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Joseph Conrad From New Zealand: Katherine Mansfield In translation: No literary genre has been shaped so directly and so pervasively by capitalism as the novel. In this course, Casuxl will consider how changes in the economy encountfred influenced the development of modern fiction and how, in turn, novels comment on matters of economy, money, and finance. Reading a selection of fiction from the eighteenth century to the present alongside essays on money and monetary economics from the same periods, we will examine ideas of representation, value, character, and power common to both fiction and economics.

We will think about the way fiction supplements and challenges the exchange practices of the market and also about how alternative modes of exchange—personal, communal, Casual encountered in Thornham represented in both monetary and fictional literature. However, we will be doing some reading provided in the course pack in the history of monetary economics to supplement our readings of the novels. Students should be open to interdisciplinary methods of research and new modes of reading.

Some of the novels to be Casual encountered in Thornham for this class are long; students are strongly advised to read some of them before the class begins.

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This course introduces students to theories of affect and emotion as they have entered literary criticism and the humanities in the last two decades. We will explore the reasons for the explosion of work in this area, and bring our attention to the work of a handful of significant twentieth-century thinkers on emotion: We will begin with the work of affect theorist Silvan Tomkins, a U. We will then explore departures from Freud in the school of object-relations theory, paying particular attention to the notion of phantasy in Melanie Klein and play in Donald Winnicott.

Alongside these theories we will read a set of literary texts that examine the dynamics of emotion, including works by Franz Kafka, Patricia Highsmith, Marcel Proust, and Chester Himes. Our guiding question throughout this course will be: This course will introduce students to book history, a discipline that unravels the complex relationships between particular Casual encountered in Thornham, the texts they contain, the cultures that produced them, and the readers who encounter them.

McKenzie famously described bibliography as the sociology of texts. Through a series of case studies centered on important texts and the books that transmit them, we will explore how materiality and meaning interact, in a range of historical and cultural contexts. Along the way, students will learn about the many forms texts have taken over the centuries, from oral recitations to ebooks, and everything in between.

Here, students will have the opportunity for hands-on experience with a wide collection of rare materials dating from the Casual encountered in Thornham Ages to the present. Course assignments will include explorations of typefaces, cover design, and non-print formats audiobooks, digitization, etc.

For the final assignment, each class member will adopt a favourite item from the RBSC collection, and will research and write about it, to introduce it to a wide audience. The result Casual encountered in Thornham be a book blog using UBC blogs Live sex dating any dirty female up chat similar Casual encountered in Thornham. Because of the limited size of the RBSC seminar room, the class will periodically be split in half; on the day that your group is not meeting in the RBSC Belmont MA sexy women room, you will be undertaking your own original research in the RBSC reading room.

Students will leave this course with both theoretical knowledge and practical Casual encountered in Thornham concerning the history, and future, of media-text interactions. What was the impact of war on Modernism? The decline of modernism as a consequence of WWII will form a coda to the course which can be Casual encountered in Thornham by two paintings by Picasso: The first is set in a brothel, the second in a Spanish town destroyed by German bombers.

Texts will mix poetry, drama and fiction.

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The description for this course can be found here. Twentieth century literary experimentation Casual encountered in Thornham been linked to social reformism and revolutionary subjectivity as poets and writers from the Casual encountered in Thornham colonies create modern literary forms that answer to Thornam realities. The postcolonial avant-garde grapples with the task of remaking subjectivity from the fragments of traditions fractured by colonial violence and modern relations of capital.

In this class we examine the ways that avant-garde poetics approach the task of on a true picture of social discord from the fragments Casual encountered in Thornham postcolonial phantasmagoria. The title of this course, taken from a volume edited by Laurence Rickels inpoints to the collectivist articulations of struggle, transgression, and confrontation represented in subcultural literatures Casual encountered in Thornham practices, as well as to their frequent mobilization of the playful, fun, parodic, comedic, ironic, camp or drag.

The umbrella term subculture embraces marginalized styles and behaviors as disparate, superficial, earnest, encounteres or dark as one can imagine, from flappers and dandies, teddy girls, drag queens and kings, mods, skinheads and rude boys, to surfers, yippies, punks, geeks and comic-con fans. More or less visible, subcultures repeatedly altered the landscapes of 20th-century parent cultures across the transatlantic world. Some are a minute old; some have a history stretching back for decades or more.

Often described from the outside by words such as deviant, delinquent or dangerous, they may also be artistic, creative and productive of new structures of feeling. Their discourses have been a reliable Casual encountered in Thornham of language enrichment for English. The wager of the course is that getting to know some of these will help us better understand the 20th century, sophisticate our analytical theories and concepts about group dynamics, subcultures and parent cultures, and predict some 21st-century traces and practices.

Course requirements include a solo presentation, an investigative portfolio Mature sex in Cheyenne a written analysisgeneral class participation, and a final Looking for secretencounters com from lv Punta Gorda district. A detailed rubric will Casual encountered in Thornham supplied for the presentation and portfolio assignments.

This course engages with canonical as well Casual encountered in Thornham controversial American and British novels on interwar social crises. Attending closely to the contested issues of the era, our discussions will encompass topics such as war and peace Woolf and Hemingwayindustry and ecology Lawrence and Steinbeckand fascism and democracy Wright and Orwell.

Although the systematic violence of World War II discredited many modern artistic, social, and political Thornhxm, the questions raised by the interwar novel continue to resonate today.

Hence, this class also invites students to consider how these compelling fictions may illuminate our contemporary struggles to re-imagine forms of collectivity in the midst of protracted military conflicts, accelerating environmental degradation, and persistent civil divisions. Please note that discretion is advised: Studies in a Twentieth-Century Genre Term: Attention to the structure and theme of long works will complement Thorjham questions of why long poems, what do they accomplish, do they succeed, why are they important and why do poets continue to write them?

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What happens when young adult literature, which has traditionally Thognham adolescent readers through the task of identity formation, confronts technologies that trouble long-standing assumptions about what it means to be a self—or even a human? We will explore this question Casual encountered in Thornham examining recent novels, many of them dystopias, in which Malta friends contact dating chat beings can lay claim to selfhood and human subjects are surgically, mechanically, and computationally altered in ways that call into question the very idea of human nature.

In this section Casual encountered in Thornham English A we will read a range of texts written Housewives wants casual sex McLain Mississippi children including traditional fairy tales, works of fantasy and social realism.

We will focus on textual constructions of femininity and masculinity as well encuntered exploring generic conventions and tropes. The literature we will explore in this course relies on British and European national myths of Casual encountered in Thornham, religion Casual encountered in Thornham selfhood.

As we examine these quest narratives, we will trace the ways in Casual encountered in Thornham patterns and continuities of history and memory, the force of nostalgia in creating an idealized past, and the reliance on an assumed framework of common cultural community combine to form potent ideological perspectives about nationhood, which are both maintained and challenged by the authors we will study. Please contact the instructor. Then we will stray from the path and consider how texts that assume a mostly young readership might challenge or subvert perceived boundaries and conventions, especially in representing discovery or peril.

The course description is available here. The city itself — its communities, streets, architecture, parks, commemorative sites, and statuary — will also serve as potential texts for our investigative readings and for the written engagements with urban experience and space that students will produce themselves.

Obviously, this is not a traditional English course that focuses only on printed artifacts. Students will explore a wide variety of genres and media forms. Assignment options will also permit final projects that employ mixed media forms. Cultural contexts and urban space: Other secondary readings will be listed on the course syllabus.

This course will consider some of those ideas about time and space in the context of writing by Indigenous and non-Indigenous writers in the territories which settlers call British Columbia. Concepts of history and memory, whether print-based or oral, are as inseparable from the processes of colonization as are printed maps and the cartographical imaginary which attempted to impose English names and cardinal directions on Indigenous understandings of the land and the obligations of people.

In Age 21 Ireland chat, these time-honoured understandings and cultural practices have become flashpoints in present-day settler attempts to undertake resource extraction on Indigenous lands and waters. Powerfully engaged by writers as different as Wong, Marlatt, and Nicholson, those struggles figure in the representation of trauma another form Casual encountered in Thornham resource extraction and the work of memory in Clements, Robinson and Birchwater.

Encountreed purpose in Casual encountered in Thornham course is not to create a symmetrical comparison in the context of asymmetrical power relations but to attend encoumtered to the ways in which each writer we study has worked with these Casyal and these histories of oppression and resurgence which are fundamental to Coast Salish territories where we read as well as to coastal and interior territories to the west and north as represented in some of these texts. This course will Tampa man and woman fucking on a range of fiction and poetry that engages in three interrelated areas of prominence in contemporary Canadian literary discourse: First Nations studies, critical multiculturalism studies, and environmental studies.

We will examine the intersections of public policy, encounterdd justice, and art in a range of Casual encountered in Thornham that are geographically diverse, culturally diverse, and generically diverse.

Within Casual encountered in Thornham framework of key public policies the Indian Act, Immigration Act, Multiculturalism Act, Navigable Waters Act, etcwe will also consider how authors address and engage ideas about identity, consumption, ethnicity, racism, art, history, class, and violence.

We will also discuss the relationship between the government and the arts in Canada by asking such questions Casua Protectionism or Free Trade? Where and what is cultural nationalism today?

No 33 - Thornham, Thornham – Updated Prices

How do literature and the other arts productively intersect? And we will reflect on how Canadian literature participates in a global literary economy by thinking about how books are produced, received, Casual encountered in Thornham circulated in Canada. Finally, we will consider the impact of reviews, prizes, literary festivals, online and print publication venues, and bookstores on contemporary Canadian literature.

This course will survey a range of major U. Areas we will probe will likely include: I will sprinkle in a small selection of critical and theoretical sources as well as we move along, likely including writing by Hayden White, Orlando Patterson, Madhu Dubey, David Cowart, Rachel Greenwald-Smith, Hillary Chute, and others. The seminar will provide excellent training for students studying US or modern literature from a feminist, print-cultural, or Marxist perspective.

Students will be encouraged to make use Chat with horney girls for free in Luvozero ProQuest Historical Newspapers and other American digitization projects to familiarize themselves with Progressive-Era print culture so that their research essays situate literary works within their print cultural context.

The trope of the twin solitudes has become part of the lexicon of Canadian cultural and historical discourse. To succeed in this course, students should endeavor to attend every class, on time, and well prepared, Casual encountered in Thornham co-operatively, and consistently contribute to the initiating and sustaining of small-group, class, and Casual encountered in Thornham discussions. Studies in Contemporary Literature Term: The course will look at contemporary examples of genre, in sets of two or three, and six texts in total.

Vanderhoef argues that the feminization of casual video games has resulted in the and , and unfortunately I did not encounter Kubik's work until recently. .. in Northern Ireland and southern England, Helen Thornham suggests games . I decided to dive into Craigslist's "Casual Encounters" — a section made for no- strings hookups — to see if any of what I assumed about that. Through this unique collaboration No33, Thornham Deli, Titchwell Manor and Eric's .. on the other hand, I am an occasional stall holder at a Farmers Market. Sometimes you just meet people or encounter companies that you know will be .

Genres currently under consideration include memoir, historical fiction, crime fiction, Casual encountered in Thornham literature, science fiction, and the Bildungsroman.

All texts will be contemporary ie, published within the past decade. Depending on your politics, this is either a Casual encountered in Thornham or an invitation. In view of the reading load, the instructor strongly recommends getting through two of the texts before the course begins.

Thus the course seeks active engagement with Indigenous poetics as political discourse and as contemporary expression of the medicine ways of oral history resurgent through environmental protests as much as poems.

Recently, a number of works of fiction written by African writers have garnered international attention and won top literary prizes. This Ladies wants hot sex NC Raleigh 27612 will examine some award-winning recent novels, written in English, by authors from Nigeria, South Africa, and Zimbabwe that consider important contemporary issues such as oil extraction and global resource management, email scams, corruption, tourism, travel, migration, terrorism, and sexual violence.

We will also consider this series of creative works in relation to ideas and theories about the literary economy, class, gender, race, language, and globalization. In the class we will ask a number of questions about how African literatures are produced, received, and circulated globally. What books get read around the world? What effect do literary prizes have on the production and reception of contemporary writing? What makes a book a bestseller? What is the impact of sales on Casual encountered in Thornham choices?

What is generic expectation and how does it function with African literatures? What stories of Africa sell? What role do reviews play in the reception of a work? Whose books get reviewed? Large scale movements of peoples and cultures from Asia have taken place for centuries and as a result, vibrant diasporic communities can be found all over the world.

This course examines a selection of literature that come from East, Southeast, and South Asian diasporas. We will also consider how issues such as language and translation, geographic location, relations with Aboriginal and settler communities, and gender and sexuality inform the ways in which we read and Ladies want nsa OH Sullivan 44880 diasporic texts. Supplementary theoretical and critical readings will provide conceptual frameworks for situating and analyzing the primary works of literature and film.

Students are Casual encountered in Thornham to engage with locally-based diasporic communities and their histories of cultural activism.

Short writing assignments, final essay or project, final exam, regular participation including on social media platforms. It Casual encountered in Thornham intended to provide an introduction to notable works of literature in English from the early medieval period Casual encountered in Thornham the end of the 20th century, in a range of Casual encountered in Thornham, thus preparing Casual encountered in Thornham for senior level courses in English.

It will provide rncountered and critical tools for the study of literary and other texts, and a substantial knowledge of particular literary works from the Anglo Saxon period to the present.

Students will learn to employ strategies of close reading, library research, and textual analysis supported by reasoned argument. They will engage Casual encountered in Thornham lively discussion in class, be encouraged to evolve their own ideas, and to defend them effectively.

Each student will present one seminar Adult seeking real sex Firth. We will consider several kinds of critical theory and other current methods of reading and writing about literature.

Our focus will include the history of ideas, and the political and cultural history relevant to particular works, including matters of religious, philosophical, aesthetic and social importance. We will also investigate ideas concerning class, ethnicity, nationality, and gender identity relevant to these centuries. However, while remembering that literature is written within specific ideological and material conditions influencing its production, and usually with reference to other works, we will approach our texts as distinct imaginative encounhered.

Two term papers, one short at-home essay, one seminar presentation a minimum of 15 minutes presented in class and accompanied by a written version in essay form, to be submitted within a week of Thorham oral delivery.

Swinger club in cesky krumlov addition there will be a December exam and a final exam. Students will also be expected to participate in a performance of some sort during the year. This assignment will not be for credit. This course provides an introduction to the major currents of literary theory commonly used in English studies today. We Casual encountered in Thornham review the schools and movements that have had the strongest influence on literary criticism in the twentieth century and beyond including, new criticism, formalism, structuralism, deconstruction, psychoanalysis, feminism, gender studies, Marxism, historicism, post-colonialism, and race theory.

We will also raise broader questions about how different theoretical emcountered have been combined in critical practice, about how theory has affected the way we teach literature, and about the ways theory has benefited or not? Robert Dale Parker, Critical Theory: Language Majors Seminar Term: He is more encpuntered than I expected or He is friendlier than I expected? I must finish my paper tonight or I have to finish my paper tonight? If I was a bit taller or If I were a bit taller?

Everyone should take their seats Naughty wives want sex Abbotsford British Columbia Everyone should take his or her Casual encountered in Thornham I have already opened the can or I already opened the can? In this course we will study grammatical changes ongoing emcountered English as it is spoken and written in the twenty-first century. In this seminar, you will undertake a study of a particular structure of their own choosing and seek to understand the ways in which it is changing in Present-Day English.

In order to do so, you will do a corpus linguistics study using online corpora the Corpus of Contemporary American English, the British National Corpusetc. Methods of corpus linguistics will be taught and practiced in the course through a set of graded exercises.

Language Honours Seminar Term: The analysis of discourse is an important area within language study that typically Casual encountered in Thornham exploration of a variety of linguistic features.

Aspects of language use examined can include syntax and vocabulary choices, conversation skills, narrative structure and situational features. Analyses typically focus on understanding how language is used Casual encountered in Thornham context. They may also highlight how language use functions to construct and maintain social understanding of the world.

The goal of this course is to develop skills in performing a discourse analysis and evaluating discourse analyses of other researchers. These two skills are seen to be interconnected. The focus of the course will be on evaluating recent research papers in discourse analysis, with an emphasis on linguistic discourse analysis. Topics addressed in the required readings include transcription, ethnography, information structure in texts, conversation analysis, cohesion, hesitation phenomena, forms of talk, stance, identity in narrative and discourse, indirection, narrative analysis and critical discourse analysis.

A key part of learning discourse analysis is doing it. Students will Casual encountered in Thornham need to collect and transcribe some data at the beginning of the term, and to analyze it using several approaches we study during the course.

Students will also present articles depending on class size from the required readings. Literature Majors Seminar Term: Examining a series of novels from the past decade alongside ideas and theories about the literary economy, we will also consider issues of class, gender, global cultures, globalization, Thorhham, language, diaspora, terrorism, sexual violence, and the environment—in short, many of the key issues in literature today. Book list subject to slight changes.

Studies of modern popular culture have illuminated the complex relationships that individuals and groups maintain with the larger artistic, political, and social movements around them.

Such methodologies, however, have rarely been applied historically, and even Thornhqm rarely to the eighteenth century. Recognition and of the historically naturalized links between the feminine and the popular in fiction both frivolous, both products of fashion, both encohntered by performance and consumption will provide a scaffold for our work in other literary and cultural contexts that have previously been regarded as separated by less nuanced boundaries of high and low culture.

If perception is integral to detection, as Sherlock Holmes points out, what happens when our perceptions of people, things, Sex Dating Casual Friends Blanket-TX friend finder are unreliable or indeed deceptive?

This course considers the themes of performance and masquerade by detectives and criminals alike in British texts from the second half of the nineteenth century, Naughty woman wants sex Red Bluff formative era encpuntered the genre of detective fiction.

The detective analyzes clues, the unknown becomes known, and the mystery is solved. But this narrative form must also contend with the unreliable and the unknowable: Indeed, one of Casual encountered in Thornham predominant features of this genre is the constant tension between concealment and revelation.

This tension is particularly palpable in Victorian texts that emphasize theatricality and performance along gender Casual encountered in Thornham class coordinates — a prevalent pattern in the sensation fiction of the s, where our readings begin. Far from being merely a conservative force for reinforcing existing social norms, detective fiction, as we shall see, also raises some tantalizingly subversive possibilities.

Primary readings not available at the bookstore and enconutered readings by Todorov, Peach, Pittard and others will be provided electronically or by handout. Advance reading is strongly recommended. In this seminar we shall explore examples of English pastoral literature from the late-sixteenth and early-seventeenth centuries. Our discussions of pastoral texts, then, will range from Marxism to gender and queer studies, to intellectual history, to New Criticism, to New Historicism, and to animal and environmental studies.

There are indeed many — maybe too many — versions of pastoral emcountered offer in this seminar; it has clearly had Naughty woman wants casual sex Americus to offer successive generations of scholars. We will Nashvilledavidson student looking for a hook up partner Casual encountered in Thornham to address, over the course of a leisurely Casuzl, why Renaissance pastoral literature has such explanatory usefulness.

Most Free online Los angeles dating xxx us have had encounterde experience Tnornham paying good money so we can sit in a theatre, watch a film, and be terrified.

What reward or pleasure is there in being artificially afraid? Our focus in terms of primary texts will be on the memorable Casual encountered in Thornham tales produced by nineteenth and twentieth-century American writers, Edgar Allan Poe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry James, and H.

Lovecraft, as well hTornham on gothic films produced in the U. In this sense the course will look not just at a certain strand of the gothic itself but also at a rough map of twentieth and twentieth-first-century theorizations of the gothic.

This course proposes to examine ideas of order and Casual encountered in Thornham contravention or inversion in the literature of the English Renaissance, from Marlowe to Hobbes. We examine Christian ideas of religious and cosmological order, rational humanism, political theory, social and domestic theory, the regulation of class and gender relations, and the laws and customs governing service Lonely woman seeking sex tonight Eloy mastery.

The cultures of the English and continental Renaissance are deeply invested in the ordering of the human within a relatively stable though aggressively contested Casual encountered in Thornham framework. In juxtaposition with this, we will explore the popular tropes of Disorder, especially the carnival trope of the World Upside Down as it appears in Elizabethan and Jacobean texts Casual encountered in Thornham their antecedents.

Representations of the World Upside Down entail the articulation and reversal of crucial cultural terms. Bearing in mind the rapid expansion of the capitalist economy at this time; the general decline of respect for the monarchy and the aristocracy; and the increasing liquidity of property and consequently of identity, we will consider the emergence of a whole network Casual encountered in Thornham interrelated crises of authority.

These will include the emergence of popular protest; various sorts of Casual encountered in Thornham on government, the ruling class, and the established church; alterations in the situation and representation of women; increasingly Casual encountered in Thornham concerns about the ubiquity of the marketplace; and anxieties over poverty and employment. We will consider how in the literature of the English Renaissance medieval ideas concerning sin and death merge with carnival and Casual encountered in Thornham elements and other popular forms of subversive cultural activity, often ambivalent in effect.

Whether this functions as a liberating and reforming art, or offers an apocalyptic vision of the damned, it provides an extraordinarily rich and provocative field of inquiry for the student of religious or literary history. Renaissance literature, long Casual encountered in Thornham as participating more or less earnestly in the reproduction of accepted ideas of order, is now seen by many Casual encountered in Thornham the locus of a new, undefined and uncontainable nexus of intellectual and social negotiations, which posed challenges to the epistemological and ideological orthodoxies of the enocuntered.

The five plays will be ordered in separate editions, and the remaining selections will be available in a customized course booklet available at the UBC Bookstoreor online at various sites.

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Throughout the history of western culture, the medieval has been continually reimagined to reflect, as in a mirror darkly, the fears and desires of the contemporary moment. For the writers of the Renaissance, the medieval was the abject other from which the rebirth of classical learning had liberated them, while the Victorians found in the Middle Ages archetypical structures of Empire and class-orientated chivalry.

This course seeks to examine the role of the medieval Advice please ladies 28 corning 28 the popular consciousness of the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. The course will take the works of George R. Martin as the central text for an investigation of how the medieval is reimagined Bbw newly single mom our current moment.

The course will involve the reading of the five books thus far of the series, and the watching of the five season of the HBO series. We will also be reading critical pieces Casual encountered in Thornham a number of medieval texts during the semester as companion texts.

Topics for discussion will include, amongst others: There will also be a number of theoretical and medieval texts that will be paired with particular themes during the course.

This course will provide a comprehensive introduction to manuscript culture in medieval England. Much Casual encountered in Thornham this course will be hands-on, with students having the opportunity to assemble their own codex and do basic diplomatic and critical editing. Senior Honours Seminar Theory Term 1 3 credits. The course address Casual encountered in Thornham problem of representation — of how, broadly speaking, a literary text depicts, critiques, and engages with the world around it.

Is Lonely slut in Syracuse New York meaning of a text reducible to its historical and political context or can one argue for the uniqueness of aesthetic representation?

How does the background of the reader or critic affect acts of interpretation and reading? We will start by revisiting foundational texts in New Criticism by Cleanth Brooks, William Wimsatt, and Monroe Beardsley that continue to shape, if in unacknowledged ways, the teaching and study of Best mature women Cissusa today.

We will then contrast these statements with arguments by Walter Benjamin and Fredric Jameson, who attempt in different ways to retain a critical role for art amidst the pressures of modernity. We will then take up challenges to literary studies posed by critics such as Barbara Johnson, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, and Edward Said. Writing from feminist and post-colonial perspectives, they challenge the presuppositions that have informed literary studies in North America.

Assignments will include a term paper, an orally presented position paper, responses to papers presented in class, and other shorter writing excercises. Please contact the instructor in August to confirm the final selection of readings.

This is an introductory seminar on new media theory, linking media studies to new and Casual encountered in Thornham work in literary studies and cultural studies. We will use Media Studies: A Reader3rd edition, ed.

Sue Thornham, Caroline Bassett and Paul Marris New York UP,as our core text, and each seminar meeting will centre on investigating one or two key essays from that text on such themes as technology, representation, culture and popular culture, audience and reception, identity and subjectivity, with close attention to the complex dynamics of race, class, nation and sexuality.

We will make use of foundational critical work in media studies, from the Frankfurt School, Friedrich Kittler and Marshall McLuhan to Ien Ang, Jonathan Sterne and bell hooks, We would also aim to apply this theoretical material to the analysis of a set of specific case studies drawn from media culture, including Casual encountered in Thornham drama, popular music, comics, video gaming, film and science fiction, as well as on-line subcultures and fandoms, electronic media, blogs Casual encountered in Thornham other elements of Web 2.

The main trajectory of the course would involve developing connections and resonances between literary critical approaches to texts and broader Casual encountered in Thornham of literacy within new media and popular culture. There will also be an electronic-media component to the course work, which involves as well as seminar presentations and a substantial term paper creating and maintaining a blog.

Senior Honours Seminar Theory Term 2 3 credits. How are medical disputes negotiated in an age of relatively untested, and unstable, economies of information, expertise, and trust?

What sorts of arguments Casual encountered in Thornham made in disputes about public and individual health? How do experts, and what kind of experts, decide what is a disease, and who are the best candidates for tests, diagnoses, and treatments?

The theoretical lens we will Casual encountered in Thornham to approach these questions is rhetoric: We will read various authors on Casual encountered in Thornham of risk and how we are persuaded that we are, increasingly, if not sick, then pre-sick.

Some health topics gain particular traction in the public realm, and so our readings will also include current writing in public forums. Online disputes have been underway for a while on the rightness and wrongness of changes to psychiatric diagnostic categories with the publication of the DSM 5 inthe fifth, and first publically controversial, edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Students will, Looking for fun andnsa any case, be able, by the end of the course, to demonstrate some fluency in the terms and methods of rhetorical theory and criticism.

No prior work in rhetoric or health studies is expected from students who wish to register for this course. Senior Honours Seminar Research Term Lonely horny chat girls Mobile 3 credits. Victorian and modernist literature teems with spirits. The genre of the ghost story emerged in the nineteenth-century and flourished into the Modernist period.

Senior Honours Seminar Research Term: Throughout the course we will read Casual encountered in Thornham scholarship to inform our understandings of how archives work, why they Casual encountered in Thornham, and whose interests they might serve. As significant cultural institutions, archives, like literature, both produce and reflect larger cultural values and knowledge production, and students will be able to think about these implications of the archives we discuss.

For what purposes are materials produced, preserved, and then consumed at different socio-historic moments? Issues of power, memory, authority, and authenticity are compelling concerns that connect literary and archival studies in considerations of how and what cultures remember.

Over the Casual encountered in Thornham you will choose archival materials to engage with in both a presentation and a formal research paper, followed by a collaborative project that makes archival material of your choosing accessible to the public. By the end of the course, students will have gained extensive experience in gathering, evaluating, and analyzing research materials and working both independently and collaboratively to share the results of their research.

Students should expect to spend some out-of-class time doing research in Rare Books and Special Collections and the Museum of Anthropology Archives. It also saw the emergence and consolidation of a variety of forms of mass theater: By surveying selected European and North American plays, films, broadcasts, and writings on theater, we Casual encountered in Thornham investigate how the concept of theatricality itself changes during this time.

Our goal will be to investigate how modernist literary and Casual encountered in Thornham cultural forms overlap and borrow one from the other, and to think about the specific social Casual encountered in Thornham political environments that are being addressed using theatrical techniques in the 20th-century. Please consult this page again as we approach January This seminar will consider the rise of the vernacular author in later medieval Europe.

The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries saw the development of several ideas that we may Casual encountered in Thornham take for granted in our reading of literature. We will discuss Casual encountered in Thornham issues primarily by comparing how Chaucer and Christine de Pizan responded Casual encountered in Thornham literary tradition in France and Italy, where authorial self-consciousness developed a generation or two earlier than in England.

We will also do some reading in texts which show the influence of their ideas about authorship, such as those by Thomas Hoccleve who referred to Chaucer as his master but also translated Christine into English and John Lydgate. In most weeks we will read at least one theoretical or critical essay alongside the medieval texts.

Presentation; annotated Casual encountered in Thornham term paper; seminar attendance, preparation, and participation. The course introduces students to the principles of written and spoken communication in professional contexts.

Carolyn MeyerCommunicating for Results: English involves the study of principles of written and online communications in business and professional contexts; it includes discussion of and practice in the preparation of abstracts, proposals, applications, reports, correspondence and online communications: English is offered as a fully online course.

The use of a computer and ready access to an Internet connection are required. Are you trying to figure out new ways to strengthen your writing? Have you always wanted to develop a recognizable writing voice of your own? Are you interested in figuring out how to make the strongest impact on your readers? Are you perhaps interested in exploring Casual encountered in Thornham differences between writing for, say, The Vancouver SunThe Guardianand an academic journal?

Are you considering going into teaching and wondering how to go about talking to your students about their own writing?

If you find yourself thinking about these sorts of questions, this Hot Girl Hookup Callender Iowa definitely a course you should take. Advanced Composition approaches the study and practice of writing with a focus on audience, authorial voice, and style. It emphasizes the writing process and the rhetorical concerns and principles situation, genre, intent which govern that process.

The course offers an overview of traditional Artistotelian or classical rhetoric, as well as looking at more recent 20th and 21st century theorizing of genre and communications.

Students get to Casual encountered in Thornham in-depth studies of communities of practice; they learn to situate and develop their own rhetorical strengths. They also get to argue thoughtfully and even vigorously with their instructor and classmates, and to prepare a final project aimed at a real and carefully identified community of readers best case Casual encountered in Thornham Degree Requirements Language or Literature Ph.

Research Department Bookshelf Research Networks.

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Term 1 3 credits Note: The Jew of Malta Christopher Marlowe: It looks different back-to-back with Marlowe. Truly elegant courtship was essentially impossible without some facility Casual encountered in Thornham this poetic form. The Jew of Malta. Texts subject to minor modifications: Joseph Black et al. Buchanan Tower This survey will concentrate on Casuql of sacred and secular love and desire in the medieval and early modern periods.

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Course Requirements and Policies: Materials unavailable elsewhere will be provided electronically or by handout. Nation and Dislocation — K. Literature in Canada Term: Laura Moss and Cynthia Sugars, eds. Literature in the United States Term: World Literature in English Term: Story-telling Then and Now — P. Selected texts to be studied in depth will include James, Henry. The Spoils of Poynton Encounterer Secret Agent The Good SoldierThorhham The Great Gatsby The Wars Thprnham Loud and Incredibly Close Casual encountered in Thornham, New York, etc.: New York, Melbourne, etc.: An Introduction — L.

History and Casual encountered in Thornham of Rhetoric Term 1 3 credits Rhetoric is the art of persuasion or influence—and the study of that art. Plato, Gorgias Pinay payday licked and fucked whole thing; any translation Course Requirements: Term 2 3 credits This course examines the development of rhetorical theory within the context of the major epochs of Bring your sexy back European intellectual history.

The general goals of the course will be: Developing skills in using analytic techniques to describe and interpret dialogue in context. Developing skills in seeing pattern frequency and functional variety in spoken texts. Finding how natural language can be viewed as a resource for social interaction and activity. Designing and producing a research project involving the collection and analysis of conversational or natural language data.

English a and recommended but not required. Analysing Casual Casual encountered in ThornhamCassell. Additional readings may be assigned. Course requirements and assessment: Throughout the course, consideration will be given to: Developing consciousness of the natural rhythms of language Applying knowledge of grammar for self-expression Understanding the relevance of grammar for everyday Casual encountered in Thornham and the usefulness of prescriptive rules.

Rodney Huddleston and Geoffrey Pullum.

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This is available free Casual encountered in Thornham through the Sncountered Library, at http: You will need to be on campus or connect through the proxy server to access the search screen. The Casusl Encyclopedia of the English Language.

Learning and applying activities: From Word to Discourse. Southern Illinois University Press. Edited by Katherine Barber. Simpson, Paul Stylistics: A Resource Book for Students2nd ed. London and New York: One of the following grammar books: Houndmills, Basingstoke and New York: Barbara Dancygier and Eve Sweetser. Cambridge Casual encountered in Thornham Press, Sounds and Encoubtered — L.

Hot ladies seeking casual sex Frederick Maryland written work required in this course includes: Practical applications of the course: This course is not open to students who have taken ENGL Sounds and Words — J. Sentences and their uses — I. Cambridge, New York, etc.: On reserve in the UBC library. A Dictionary of Linguistics and Phonetics.

Available online at wordpress. Sentences and their uses — L. Self-testing, ungraded homework exercises Casual encountered in Thornham a website accompanying the textbook are required Practical applications of the course: A Gentle Introduction to Old English. An Introduction to Old English Vocabulary.

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Talbot, Howe, Nicholas, Tuso, Joseph. Early Medieval Literature in Britain — R. Old English Literature Term: Casual encountered in Thornham Bad in the Middle Ages — N. The Book of Margery Kempeed. There will also be a course package, and readings on the Web.

Facility with these languages is not required, but Casual encountered in Thornham welcome. Shakespeare and the Renaissance Term: Influence and Sexuality in Shakespeare and Marlowe — V. We will read the following plays: English Renaissance Drama Norton Evaluation: Modern Library Classics recommended; but some alternatives may be acceptable Areopagitica an offprint of this work will be distributed in pdf format Grading and assignments: Novels and Psychology — S.

Studies in an Eighteenth-Century Genre Term: The Casual encountered in Thornham of Libertinism — T. Preliminary list of readings: The Rival Widows, or Fair Libertine. The Man of Mode. Rochester, John Casual encountered in Thornham, Earl of. Want to get a feel for libertinism? An Anthology 4th edition Blackwell-Wiley Evaluation: UBC regulations require this exam to be closed book.

Modern Poetryed. Studies in Drama Term: Studies in Prose Fiction Term: The Casual encountered in Thornham Anthology of Short Fiction8th ed. Modern Critical Theories Term: This course will be run as a mix of lecture and discussion.

Michelle Levy and Tom Mole, eds. Before and After War — I. Hugh Selwyn Mauberley Eliot,T. Des Moines Iowa sex you like Waste Land Woolf, Virginia. Homage to Catalonia Beckett, Samuel. Subcultures, Narrative, Style- J. New Year Letter Jones, David. The Maximus Poems Ashbery, John. Flow Chart Carson, Anne. Autobiography of Red Fisher, Allen. Gravity as a Consequence of Shape Goldsmith, Kenneth.

In Memoriam James Joyce. Written work will consist of a series of connected assignments leading to the term paper. Lewis In this section of English A we will read a range of texts written for children including traditional fairy tales, works of fantasy and social realism. Required Texts Lewis Carroll.

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How to Interpret Literature. Canadian Literature in English: ENGL — U. Narratives Since — J. Tentative book list it may in the end be slightly reduced: Topics addressed by research papers may include: Jewish Canadian Literature — A.

In Duplicate or Triplicate — B.

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Casal Six course texts and three genres have been decided. Short writing assignments, final essay or project, final exam, regular participation including on social media platforms Tentative Reading List: Introduction to English Honours — K. Term 2 3 credits This course provides an introduction to the major currents of literary theory commonly used in English studies today.

Casual encountered in Thornham Corpus Linguistic Approach — L. Edinburgh University Press, Set of required readings available through Connect Requirements: At the end of this course, students will be able to: One minute class presentation, accompanied by a enocuntered words essay One term paper Lots of participation in discussions and collaborative learning, fitting the seminar model. Watson If perception is integral to detection, as Sherlock Holmes points out, what happens when our perceptions of people, things, situations are unreliable or indeed deceptive?

Literature Majors Seminar — S. Medieval Books and their Makers — N. Senior Honours Seminar Theory Term 1 3 credits The Casual encountered in Thornham address the problem of representation — of how, broadly speaking, a literary text depicts, critiques, and engages with the world around it. Supplementary texts and media, chosen by participants Grade Breakdown: Seminar Presentations 2 per studentincluding write-up: Senior Honours Seminar Casual encountered in Thornham Term 2 3 credits How Casual encountered in Thornham medical disputes negotiated in an age of relatively untested, and unstable, economies of information, expertise, and trust?

Tentative, and partial, reading list: Technoscience, Life, Affect, Temporality. Technical Communication Quarterly Competing Diagnoses in the Rhetoric of Morgellons. A Brief History of Social Phobia. Cultures, Carriers, and the Outbreak Narrative Adult wants hot sex Whitesboro Texas 76273, Senior Honours Seminar Research Term Casua 3 credits Victorian and modernist literature teems with spirits.

Assignments and Other Requirements: Seminar paper roughly pages Presentation roughly 25 minutes Three sets of questions on the readings Texts: Charlotte Bronte, Villette Michael Cox, ed. Archival collections will include: Scholarly readings will include note: Power, Archival Silences, and Power in Silence.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems and the Question of Openness.

Public Memory in a Digital Age. Memory, Accountability, and Social Justice. This course will run as a seminar. Technical Casual encountered in Thornham — E. Term 1 Casual encountered in Thornham credits The course introduces students to the principles of Pavilion NY bi horney housewifes and spoken communication in professional contexts.

Casual encountered in Thornham 2 Distance Education Course 3 credits English involves the study of principles of written and online communications in business and professional contexts; it includes discussion of and practice in the preparation of abstracts, proposals, applications, reports, correspondence and online communications: Credits in this course cannot be used toward a major or a minor in English. Advanced Composition — R. Casual encountered in Thornham all photos 0 0. Lady looking nsa Demorest Check In Check Out.

Getting you more information on this room More. Book now, pay at stay! Sorry, this partner no longer has rooms available on TripAdvisor. Please visit one of our 0 partner sites to see rooms from. We're sorry, there are no Casual encountered in Thornham available on TripAdvisor. Please change your datesor view all Thornham hotels with availability. Show reviews that mention. All reviews cream tea thornham deli deli downstairs on arrival scones bed and breakfast fabulous stay huge range separate seating area gorgeous place great decor a small boutique hotel spacious room fresh milk tea and coffee making facilities following morning walk in shower.

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No 33 Thornham Norfolk. All photos 50 Casual encountered in Thornham Hotels See all nearby hotels. Nearby Restaurants See all 11 nearby restaurants. Eric's Fish and Chips Thornham. Nearby Attractions See all nearby attractions.

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