my property?

Was it where I sympathized towards your grandmother? Yea, that would piss me off too.

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I'm stressed cause someone is fucking with my private Thnder so a bunch of hippy green-washers can take a stroll up my street. If I just set up camp in the middle of someone's yard because I "liked" the outdoors I'd get arrested.

As soon as the city does it it's cool- because hey, it's not like I live here If people are truly Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay with your private property, then your recourse is to call a bylaw 2nivht or police officer to respond.

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It's likely that they weren't doing it maliciously, but rather didn't clue in. Yeh let me Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay my 82 year old grandma and her broken collar bone and my three small kids- twins under 2 are so portable on a fucking bike dipshit- cause n2ight who i have staying with me right now.

Thunder Bay - Get The Fuck Off The Road in March More Thunder Bay Dirty. It's a land of alcoholics and junkies. Thunder Bay Dirty uploaded a video 3 years ago Play next. Thunder Bay Ontario Variable_X2 41 Single Man Seeking Women Looking for a camping partner and share life with. Love the outdoor life fishing getting fire wood . Each clap of thunder caused the pretty woman to jump involuntarily. The middle-aged divorcee tried to concentrate on the sound of her Son fucking her sister to take her mind off the thunder, but the noise coming from outside drowned out their lovemaking. Like Karen, Marge hated the sound of thunder.

I guess I could have skipped taking her to tea with her friends like Thunser does every Sunday Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay church- but I'm a sucker for my Nana, and at 82 who knowd how many teas some of them have left. Maybe you should ignore the "greenwashing" and realize this event didn't help the environment ONE bit- all it did was move cars around- it didn't reduce the usage of them at all- how is it particularly green to Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay across the city to bike instead of just I dunno- biking somewhere near to you?

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How is the exercise from walking on asphalt any more healthy than Fuck 2night in Thunder Bay walking on sidewalk. If you're going to drive to a spot to bike or walk why Thunver here's a good idea- do it at centennial, or boulevard, or Chippewa Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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