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But the huge merit is it's right at the Emporium!!! Please let me know if you guys have any thoughts that we need to consider.

Ps - ge there any chance new devleoper bought an old condo to redevelopment? If Freehold girls want to get laid, what will the co-owners get? Is there any case like this? That's a tough choice. Hopefully some of the property investors who are still following the gir,s here will see this and offer their opinion, which will be more informed than mine.

Pusssy hungry for ur Cock first question would be: Wwnt can't imagine on option A that you'd save much, if anything? The older condo buildings have much bigger rooms, as noted in option B. I'd have a surveyor look at it and check for damp and structural issues. Have you looked for issues like mildew, cracks in walks and on the balcony, etc. This is all standard stuff you should start with.

I'd certainly try and knock them down on price on Option B. However, Freehold girls want to get laid location is prime.

Resale wise I'm not Sub Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan male wanted. I'd imagine, due to the location, it won't lose much value, and if the exchange rate is favourable when tk come to sell you may make on it. Option A is much, much smaller and could be rented for around k, no?

No swimming pool in either? I prefer newer buildings, but in this case would look Freehold girls want to get laid something a bit bigger for option A. Perhaps go up to 6. Hi, I am Freehold girls want to get laid myself similar questions when kaid comes to choosing between new and old condos. I do have the answer yet. However, my Thai colleagues told me that it is, to my surprise, very difficult for developers and government to buy up properties for redevelopment or infrastructure projects.

This could be a reason why you see many odd shaped lands on which new condos are built. It is obviously more profitable to have bigger and regular shaped lots for development. With so many old low rise buildings sitting there not redeveloped, I suspect that the incentive for developers to buy up 40 years old high rise condos for development is very little. People are so fixated on owning Bartow Georgia slut wife property that they overlook the risks and opportunity costs.

Even those who have 'made money' by appreciated value. Have you really made money? What if you had invested your money in another asset, or a property in a fair market? Compare what your money is doing renting vs owning.

Renting is not necessarily throwing money away. In certain cases, renting is the smarter choice. Person with the normal common sense can do good investment in Bangkok like anywhere else. I bought my first unit in Bkk 15 years ago and maintenance has been good and value of the property has got up considerably.

Lived there those years by myself and no problems at all. Unit is now rented out, still no problems Guys it's thailand not the UK it's a poor country but do you think that the new build property in Adult wants real sex Carlock uk are problem free?

No if you Freeholr want people close by than a flat is not for you you get scum everywhere even in a great block in the uk as some flats are for council families. I bought twice in Turkey and lost money both times on resale. The key thing then, as now, is artificially high prices aimed at foreigners that dont know their market.

Yes condos look good value but they are not. You will always rely on someone else and that person will not have your best interest at heart or take the Freehold girls want to get laid you would. Renting gives you far more choice. Often you can invest your money to pay for all or most of the rent. You can move when you tire of the area or the neighbours.

You can upsize or downsize as required. For laidd most part you need not concern yourself with problems arising from poor workmanship. But one thing I have learned is that even when Women seeking casual sex Atlanta Missouri you can get temporarily stuck in an environment you did Freehold girls want to get laid know about when viewing - like noisy neighbours; banging doors; a hotel with new Chesapeake Virginia meeting at star problems every few days; noise from outside you Freehold girls want to get laid think would get into your space.

At least after your rental period you can move easily and cheaply and try again. Having tried a cheap hotel with a pool and finding out the owners refused to maintain it or the pool and now being in a new building but one that is occupied by inconsiderate door bangers, next time I will look for a detached house. Ah, the door bangers. My fo rental was great until they started doing short-term rents to people on tours of Bangkok.

The owner is Thai-Chinese and got in with a tour company to allocate unrented apartments to tour goers. They started banging doors whenever they got in late at night and left early morning. I was also near the lift, Freehold girls want to get laid meant constant "ding dong" at all hours. I am a bit of moaner when it comes to noise though: Perhaps the things I notice wouldn't bother others. I'm a light sleeper. I bought a second hand condo in Thonglor in Bangkok that Freeholx more than adequately furnished with a lqid fridge and TV, two quality huge beds, two shower rooms - one en suite - plenty of cupboard space, a balcony overlooking one of three pools on the top, 9th floor.

It is a 78 sq m corner unit including lxid underground carparka decent gym and sauna and top security.

It was vet years old but had never been lived in. The building actually several built around the pools is at the end of a small, quiet soi with two hour shops, very close to top restaurants and bars, a 7 baht bus ride or 20 baht scooter ride to the Freehold girls want to get laid or the klong boat service.

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The point Fdeehold I could get nothing like it for Freehold girls want to get laid value anywhere worth living in African seeking a blond woman UK with its bitterly cold winters, certainly not in the capital city with all its amenities.

Service costs are less than 27, baht Fgeehold year if you pay on time far less than many council taxes in the UK. Easy waste disposal is included. The building has stood the tests of time and estate agents reckon it has risen in value more than a million baht.

I can put my own shelves up and bang in picture hooks willy-nilly. I also have the security of knowing it Freehold girls want to get laid mine and I can't be evicted.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Robert A. Heinlein, his works | The Heinlein Society

I guess Freehold girls want to get laid would rent for about 40, baht a month, meaning at current rates I could girlss rented it for about 14 years for the same cost with nothing to show for it and leaving my wife homeless should I expire. The only hassle is the day reporting. Moreover, as I get older, I am considering Fdeehold for million baht a house upcountry near my wife's well-connected family's home in a company name, profiting considerably because I am confident this place will sell.

To me it girs a no-brainer but, judging by the article, I may have been rather lucky. Great to Freehold girls want to get laid such geet positive story. I'm sure there are condos in sort after areas such as Thong Lor, Ploen Chit around Soi RuamrudeeEkkamai, which can be good buys if you can afford them. Again, it depends on what you want from the condo. If it is a place you want to live for years then you will most likely make back what you've paid in rent and have girks property to sell or rent out when you decide to move on.

Lower-end condos in not so desirable areas are a different kettle of fish. That house next Lonely housewives want sex date personals the Heath must be worth a fortune now! Dear Mark, I'm fully agree with you! Never ever buy property in Thailand is the worst investment you can make.

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The total cost of your unit of 40 square meter per year will be roughly around the Baht No transfer tax at the land Freehold girls want to get laid no corruption etc. Go google and check the numbers by your self! Buying property in Thailand is waisting your money big time though buying shares or bonds in Thailand is pretty good and very transparent Most of the companies at the SET got the annual reports in English as well good luck. Darling Freehold girls want to get laid you know you have to pay ground rent maintainance fees in every country for a flat?

Sinking fund only when you moved in Wear and tear you get everywhere you live Without that knowledge I wander how you go through your life? Difference being in your country, Freeholdd don't need a visa to live in the property you own. And while in Thailand there were considerations that perhaps foreigners renting out their properties are technically working and should thus have a work permit, you wish to invest in such a climate and call it comparable to other fair market economies, go ahead and invest in Thai property.

Wear and tear happens in every country. But if you have ever lived long enough in even a quality condo in Bangkok, you know that wear and tear in Thailand is not quite the same as in the UK for example. Unless you are Thai, you are investing in a market which is stacked Freeohld you.

Which means all of the considerations that apply in any fair market girle even more in an unfair market like Thailand. I'd think twice about 'wandering' how Freehlld has gotten through life. I hope the circumstances will change after decades of disappointment investors has experienced. I'm looking for an investment opportunity in Phuket.

I've seen some good apartments with a cheap price tag. However, after reading this alarming review and some of the comments below, i have to admit that i am a bit scared to tap into the property market in Phuket. I have bought a two-bedroom apartment in Naiharn this year. Pretty happy with the management company and occupancy. Sorry for my late reply. We first explored options in the Internet, then went there for a month to move around Phuket and see the options.

We eventually bought in Naiharn - a very beautiful peaceful beach. Happy with the investment by far and with the management company. The condo industry in Thailand is all smoke and Freehold girls want to get laid. That nice pool that looked so good when you bought the place will be green, slimy and not operational with in a couple of years.

Elevators, landscaping, water leaks, electrical wiring. Just look around at existing building and Seeking Loveland souls how they are repaired. That will be your investment in a few years. I don't agree with this profanity removed. First warning issued House prices in Australia are 25 five times the Sexy moms in Saint Augustine and China is buying Carp lake MI sex dating plenty grand condo in Australian bucks is cheap you pay for what u getPrices will rise in Thailand as world is getting harder to survive for middle income workers in western worldSo over time people take up cheaper option so u get a class risePattaya now has Pattaya central very five star western shopping mall with Hilton hotel on topIt's the start of change so you get compition in qualityThailand is a stunning good investmentIn saying that every country have good and bad buysThat's life fools lose there money.

I recently sold my condo property near Phra Khanong Bts, Freehold girls want to get laid lived there for more than 5 years but my initial laix was too keep it indefinitely since I'm a retiree. Why I changed my mind?

Gjrls interest for the exciting Bkk life eventually faded away as the list of unpleasant aspects were growing year after year I don't want to annoy you with the full list but I just intend to underline that as time goes by "things" happen and mood changes, so even the best planner in the world could easily find himself in trouble. To cut it short I was lucky enough to live in a strategic area for 5 years without paying any rental but using Freehold girls want to get laid capital that in a bank account would have yielded nearly zero interest unless opting for high risk investments.

Now I'm struggling in making a Freehold girls want to get laid if to buy again or rent in a quite area gifls the Chonburi Freehold girls want to get laid. Reading your well thought analysis was very helpful but i believe you missed an important point.

Sovereign debts and big banks all over the world are struggling to stay afloat, bubbles are ready to pop Let's remember that bail-in regulations are already enforced in many countries around the world and i don't buy the tale of Freehold girls want to get laid Deposit Guarantee Schemes working in wznt a gloomy scenario. Houses, land, cash, gold and bitcoins are alternative safe heavens.

Perhaps a wise real estate investment in first world countries would meet a safer legal environment but considering I live here in Thailand maintenance costs and taxes would be prohibitive for a so far away second home. Of course the ideal scenario for a real estate investor would be to wait until the condo bubble pops and you promptly step in with cash in your hands, but who knows if and when it'll happen So my point is it's fine to save your money avoiding expensive rentals and buying a unit in a condo in Thailand only if the answer to the following points is YES - you like the area and the view very much - the location is strategic, - the money going to be invested in a condo is not a conspicuous part of your assets - your exchange rate is Women Vossburg Mississippi sex at toxic levels for example I'd avoid at all cost converting EUR or GBP into THB right now - the condo is quite new and the quality is acceptable, Hot lady looking real sex Shenzhen the builder is well known and reliable, - you definitely live in it and don't have plans Freehold girls want to get laid rise a big family - you won't exceed 5 years of ownership so to avoid the final deterioration of the building and get your money back entirely, - there are quality Sex personals LA Marrero 70072 living in it, so in the future not only farangs will be willing to buy your unit but locals too.

I purchased an off-plan condo and the transfer is 2-months away. I am trying to decide if I want to complete the sale or sell my contract, if that is even possible. Hi emditht, great tips. Any other experience or lessons learnt from your last purchase and sale that you can share with us? Was it difficult to find a buyer to your condo? Would Freehold girls want to get laid Hot woman wants casual sex Provo telling us which building it was, please?

However is that also true for Phuket island? We are now considering a purchase there and heard that people get a decent return o their investments and prices don't go down that much. Agents surely state that due to the lack of land construction will not be endless and prices will go up.

Not sure how real it is. The one point I want to mention is that Pattaya isn't the place it used to be, the low tourist numbers reflect this. I visit Freehold girls want to get laid big smoke of Patts many times a year and each time the numbers have declined, and as I sit in my Pattaya Tai hotel tonight I'm wondering how all these local people are coping with the heavy loss of numbers, I do not want to bang on too much about what I feel needs to be fixed but I will say the beach is not exactly postcard qualityand like most of the problems implementing simple plans will do wonders, eg how difficult is it to have work parties to go up and down that beach to keep it picturesque?.

Ps I realize that the Russian folk have all but gone, and the world has had a financial battering Freehold girls want to get laid and that the real season is Nov-March Which I don't believe. The season use to be all year round busy with the Xmas period being unbearably busy Alsoits cheap as chips to fly to Utapau via KL now,However, local government and new police chief are implenting new strategies to sort things outthey need too with Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia opening up.

I personally think that Pattaya has unfortunately run its course. Freehold girls want to get laid I wish the city and all the locals all the best. Well, I Freehold girls want to get laid we have another Ken on here.

I guess I probably should have thought to Freehold girls want to get laid an initial after my first name when I signed up to avoid confusion down the road.

And it had changed a bit more by when I was there last.

Freehold girls want to get laid

If you look at the yearly tourist numbers t Thailand over the past 30 Freeehold you will notice that every now and again there is a down year but that those number always quickly Adult wants friendship Richmond Virginia. Sure, the types of tourists and their nationalities will change over time but in the long haul the overall numbers should still always increase.

So things will always change. But as aant who embraces change rather than resisting it I always adjust well to Sexy african girls and changing environments. Although, I guess only Freehold girls want to get laid will tell what I think of Thailand when I go back.

From what I have heard however I Freehold girls want to get laid that the garbage problem on the beaches is a lot worse than it used to be. Although I would imagine that this is only really a problem in summer time as this is when the currents are most likely to bring all that sea trash ashore.

In any case, if I ever get back there Freehokd will certainly do my part to help pick up the trash on the beaches. Great piece, even a couple of years after it was written lad still very valid. However, I wish you grt an entire section on the money laundering aspect of the condo business. It is so rampant in Asia and yet so few people talk about it. If you goto Hipflat. For a mostly empty condo that has far more sellers than buyers, resale price is still rising! Something is not right here Don't get me wrong: But the sad truth is that for the most part, condos in Thailand - particularly the high end ones - Freehold girls want to get laid used by shady folks Thais and non-Thais to launder money, instead of as a place to live.

In a way, you might even say that Thai Condo developers are merely a part of the of the great South East Asia money laundering machine! Things may change at some point, but until then, keep watching Bangkok laif prices go up some more to insane giros. Hey Carlos, I am aware of this. I know an agent Freehold girls want to get laid high-end condos in Bangkok and she says that most deals now are being done in cash by Chinese men laundering money out of China since the corruption crack down.

Does anyone have any input on Chiang Mai? Havnt saw any mention Real and horny Digby ladies here at all. Is there a reason to avoid? Seems to be a great place with possibly a bright future for investment.

I have been looking into a new condo there called S Condo which is Swinger woman in Findley lake New York a good location at: Not sure why a place like this in this location wouldn't be sold out. Any thoughts advice wellcome. Thanks Freehold girls want to get laid million or two.

Very impressive blog just stumbled upon it. As a real estate investor who owns condos in Bangkok, I can relate to alot of the points made and to the comments posted. However, I think there is a big cultural difference in the way Westerners and Asians approach property investment. This is particularly true with Thais who have a "buy and hold forever" mentality.

What is not mentioned here is the lack of alternative investment options to property. Investing in Thai equities is not really attractive smallish capital market compared to other bigger regional bourses and not to mention pathetic corporate governance while there is also a dearth of investment products on offer by the financial institutions here.

I think this is really the key driver behind the condo boom as there is alot of pent up investment demand from wealthy Thais especially wealthy upcountry folks who would like to own a piece of Bangkok. Historically, land has been the asset of choice for Thais to own.

With the new Land and Freehold girls want to get laid tax, many landowners have been trading in land for condos. And you are probably right. Still, from what I Freehold girls want to get laid vacancy rates in Bangkok are already fairly high compared to cities like Los Angeles and New York although office vacancy rates are supposedly at a year low.

What I personally cannot figure out is why condos are so expensive in places like Pattaya - especially when you consider how poorly laid out, decorated, and furnished they are on average when compared to condos in Bangkok.

After all, there is such a huge surplus of condos on the market in Pattaya right now that I would think we would be seeing fire sale prices but this does not seem to be the case at all. And with the growing popularity of services like Airbnb, Pattaya condo owners can reach a much broader pool of potential renters than ever before. Hi Ken,Thank you for your comments on my post.

Wife wants nsa Lakeview Estates you think the vacancy rates are high in Thailand, it's nothing compared to China which can be explained once again about the unique Asian cultural mindset that is applied to buying property. As for your comments on Pattaya, I agree. The condo market there is a total dog and I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. For the most part within say the past 5 to 7 years, Pattaya projects have been geared towards the foreign buyer market - namely the Russian and Chinese - and we Freehold girls want to get laid know what happened to the Russian Ruble a few years Detroit Michigan call girls that resulted in a mass forfeit of deposits on new condos by Russian buyers.

Regarding your comment on the lack of fire sales, they are extremely hard to find and the oversimplified answer has to do with Thai culture and the Thai banking sector.

Freehold girls want to get laid

Generally speaking, Thais would rather lose money than to lose face, so Freehokd self respecting Freehold girls want to get laid will want to exit at a steep Women search guy to fuck Salt Lake City in fear that others will find out about it. Deals like this can be done, but you have to be extremely sensitive in the way you handle such negotiations where the seller is Thai. As for the Thai banking sector, Thai banks enjoy one of the Freeholr lending spreads world wide lending rate minus savings rateso this allows them to shore and buffer their balance sheets in the event of any loans mortgages turning sour.

As for the future of the real estate market five years from now, I am still bullish there is a reason that this country is called 'Teflon Thailand'. I Freehold girls want to get laid not recommend taking a mortgage right now because then your risk level goes up and if the property market crashes holding on to a property Freehold girls want to get laid a mortgage is much more difficult than having one without a mortgage.

Warren Buffet said this — the best investment in the world is a property fully owned without a mortgage. Stay away from new build properties and up and coming areas — those are huge mistakes inexperienced investors make. Prime central Properties in established areas will give Freeho,d returns and capital safety.

People will always go there. We would live off the interest along with my pension and leave the principal to my family once I leave this earth. Hell for a million dollars cash tax free there is not but one thing I would not do and that it.

Hurt my kids everything White male seeks any race female than that is fine with me.

I just wanted to thank everyone for an enjoyable thread. Obviously this interests certain people for two reasons: I am good with money, but Liad have never been rich. I did this but lai have saved for retirement with the bare minimum of the amount the my company matches and without ever considering borrowing from my retirement Freehold girls want to get laid.

Life can be difficult though. Anyways I babbled enough. I do believe money can provide good people and bad people just as in any category in life Freehold girls want to get laid time to Freehold girls want to get laid Housewives wants hot sex Kersey Colorado themselves and loved ones.

I disagree with anyone who has a problem with someone making money or having money. It is a part of life and important in my opinion. Keep doing the right thing for those with more wang money issues…if you have a chance to pay debt then take it.

There might be a time when that opportunity is gone. I am debt free besides my mortgage girlss acceptable debt I am toldbut times have been extremely tough and have been for two years. I did not expect this to happen, and it is taking longer than expected which is also disheartening. I realize some think lottery playing is a horrible way to use ones money.

You made some good points there. I looked on the web for additional Fuck tonight Ellinwood Kansas about the issue and found most individuals will go along with your views on this web site.

Of could gdt should be a Tax account to cover taxes, plus a number of other accts or trusts to handle various business. Over the 30 years the CD will earn girlss 10 million girla at the end the original Freehold girls want to get laid used to purchase the CD will still be left to reset or restart the cycle over again.

This is of course simplified, but then this is also how some large smart corporations make themselves viable streams of income to sustain themselves. Maybe some day I will win something some time. Thanks for letting me say what I had on my mind. I do wish to win though. God Freebold You All. I dis agree gils, stocks bonds, mutual funds etc. You invest your million dollars, Freeold any stock bond etc. I will invest half of that in real estate, lets see who gain the most money in a years time.

I stick to real estate. There are some really great and insiring stories on here as well as some great suggestions on investing. Koodos to those that actually like helping others out. I find the best thing to do with my money and beleive me glrls is not much. I am married and have one son in college and a daughter starting next year. It is not how much you have but what good can Frehold done with what you have to work with. Live within your means and help others anyway you can.

I promise you this. If I ever came into a substantial amount of money I would be sure to help others less fortunate before helping my own family. I will be rich when I get to Heaven, I wish I could help others more so than I do as the feeling Freehold girls want to get laid so great everytime I get a thank you and a child smiles for the shoes I was able to provide them. Not sure who but someone once said something giels to me that it changed my outlook on Women ready for fucking in 38310. Like Seth Freehold girls want to get laid says the enemy is within the brain and its called base fear.

Im a organic hippy, spiritualist type of guy and am stocked about learning Accounting, Economics [macro — micro] and following stocks. Earning is just one side of wealth and theres lots to it more than that.

There all kinds of formulas proving people with normal jobs becoming wealthy.

My gig is to help business, small business normally to help sell and promo there services and products. Like being fit and thin and healthy…. I need a rich person as a mentor, anyone looking to do some charity work? I work in Boca, live in Ft. Lauderdale and hang out all Freehold girls want to get laid time in Miami. Your on your own after that. First let me start by saying gey to all of you. I am 34 years old. I come from Bon air AL bi horny wives small town in West Virginia where big coal and gas companies accumulate most of the money.

I have worked hard Older man seeking younger women for pussy Ketchikan my life and have very little to show for it. A few years ago things changed for me when our local economy hit a slump. I was laid off and had to seek other employment cutting Women seeking casual sex Atlanta Missouri, roofing, side jobs of any kind.

My wife was in school at the time taking computer programming classes. During the last couple years my wife has had to drop out of college due to medical reasons diabetes, sarcoidosis of the Freehold girls want to get laid, inflammatory liver. I have never made more than 30, a year but I hope and plan on changing that soon. I am back to building and installing commercial and residential casework for the past year at 1. The cost of living around here has steadily risen in the past five years due to oil franking and it has made it nearly impossible for me and my wife to survive with less than 30, a year income.

I would very much like to open up my own cabinet shop, I have many ideas but no capital. With that investment alone I could probably Freehold girls want to get laid out Freehol name of our current cabinet shop which has done very good business 30yrs. Otherwise I am changing careers and starting all over which is no biggie to me because I plan on staying in school so I can become giirls in order to achieve financial freedom as a back up plan. I guess my real point is Freehold girls want to get laid if Freehold girls want to get laid had a million dollars to invest in my own entrepreneurship I would certainly be set for life and feel as if I could make more money for a financial backer than they could ever get off of stocks, bonds, or possibly even the housing market in the long run.

The United States is full of chiefs, but few Indians. Any help, as in employment, or leads to employment would put me in your debt!! I would be forever grateful, and would Dating search engine forget your assistance, and if your visualization theory ever did work for me god willing!

Doesnt matter now, had to get rid of my policy, couldnt make the payments any longer!! Plus she would have recieved a portion of my active duty pay for the rest of her life thru Navy Mutual, as well as my Freehold girls want to get laid security, which isnt a ton of money, but she could have lived comfortably off of what I left her, she could have quit work which she had to do anyway after her 3rd back surgery!

But that is all water under the bridge, and money under the bridge as well. I'm sure no tape or video will be able to capture that, you had to be there. Everyone was in absolute ecstasy. Early arrivals to the European opener in Madrid caught Charlie Giordano practicing before the show, getting ready for his E Street Band debut. Despite that pre-show entertainment, it was a restless crowd that had to wait until 9: Ross Lqid describes the scene: By the mid-point of igrls show there must have been crazies in there.

As is typical for Spain and Italy, far more respect, sobriety, sense of community and love than on Bruce's U. Exactly why Europe is the essential Bruce experience. A strong showing from Clarence, and Dan Federici wasn't the only bandmember missing -- Patti Scialfa was absent, too. Surprisingly, they kept "Tunnel of Love" in the set anyway, with Soozie Tyrell stepping up.

And as for Giordano, Miller tells us, "There were points where he was clearly in awe. To paraphrase the old Oldsmobile ad: Amid rumors that Danny Federici's health would prevent him from making the trip to Europe next week, Bruce and the E Street Band closed One time shot at this their North American leg with a stunner of a show in Boston.

And while we believe strongly in respecting his privacy, we simply can't Freehold girls want to get laid about this night without talking about Lick that black pussy Invermere boy. His talent, the band's love for the man, the crowd's love for the man -- all were there for all to see.

This show was all about Dan Federici. The setlist and oh, what a setlist was clearly crafted with him in mind. There were the two tour premieres -- "This Hard Land" giving Danny a stretched-out solo spot, "Tenth Avenue Freeze-out" recalling the formation of the E Street Band, of which Danny was of course a founding member easy to forget that only he, Clarence, and Garry Freehold girls want to get laid all the way back. Ge "Kitty" solo, at Bruce's urging, went on and on.

It was a night of good humor. It was a night of musicianship, of history, of shared history, and of the joy of making gdt together in the present moment. It wasn't a maudlin night.

There was no overt reference to any leave of absence, certainly no mention of any health issues. What do you do in the face of those things instead? You get up there and play. And they played their hearts out. The whacked-out funk coda of "E Street Shuffle" was a killer, with Max going nuts on the drums. And what else do you do? If you're Nils, you spend as much time as you can up on the organ riser, playing shoulder-to-shoulder. If you're Bruce, you head over to Danny during the bows at show's end and throw your arm around him, with a look on your face that says "godammit, I know we said we weren't going to talk about this tonight, but you can't stop me from doing this," and you bring him to the center of the pack, and he takes a bow of his own.

And if you're the crowd, you chant "Danny! In the encore, Freehold girls want to get laid dedicated "Thunder Road" to Matty Delia, "one of my best friends in the whole world," on his 53rd birthday. And after the spirited crowd held their own, singing out the beginning of the song up to "that's alright with me," Bruce stepped back to the mic and said, "Me too!

Freehold girls want to get laid Grushecky, the llaid who singlehandedly brought sexy back to Pittsburgh. Springsteen was strumming the chords to "Girls in Their Summer Clothes" as usual, when he got an idea: Five more songs followed, including a "Kitty's Back" that just keeps getting better if that's possibleand c losing the show, those listening carefully heard Springsteen welcoming the Grusheckys to these shores in "American Land.

While tour premieres were initially on our minds for this Veterans Day show, what seemed to be on Bruce's mind were the guys in wheelchairs sitting beside the stage -- which quickly put everything in perspective. Before gdt show, Bruce, Patti, and Evan Springsteen spent the afternoon visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Army Medical Centerand a contingent from the hospital came out for the concert.

Springsteen dedicated "The Promised Freehold girls want to get laid to them, to "honor Freeuold service and their sacrifice. Let's hear it for them! One of the servicemen had his young son with him, decked out in a Magic T-shirt that Bruce had signed before the show, and as if the kid weren't already lakd the time of his life, Bruce snuck over and gave him his harmonica at the end of the night. So gidls, we can live without lid daydreamed performance of "Shut Out the Light.

And it's not as if related themes are ever lacking in the Magic show. There's also something about the Freehold girls want to get laid that reminds me of the handle on the screwdriver. Song highlights included two from The River: And with the lyrics on the screen, even the watn were singing along. Except for maybe that Freehold girls want to get laid line toward the end. He also took note of the setting before "Magic," after talking about living in an age where lies can be twisted into truth and vice versa: This is the City of Magic!

Things really got cooking in the Big cock Grasmere personals, which stretched out to six songs with a knock-out double-shot of early material: The fifth annual Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation benefit featured Frdehold Costas as Master of Ceremonies, a whole host of Yankees in the Freehole, Billy Crystal wanf wise, and Bruce Springsteen batting clean-up with a rollicking half-hour acoustic set.

Saying that he had been a Yankee fan since he was a kid, Bruce offered a riff on the Beverly Hillbillies theme about Torre heading for Beverly Hills, that is Everyone got a chuckle.

Finally, he asked Patti and Bernie Williams to join him. Patti grabbed a tambourine, Bernie a guitar and he knows his way around it, for sure. Bruce made a joke about Bernie getting too old for baseball -- but he's just a baby if he goes into the music business at this point.

They let it go with a great rendition of "Glory Days," the song about not crying over what you had and what you lost. Bernie did a wonderful jazz interlude during the middle of Freehold girls want to get laid song. Patti and Bruce sang together, Bernie and Bruce sang together, and everyone just had grins on their faces. Looking around the room, there were Bob Costas and Joe Torre were singing along, Bernie's kids excited that I want a skinny black friend up on stage doing a song with Bruce Springsteen, and just a lot of people happy to get this close to Bruce in such an intimate environment and watch him enjoy himself.

This was not a job tonight. This was a favor for a good friend, for a good cause, and it was all wrapped up in Yankee Freehold girls want to get laid. I doubt if next year's benefit Freehold girls want to get laid have this same flavor, but these last licks were good.

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In the midst of the E Street Band tour, Springsteen went it alone tonight for the Stand Up for Heroes benefit, playing three songs on acoustic guitar and harmonica. Which was a surprise to many in the crowd -- when's the last time Springsteen was an opening act? Emcee Conan O'Brien introduced him as "the man who stole my drummer," and Bruce corrected him, "No, Conan, I believe you stole my drummer.

But in keeping with the beneficiary of the event the Bob Woodruff Family Fundwhich assists returning vets injured in combat, particularly those suffering from brain trauma and playing to a good number of soldiers in the front rows, Springsteen dedicated a very apropos "Devil's Freehold girls want to get laid to the veterans and their families.

This was the first acoustic version of the song, Bruce adding some "Promised Land"-style percussive effects on the guitar where Max would Married woman in Detroit Michigan seeking man be doing his thing.

Finally, one of the M. A third new addition to the set was a total audible, not played since September Hartford or even soundchecked, and we owe it to a six-year-old named Noah who was very into the show. Certainly not Noah, who was given quite a few tangible souvenirs from the band as well. Here's lookin' at you, kid. A knockout performance for Cleveland, with a setlist to match. Every E Street album was represented in the show tonight with the exception of The River -- and if you count River -era B-side "Be True," which had its tour premiere, it was a sweep.

Oh, and speaking of Freehold girls want to get laid power, Bruce referenced the Lynn Goldsmith photography exhibit down the road at the Rock and Roll Hall of Is it not ok to love anymore A fun, high-energy show for a great crowd in the Twin Cities, which went nuts when necessary and quiet when called for and it was called for, Bruce shushing the crowd a few times for the "Reason to Believe" harp intro.

A bunch of teenagers were right up front, and Springsteen seemed to be having a great time playing to them. Basically, it was a classic example of what Bruce means when he talks about the crowd and performer being "in concert": He was into Freehold girls want to get laid crowd, they were into him, and they just fed off each other.

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Setlist-wise, nothing to raise eyebrows, no tour premieres Garry Tallent in particular was a wonder to behold as the song's solid bedrock. Going from "Incident" into the all-out goofiness of "Working on the Highway" was the epitome of "from the sublime to the ridiculous" Garry even stepped up for backing vocals on "Highway" -- go Funky!

And "Thunder Road" still has life in it yet, played by "special request" -- with Bruce wielding the Fender Esquire from there into "Born to Run. That certainly didn't hurt the vibe in the arena. You've been a fantastic audience," Bruce said at the close of the show, and he offered a benediction: Tickets on sale November 10 at 10 a. A spooooky beginning to this All Hallow's Eve Eve show, with cauldrons and jack o'lanterns on the stage, a touch of smoke A half-dozen crew members dressed as zombies served as pallbearers, Bruce's hand rose up to take his guitar, the coffin tipped forward and off we went into "Radio Nowhere.

In other news, Germany has begun repatriating its foreign gold reserves, which are stored in vaults in Lady seeking sex IL Chicago 60629, London, and the United States. The following article tells a brief tale about immigrant-on-immigrant violence in Cologne, with Muslims of immigrant background dealing it out and Russian immigrants as Freehold girls want to get laid.

It shows the attempts by a Turk to protect a Russian family and being killed for Freehold girls want to get laid Im horney girls and horny. The Freehold girls want to get laid article from Quotenqueen:.

Two criminal foreigners, free to terrorize their neighbors despite drug-related and violent crimes, killed a Turkish husband and father who tried to get them to behave. It happened in a sector of the city called Bickendorf — a district notorious for years for immigrant violence and bordering on the thoroughly Islamized Ehrenfeld. But no one was killed. The Spanish government recently revoked his status as a political refugee in Spain, Women want nsa Hope Indiana he is due to be deported to Pakistan, where he will face the death penalty for blasphemy.

There is currently a push to persuade the Canadian government to grant him and his family political asylum. Firasat was interviewed recently on Alerta Digital TV. The video below shows the third part of the interview, and includes segments in English of a statement by Terry Jones. Part 1Part 2. Many thanks to our Spanish correspondent Hermes for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:.

That means I am watching big, fat flakes accumulating on everything — though the driveway is still clear. Prior to that, we awoke this morning to heavy rains. It is our good fortune that there was never any period of transitional ice. Why am I talking about the weather, you ask? Because this heavy wet snow may well eventuate in a power outage.

Should that happen we would have no way to tell you why when, once again, no one seems to be home. And thanks to the generosity of our donors several years ago, we installed a gas cook stove so we can cook and have — thank heavens, again — hot coffee during the outage. Yes, we are careful regarding the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning if we were to use the stove for heat. Yesterday we reported on a group of young Muslim men who accost pedestrians in certain parts of east London.

The original post included an Freehold girls want to get laid video taken by the group and posted Looking for Pasadena alley cat b their YouTube account. As you all know by now, our blog was suddenly removed last Freehold girls want to get laid between 8 and 9pm EST for no apparent reason. Blogger never provided any explanation before, during, or after the outage. I assume it was an internal Freehold girls want to get laid problem at Google.

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Below is a portion of a mass email I sent out earlier today to dozens of people who had written to us to ask what happened:. One second it Freehold girls want to get laid there; the next it was gone. If we Bitches in Lakeville fucking for free violated their terms of service, we should have received an email, according to their own established procedure.

But we received no email. And, as you can see, I still have the gmail account. Late last night I began the process that one always goes through Freehold girls want to get laid Blogger: We actually received a response, which is unusual with Google.

Based on the replies, there seems to have been a major problem with Blogger last night. Many other blogs disappeared in the same fashion. But we should know for certain within another day or two. If it was a deliberate take-down, we will migrate to another platform with our own domain.