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Daytime sex in n Tucson

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Daytime sex in n Tucson love the outdoors, camping fishing and shooting are a couple things i really like. Music, politics, ih (I am a die-hard Yankees fan, have been for years, unapologetic). Should be clean, thin, fit (curves in the right places is a plus) and, I say again for emphasis TOTALLY CLEAN. Older woman needing companionship.

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Sat 10th of February Report. I was 21 years old, and had been working for a southwest sheriff's department for a year, dealing primarily with runaways.

Estimated per capita income in $11, (it was $8, in ) South Tucson city income, earnings, and wages data Estimated median house or condo . is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want. Exceptional work! I was taken aback by your attention to detail, and the lack of spelling and gramatical errors. The setting was also upheld well, and the story was believable and well formulated.

I was called into the office one day to meet a Federal Agent, who explained that a slavery ring was operating in the Daytimd, and that their leads were few and far Daytime sex in n Tucson After a week of training and briefing, I was told to hunt downa nd get close to a guy called "WildFeather" I found him in Daytime sex in n Tucson order, and since I had Pussy dates Fenton Missouri to blow on pot and booze, it wasn't that hard to get close to him, and before I knew it we were hanging together all the time.

He'd let me stay with him even when he was "working Tuceon girl", as he called it, and Sharps VA cheating wives a couple of weeks, got to trust me enough to divulge bits of what he Daytime sex in n Tucson doing, and let me watch how he did it. He would tell them how sympathetic he was that they were so unhappy at home, and how he wished he could help them escape the Wives want nsa Kampsville or miserable existence they endured, and Daytime sex in n Tucson he would merely suggest that if, they chose to run away from home, he could get them a place to stay and maybe help them to find a job, so they could stop being a kid and move into adulthood.

On rare occasions, while I was with him, WildFeather would teasingly say to them, "Just come with me, baby I'll make you a sex slave and sell you to the highest bidder Of course, they didn't believe him After a while, he let me meet the guy who took the girls off his hands I never recruited a boy… but any girl over 13 was fair game, they said, and I worked hard to bring them in.

WildFeather, they said, had brought in four to six girls each month; I brought in nine the first month and ten the second. For each girl I brought to our handler, whose name I learned was "Jack", I was paid a thousand dollars cash. Jack was a seemingly nice guy, an older man of about I was smart enough to play along. The ride was fairly long, almost three hours, and at one point I began to aex I had not had a chance to let my superiors know where I was going, which was Dzytime the rules… but my gut instinct had said that if I did not jump enthusiastically at the chance, it would have raised suspicion.

The thoughts running through my mind included the fear that my cover had been im blown, and that I would not be returning from this trip… but I played my part as if I was excited to be given a chance to get more deeply involved and make more money.

Jack seemed relaxed, but then I knew that he was good at his job… and being relaxed and Daytime sex in n Tucson the girls comfortable was part of it. What if he were playing me the same way? When we arrived at the house, I was surprised at how big it was, but even more surprised at its remoteness.

I Look Teen Sex Daytime sex in n Tucson

By this time, Pam was getting nervous herself, although neither Jack nor I had said anything about what was Daytime sex in n Tucson happen to her. Perhaps she sensed that we were both being phony, each for our Daytime sex in n Tucson reasons. I learned later that most girls got nervous by the time they got there. We all climbed out of the car, and Jack grabbed the small bag she had brought with her, and led the way into the house.

He let go, and turned to the girl. Instinctively, I reached out and took hold of her arm, not roughly, but firmly, and led her down the hall Look cool friend Day Florida way Everett had gone.


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Inside, the house seemed even bigger than it had from the outside, and there were doors and rooms everywhere. Everett turned into one sx, opening the door, and we followed him… Daytime sex in n Tucson the girl I had hold of began to cry.

There in the room in front of us was a large wooden frame, about eight feet tall and ten feet or more across.

From it, hanging by bound hands over Dayti,e hook, was another Daytime sex in n Tucson girl. She was naked and gagged, and tears were streaming down her face as she whimpered as we entered the room. The frame was the only thing in the room, and I Lonely Vancouver Washington ga immediately that the walls and floor and ceiling were covered in some kind of plastic-looking coating.

There was a drain in the middle of the floor, and a large hose, almost like a fire hose, Beautiful sluts El monte coiled up on the wall and connected to a big faucet.

She was screaming and fighting me now, and as I got the shirt off, I swung hard and slapped her open handed across her mouth, splitting her lip and making it bleed… and felt a thrill at what I had just done. She froze and stared at me for a moment, and I looked at the flowered pants she wore, saw that they snapped in the front, and grabbed the snap and popped it, then began to pull down the zipper.

Her face went slack Daytime sex in n Tucson she realized that the situation she was in could get even uglier if she fought me, and her shoes and pants were off in seconds.

I played a hunch and grabbed her hair and pulled her face close to mine. Two other Daytime sex in n Tucson stepped up and took Pam from me, dragging her towards the rack.

I watched, transfixed, as she was Daytime sex in n Tucson with prepared slip-cuffs made of nylon rope, and hung on a hook beside the other girl. She was crying aloud, and one of the men stuffed a Daytime sex in n Tucson of cloth into her mouth and secured it with a scarf bound around her head.

I looked at her, and saw the bruise-marks of my hand and fingers on her arm, and across her face, and she stared at me pleadingly as I watched… and again I felt that thrill, and let a smile settle into place as I turned back to Everett.

He grinned, and nodded, then motioned for me to follow him out of the room. We were sitting on comfortable chairs in what might have been a normal living room, and a woman had offered me a beer, which I had accepted. Everett sat directly across from me.

Think you got what it takes to be part of that? I nodded, as if just considering it myself.

Daytime sex in n Tucson

Turned me on a bit, to be honest. He shook his head. Ever get into any kinky sex shit?

Everett explained to me Daytime sex in n Tucson as soon as each girl arrived, she was stripped and hung, just as I had seen done to Pam. They were left hanging there until they fouled themselves, because it humiliated them to piss and shit while hanging there exposed.

Once that happened, they would be Daytimr Daytime sex in n Tucson like animals, then taken down and carried to a shower room, where they would be hung up again under a showerhead. It would then be my Women seeking real sex Gilbert Arkansas to wash them clean, after which they would each be raped… repeatedly, and by several different men, but not by me… over a period ranging from three days to two weeks.

This, he explained, would serve to further break them, as they were horribly sexually abused.

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Each night, it would be my job to clean them up, be nice to them, sympathize, but encourage them to accept their training so that they would not have to continue Daytime sex in n Tucson suffer the punishments they would get for resistance.

Girls who did not break during that time, I was to tell them, would be killed… although I was assured Daytime sex in n Tucson this was not true, it was merely a way to speed the breaking process.

These girls had to be brought to the point of utter despair, convinced that their old lives were gone forever… so that they could let go of them and accept their new fates.

In addition to being raped, the girls were all subjected to what I considered to be extreme punishments each day until they began to embrace Pussy dates Fenton Missouri new enslavement.

Ready For A Man Daytime sex in n Tucson

This whip was a bullwhip, but at the end, instead of the simple cracker found on most bullwhips, there were nine leather thongs, and each of them was tipped with a tiny metal rasp. The rasps would leave deep welts when swung lightly, painful welts that would continue to sting sometimes for days… but when a girl was lashed by Everett, the whip was swung with all the force he could muster, and those rasps would leave deep, bleeding grooves in that fair human flesh!

Each girl got at least one such beating by Everett, the first Daytime sex in n Tucson after she came off the rack… and few ever allowed herself to get a second. During their breaking, the girls were kept as uncomfortable as possible, and I was instructed in how to secure them when they were not in training. The Daytime sex in n Tucson couple of days, they were to be caged, and I was shown the large heavy wire mesh cages that had been built for the purpose… there were twenty-two cages in the basement of the house, and at that time, there were six girls being housed in them.

Another nine girls were already past breaking, but only just, and they were granted the privilege of Daytime sex in n Tucson on pallets in a large room on the second floor… but they wore metal collars around their necks, and these collars, locked Housewives looking real sex Manila place with padlocks that left bruises on them at times, were chained to bolts set into the studs of the walls.

Each Daytime sex in n Tucson them had a covered bucket next to her pallet, where she could use the bathroom, in full view of all the others in the room. They were allowed no privacy at all, and no clothing… a slave has no rights, and is not a person, they were taught… therefore needed no privacy and had no Horny women Woking for any kind of modesty.

We stopped in the rack room, and looked at the two girls hanging there.

Pam looked at us, and the pleading I had seen in her eyes before was gone, replaced Daytime sex in n Tucson the darkest look of hatred I had ever seen. The other girl appeared at first to be unconscious, but when Pam began to grunt Herne bay uk personal ads were probably obscenities at us, she stirred and opened her eyes.

I saw that she had pissed herself… there was a wet line down the inside of her legs, and a puddle on the floor under her. Her eyes seemed vacant.

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Everett looked at me oddly. Plan on just staying here with us from now on, okay? It was almost dawn by the time I got back to my place, and I slept most of the day.

About five, I got up and showered, packed up my clothes and headed into the city to find a pay phone. Perrin, Thcson direct contact with the state, answered.

Daytime sex in n Tucson He put me on hold while he consulted with someone above him, and then came back on the line. Will you be able to get out to call in? I had an hour before I was to meet Jack, so I grabbed a bite to eat at the WhatABurger across the street, and then went to the rendezvous Dzytime to wait.

Want For A Man Daytime sex in n Tucson

Now, however, it was daylight, and Jack handed me a blindfold. Sure enough, I dozed right off. My snoring was probably reassuring to Jack, since I was calm enough to sleep. We arrived about ten that night, or maybe a little after.

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Everett called me downstairs, and I found him in the rack room. Pam was still hanging there, but she was apparently asleep. Daytime sex in n Tucson other girl was gone. Hose her off, and Daytime sex in n Tucson her down for a shower. I walked over to where the fire hose was mounted and grabbed Daytime sex in n Tucson and turned it on. The nozzle had a shutoff valve, and I aimed it at Pam and turned the handle. The water hit her hard, and was cold… she came awake instantly and tried to scream.

I walked over to her and watched her drip dry for a minute while she stared at me wide-eyed and shivered, then put arms around her waist and lifted til her bound hands came off the hook. The slip-cuffs were well designed… although she had been in them almost Hot sex spots in Mesa hours, her hands had not lost all circulation, and the color came back to the pretty fast.

When I set her down, she collapsed, of course, and her legs were trying feebly to get underneath her, so I grabbed her under her shoulders and helped her up onto her feet. She stood as long as I offered some support… if I let go, she began to tremble and would fall.

I held her up, and between the two of us, we made it down the stairs to the showers. I found the hook and hung her up there, but her feet could still touch the floor this time, and she was regaining a bit of strength Tucosn her legs.