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And any person who wants to send hate messages can send them to multiple groups at one time-a technique known as "cross Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w. Unlike the people vor venture out in the night to spray swastikas on tombstones or synagogues, Internet bigots can spew their hatred without Atgractive running the risk of being identified. They can also work far outside the neighborhoods in which they live. Newsgroup hate messages are more like anonymous phone calls or letters that can be sent simultaneously to hundreds or thousands of people.

To be consistent with past practice, the ADL Audit counts such simultaneous hate messages as one incident. Anonymity, a key part of Internet culture, also plays Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w role in encouraging on-line hate. There is no requirement that a person lopking identify him or herself. Unless the individual chooses to reveal it, no one need know the user's real name, sex, age or anything Attractivve about him or her.

E-mail addresses are frequently "handles"-nicknames-such as "Agent13" "Aryan" or "Titan White. Also, many mail programs make it possible for lookingg to create false E-mail addresses, a behavior common enough to have a name: E-mail is essentially a private, person-to-person technology but it, too, can be adapted to the task of spreading anti-Semitic propaganda.

Mass mailings are simple-and require no postage. It is a merely a matter of compiling a mailing list and sending a message. It is possible to mail hate messages to the Horny people in Scottsdale mailboxes of large numbers of people.

From time to time, enterprising haters have managed to mass-mail hate materials to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people without revealing their identity.

Like other mass Wife wants nsa Lionville-Marchwood of hate material, however, such a massive E-mail transmission could be counted as one incident. The challenge of on-line anti-Semitism is significant. The lies of the haters can be seen by sm people than ever before. Men and women of goodwill must monitor the Internet and respond forcefully to the taunts and distortions of the bigots.

Audit of Anti-Semitic Attraxtive Rothschild is a prize-winning owmen and filmmaker. Most of the photos are of performers who appeared at the Fillmore East. There is even a chart of every performer who played the Fillmore East. It opened in and closed in His sister died during this arduous journey.

His parents died in the concentration camps. He took over the old Fillmore Auditorium and then the Carousel Ballroom re-named the Fillmore West and made them the premier showcase of the psychedelic San Francisco Sound.

Graham, as the book states, was a success because he was both a good businessman and someone who really cared about Lady wants nsa WI Rothschild 54474 audience and the performers.

He wanted a rock show to be treated with the respect of an opera. He lent the auditoriums for benefit concerts for many worthy causes.

Graham, like any businessman, had to turn a profit to stay in business. Rothschild told me that she did not know Mr. The quality of the photos of in this book reflects that access and Ms. Talent runs in Ms. Ladies seeking hot sex Nelson Wisconsin 54756, an on-line exhibition of the senior Ms. Her biography is online, and she and her daughter are represented by the Gomez Gallery in Baltimore.

Rothschild tells me that she is not one of the famous Rothschilds. Rothschild and I had a lively discussion about her hometown. We agreed that talented young woman might well strike out for New York as soon as she could. In addition to taking photographs, Ms. The Joshua Light show was the house light show at the Fillmore. If you want to know how those groovy effects were created in the pre-comput er age, you need to pick up the book. Bill Graham closed the Fillmores in Rock festivals and such had driven up the price of rock performers so high that the economics of Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w small auditoriums did not make sense any more.

Graham remained a top rock impresario, using other venues, until his accidental death in After the Fillmore closed, Ms. Rothschild got a graduate degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and turned more of her attention to film. It depicts the relationship, sometimes difficult, between three generations of women. This genre is familiar today, but Ms. The web site Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w gives a detailed description of her other films and is well worth a look.

Rothschild currently divides her professional work between film and still photographs. Although some other sites erroneously list Jewhoo as a general search engine. Jewhoo is an inter-active celebrity list with a search engine. Well-known Jewish persons in a wide variety of fields are listed on the site, organized by category. If you click on actors, you will see a list of Jewish actors.

All names are alphabetical by first name in the category, and clicking on a name automatically performs an AltaVista search on each Housewives looking real sex Coolidge Texas 76635. Our site search engine is currently limited.

We hope to improve in the not too distant future. But if you are looking for an actor, for example, it is just as easy to click on actors as scroll down. If you are unsure of the category, a search may be quicker. If you get nothing, either the person is not listed on the site or you Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w mis-spelled the name. We do not currently have a category of religious figures, either post-biblical or biblical. A few of the most notable post-biblical religious figures are listed on the site.

We are currently deciding whether to add such a category. We have started to create an extensive links page. It should be up in a two weeks and will be updated and expanded frequently. Serious requests for information will be Married but fucking sick of it. The purpose of Jewhoo is to celebrate the contributions of Jews to civilization.

Whether that is an actor, a Nobel Prize Hot Girl Hookup Southbury Connecticut 6488, an opera singer, a rock and roll star, a painter, or a baseball player. Visitors are welcome to suggest names of persons to be listed, but all names are reviewed before being placed on the site.

Please see our frequently asked questions link for more information about adding names. If you want a link to your site, contact us. We want Jewhoo to be more than lists. We try to bring a sense of humor to the listings. The web is full of those. We want to entertain you as well as enlighten you. Among Jews of Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w previous generation, it would be used to mean a Jew from the same village, city, or region, depending on the context.

In the United States, it is often used to refer to another Jew. Many Jews today may not know the term, but they play the game anyway. It is particularly delicious to find out that someone who is famous, but is not obviously Jewish, is Jewish. Playing LTL is a little less interesting today than it was a generation ago when Jewish actors had to change their names to be acceptable to the general public.

Or that was the perception that mostly Jewish-run film studios had. These name changes provided one of the most amusing and interesting aspects of LTL. In fact, until thirty years ago, one would be hard-pressed to find a major Jewish actor or actress who did not change their name.

Jews, of course, were not the only ones to have to change their names. Italian-American and Hispanic performers often did the same thing. I expect Italian- Americans and Hispanic-Americans sometimes play locate the paisan or locate the compadre. Now the LTL game has an element of nationalistic or group pride. But that is more than okay within limits. These two facts are probably not unrelated. If one is an outsider, as Jews were, they sought niches where they could make Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w.

The Jewish guys who founded Hollywood would not have got a job interview with a major American company. So they went out and founded their own industry. In entertainment, you make it based on box office, not birth. In comedy, it helps to see the world from an outsider perspective to be better able to comment on the funny quirks. I note that several non-Jewish Canadian comedians like John Candy and Mike Myers have become leading American comedians in recent years.

It is kind of the same thing-they grew up with an outsider perspective. They were familiar with American culture, but a little outside it. Perfect training for a comedian. The same thing goes for scientists.

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Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w were less than five percent of the German population. To move up, they had to be better than their non-Jewish colleagues and were conditioned, in a subtle sense, not to accept the conventional wisdom in their field.

Combined these factors make for great scientists. Just last year yet another Jewish refugee scientist from Austria now 82 years old won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. I sometimes think there is a grim race going on: LTL with these scientists has a haunting a nd poignant resonance: Now when it comes to Sports and the Military, somewhat different emotions come into play.

Jews, Horny Joliet girls cultural reasons, were not encouraged to into Sports until comparatively recently. It was viewed as a distraction from studies and making a living. And there was some discrimination against Jewish athletes. This explains why David Cone, star pitcher for the Yankees, was inundated with inquiries Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w to his faith when he broke into the Major Leagues.

No, he politely replied, he was not Jewish. For most of the last two thousand years, Jews were prevented, with some exceptions, from serving in European armies and had insufficient numbers or resources to counter official or unofficial violent attacks. Consequently, until the creation of the State of Israel, violence and the military were viewed as something non-Jewish. So when a Jew achieved a high military rank, or won a major decoration, it was a refutation of the image of the passive Jew who will take anything.

The Jewish military prowess in the creation of the State of Israel did not come out of a vacuum: For all these reasons, Jews like to hear about Jews who lead armies or win the Medal of Honor. During their heyday, these guys were viewed as a shame on the community.

But behind the shame was a certain pride that some Jews would punch back and use a gun. So these guys are largely forgotten, as is their Jewishness. Similarly, most people never find out that among the soldiers killed defending the Alamo there were a number of Hispanic-Texans as well as one French Jew. Not just John Wayne. So another aspect of LTL game is find out that Jews were an important presence in places one would not expect.

As Wives wants sex Hebo of Jewhoo! One cannot understand Jewish history if one does not understand what motivated so many famous Jews or their parents to convert-Marx, Heine, Felix Mendelsohn, and Disraeli.

The story is largely the same for each of these figures. Ironically, had they not converted, would they be remembered? Disraeli, for example, could not have become Prime Minister. In my heart, I have a softer spot for some converts than others. I am sympathetic to Heine, the great German poet, Beautiful women seeking sex Sharonville converted for career reasons and always regretted it.

I also have a soft spot for Benjamin Disraeli, the great Prime Minister of England in the 19th century. His father converted the family. However, he was always viewed as a Jew, he helped overseas Jews, and he made the greatest prideful response to an anti-Semitic remark ever made.

A moronic Member of Parliament made a speech attacking Disraeli and concluded his remarks with these words to Disraeli: LTL is a game in its own right and a door to understanding the cultures of virtually every European civilization and some non-European civilizations as well.

As Disraeli said, Jews have been around a long time and ended up in virtually very country. If you find a famous Jew from a country and research his background a little, you enter not only into his world, but also into the world around him. How did he get there?

How was he received in this country? What did his success say about his country and culture? And, of course, there is just the fun aspect. Best expressed in the following lines: We want this site to grow and to be as accurate as possible. Please see our frequently asked questions column for more information on what standards we use for inclusion and other information. Baron Rothschild had a memorial placed on her Paris grave. Full first name is Alexandrea.

Ali MacGraw - A reliable correspondent tells us the in Ms. Now mostly on infomercials because her acting ability was, to say the least, modest. Yes, she is most assuredly Jewish. Alla Nazimova - Legendary silent film actress. Star of Russian and American stage. It is likely that her father is not Jewish Amanda Peet - Very attractive young actress Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w is rapidly becoming a star.

Got incredible divorce settlement. She was married to actor Richard Harris not Jewish for a while. Also an entertainment writer. Anne Meara - Well-known as part of the comedy team of Stiller and Meara. Mother of Ben Stiller. An organization of Irish Jews in NY. They serve green matzoh ball soup during their annual St. Annie Sprinkle - Star of adult filMs. One of the few actresses in such films that Jhoo could verify as Jewish.

Anouk Aimee - Beautiful leading lady of s and 60s European cinema. It took a little while, but we confirmed this entry. Barbara Bach - Born Barbara Goldbach. Wife of Ringo Starr. Her father was Jewish, her mother not. Married to actor Martin Landau Jewish for over twenty years, they are now divorced. While in college, she was in the same Jewish national sorority that Ruth Bader Ginsberg and astronaut Judith Resnik, among others, Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w in.

A visitor tells us that Ms. She mentioned being baptized in the same church she married her 3rd husband in. Therefore, our doubt may have been justified. So, many sources over the years have been wrong.

Someone makes a mistake, and it is repeated. We broke this chain. Barbara Harris - Tony-award winning actress. In one report, it is noted that her father is Jewish, her mother is not. This is likely accurate. Jhoo will update when we have more info. Deserves credit for being the first actress to not tone down her NY Jewish persona for popular approval.

She was married for close to thirty years to Broadway and film director Gene Saks who is Jewish. They are now divorced. Extremely talented singer Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w dancer as well as comedic actress. Bette Midler - Actress and singer. One of the few Jewish people born and raised in Hawaii.

She is hosting an interview show carried on a limited number of stations in which she Wife swapping in Ludowici GA Jewish celebrities.

Just published book about her life and weight problem: This is not a cruel joke, this is the title of her book. Stagestruck, she persuaded her father, a San Francisco rabbi, to let Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w go to Hollywood.

Griffith classic her father was a techical advisor. The story is told that her friend, legendary actress Mary Pickford, made an anti-Semitic joke in her presence. When she found out Myers was Jewish, she was so upset she became a major long time benefactor of a Jewish old age home.

Sylvia Sydney, who was also Jewish, played this role in the pilot. Carol Kane - Star of many films and TV shows. Simka means a happy event in Yiddish. Some supporting roles in filMs. She reprised this role in the series. Many character parts since, including a number of voice-only roles. Now divorced, we do not Horny girls Sweetwater if she still considers herself Jewish.

Converted when she was married to Aaron Spelling. Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w whether she considered herself Jewish after the marriage ended in divorce.

Father, Eddie Fisher is Jewish. Married to Paul Simon for about one month. Joely Fisher is Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w half-sister. Catherine Zeta Jones - Up for informational purposes. There was a report that this Welsh Catholic actress, who just married Michael Douglas, was thinking of converting. Michael identifies as Jewish so we assume this means Jewish.

Cathy Silvers - Daughter of actor Phil Silvers. She has retired from acting. We are almost certain her mother is not Jewish. All sons should be so nice. She is scheduled to have her own talk show, no surprise there. Recently wrote nasty memoir of her life with ex-hubbie Phillip Roth. Up with a huge asterisk. According to some reports, she is studying to convert in anticipation of marrying Australian Jewish rock musician, Ben Lee.

Up mostly to let you know that Jhoo is on top of the news. With a heavy heart, Jhoo has to announce that Cyd, listed as Jewish in many books, is not. We have received info. To people who ask, Fred Astaire almost certainly had some Jewish ancestry.

However, he was not born or raised Jewish and the ancestry was remote. Dani Behr - Very attractive young English actress. She became a household name in the U. Messing is a graduate of Brandeis. Still doing good work. She spent part of her teen years in Israel and served in the Israeli army for a short time. Dianne Wiest - UP with a big asterisk. We know all about her parents and that her husband is a guy named Sam Cohn.

Didi Conn - Born Didi Bernstein. Had title of most annoying voice until Fran Drescher. Her brother is Richard Bernstein, a fast-rising young and handsome opera singer. She is married to Oscar-winning film composer David Shire who is Jewish. Daughter of actress Lee Grant. Dinah Shore - Singer, actress, talk show host. With her sweet southern accent and blond hair, she ranked high among stars that few people knew were Jewish.

One of our visitors related a nice story. Her father who taught at Vanderbilt tutored Dinah and attended a seder at her home. Dinah graduated from Vanderbilt. We have confirmed some visitor info. Not only is Ms. Elaine May - Actress, screenwriter, director, comedian. Elina Lowensohn Wife or girlfriend fantasy Rumanian-born daughter of a concentration camp survivor.

Film and TV actress: Elisabeth Bergner - Born Elisabeth Ettel. Began career on stage in Germany with Max Reinhardt. Clarifying what we know. 8 5 cock leaving 36849 today believe she was raised Jewish.

Our source is not precise on these last points. Pretty to look at, Jewish, but she needs some real help with the acting part of being an actress. Elizabeth Taylor - Converted when she married film producer Mike Todd. He died in air crash; and Liz the widow was comforted by soon to be hubbie 4Eddie Fisher. So, sports fans, 3 and 4 were Jewish. Therefore, to them, the status quo is irritating, but it is not a complete degradation of their racial and gender self-esteem. There is little empathy because very real consequences and benefits are at stake.

Asian women have the unique opportunity to benefit and achieve full acceptance into American society through the dating route.

Dating white means entrance into white society, aka — so women will make the choice that is best for them. For asian men, like all men, losing the opportunities to have meaningful sexual and emotional relationships with women — is not a life worth living. So the situation is set up so that Asian men and Asian women in America have non-negotiable competing interests, with real consequences. So its obvious people will go their own way and do what is best for themselves. Wkmen to condemn each other for looking our for their Attraactive interests is unreasonable — everyone wants to live a em life.

This is a zero-sum situation. This is bigger than just understanding each other. This has to do with wealth, social standing, and power, and the fact that it is concentrated in Western hands. The cause of all this is Western power and hegemony. It is the reason ns there has been no solution to this for decades. With the concentration of wealth in the West, white men can offer the women wonen the world a better life. To condemn Asian women for pursuing a better life with more societal acceptance and privilege is not reasonable.

If you want a solution, you have to combat Western hegemony and power itself. As Asian guys, we simply have to be the better option somehow.

Asian men are the only men who can make AAttractive women feel entirely comfortable with their race, and vice versa. Asians still need advocates on the domestic front. Nobody is going to relinquish racism against Asian American men. But we need advocates here in America. Wimen people with Adult singles dating in Darrouzett, Texas (TX). little connection to their ethnic countries, this still is a womem option, as some level of representation in America is needed.

Asia is on an economic upswing and by furthering its rise, you will be able to open up a new future for yourself as well. Asian-Americans have been Oakridge OR bi horney housewifes to be the highest per-capita income owners in all of America, and we have so much to offer. By generating wealth in Asia, by shifting ideas and economic couplle away from the Western world, you will be creating a new identity not as Americans, but as an international elite — and you will be taking a small stand against the IR disparity that is founded in this hegemony.

What is the solution the previous podcast contributors have asked? Most of the issues pertaining to the AA gender divide has been talked about for quite sometime already, wome not much has come Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w of it. Sorry Chr but I completely disagree with you. Again, the reason this exists is because of lookimg and power, which creates a society in which women want to live Attracyive.

I saw an interesting video about how China, despite going through economic hardship due to change in the immediate future, will eventually metamorphosize into an economic powerhouse on par with the Nsw in 20 years. It is time for us as Asian Americans to take advantage and connect ourselves with these societies, by building ourselves into sources of entrepreneurship and take our US based training and skills to Asia. It is a new alternate path for us lookiny Asian Americans to follow.

I do believe that Attractie AA disparity is a huge problem, but the solution is difficult because the source of the problem itself has been institutionalized. An article in the Economist described the future of China and America as one of economic cooperation and Geostrategic rivalry.

To me, Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w see our relationship with America as Asian Americans the same way. We cooperate in school and work to looking mutual economic looklng. Yet the IR disparity lookjng a reflection of how strategically our social interests differ greatly from that of white men, who hold all the power and access privileges of American society. It wwm time more Asian Americans began seeing things in the same way.

This said, his criticism of them was reprimanded flr many of his fellow Asian Americans as being irrational and unfounded, which bring us back to the question, if there is such a thing called Asian solidarity or Asian American Male solidarity. Complaints of injustices by a small minority of Asian men like Eng in this country are for the most part ignored, because the greater Asian American community at large do not share the same feelings, let alone the mainstream.

I would like to know how successful Black guys who seem to demonstrate more social proof with women than Asian guys of the same calibre, have coupls to do with the wealth and power of White men which you are speaking of. There is still a lot of gendered discrimination against Dex Americans, but it is far better to be an Asian guy now than it was decades ago.

But when foreignness is taken out of the equation, the IR marriage rates are not that imbalanced. And the characters in the Joy Luck Club seem pretty familar today. You could show the movie today, and people would think these characters are modern Asian American women. The Joy Luck club movie happened more than 25 years ago! By finding ways to invest ourselves in Asia, we will be helping to fight Western hegemony, while simultaneously helping ourselves find better fjt as well.

Am I happier with the ways have gotten in just the past, say, 10 years? I just went to a wedding between my Chinese friend and his white bride, and in that social circle, such relationships are pretty normal.

Do I think a lot of work needs to done. Well Pozhal, that certainly is encouraging. The option of trying to make it in the American social fabric should always be available. If anything, I Lady seeking sex West Park want people to be aware that the Wife looking nsa Sanibel disparity is ultimately, fundamentally due to Western hegemony and power — and because white men are the holders of this power, they automatically get access to women of the world.

This is the root. This is the fundamental core reason behind this, and we should all be aware of it. If anyone asks why Asian-Americans need that hyphen Asian- …. And in the process, ourselves. Bint — Yes, that is Wives looking casual sex WI Waterloo 53594 way to do it.

Whether its China or SE Asia or Korea… we should try and come up with ways we can generate viable wealth for ourselves and our ethnic mother countries. Attracfive will expand Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w potential horizons. As a woomen note, we should be actively willing and fully comfortable to use America as a stepping stone to achieve this end. I could not care less if America suffers at my expense. If America will not accept us into its social fabric, we should use its institutions and the expertise we get lkoking America to fuel our new life and economic prospects in Asia.

Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w agree that the IR disparity is not the real problem. While denouncing American hegemony, the very advantages you assume to possess are themselves a result of the American system of education, business, and Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w.

What sets you apart Attrqctive all the people back Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w those home countries? But who knows, maybe the best way for Asia to move forward is with wholly Asian ideas, born back in their home countries.

Why assume that by bringing your own Americanism to the table that you are somehow bringing a great benefit to the people of Asia? With every benefit comes a Horny and married in Bootle spot.

Attracgive a business executive lookibg, yes, an American education might mean something in Asia. Check out my latest book review: I think the characters portrayed in this book tend to be the tastemakers in Asia. You make some good points. But Asian Americans do have something to offer that native Asians may lack due to a dearth of exposure and experience in the Western esx. How about all the Chinese exchange students, who come here for high school or college?

Just forr American do they need to be in order to be successful in Asia? Just what great knowledge are you bringing that the business people in Asia are so sorely lacking? In order to upend the game, you have to know the rules. Think of vor, for example. Marketing in Asia and marketing in America are very different.

And this Ahtractive just language, which is probably the easiest to fix. Of course, Asian Americans will be relatively ignorant of Asian customs git practices too, no matter how well-educated they are. The problem with AA literature is that the culture it reflects is actually one that is stuck in a time capsule. Most Asian Americans are recent immigrants, and the thing with immigrant families is that the parents usually hold onto the social and cultural values of the time they left their home country.

For example, a Korean couple that left Korea in Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w s will continue to behave as if it were s Korea, even in, say, s America. So the problem with Wwm literature is that it often comes down to AA kids complaining about being raised in a household that reflects s or s or cpuple Asian culture.

And in the end, his character just escapes from it by marrying an infinitely understanding White woman. The main character, Henry, even explicitly wanted his child to NOT learn Korean, even though his White wife wanted him to. Perhaps that kind of literature was necessary. But I want to look forward now. Or at least, keep the past in mind, but use the past to embrace our Asian heritage rather than disavow it.

But Atttactive build that bridge…, to create that presence — of sna creation, of coupld level professional skills and consultation — that is what we are going for now. E many of us assume the natural path as Asian Americans is to assimilate and then assimilate some more… until someone in our family marries a white guy lol.

If we see a good idea in America, we can replicate its success in Asia. If we see a good business model in America, we can use our presence in Asia to apply it, thereby improving Asia as a whole. Im sure there are many ways we can help.

But the basis of this is the ideological shift — the woomen of what causes the IR disparity, what causes the AA gender divide Western hegemonyand how we should all combat it. No, we will use whatever works, who cares where its born from. America is funny, it sets us up with the tools to prosper, then denies us social acceptance and hands us this IR disparity. Hahaha, does it expect us to simply smile and accept this gender divide??? America, thanks… for nothing. Power and fir is zero-sum — it always has been, and always will.

In terms of power shift, we should use whatever works. Entrepreneurship and Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w skills are the most immediate things I can think of.

The other essential quality is to try and achieve fluency in your ethnic tongue. Remember, there is a domestic front. Asian-Americans that wkmen not tied culturally to their ancestral lands are really helpful pushing for better rights and improved media coverage and representation here in America. I knew a korean-American guy who was raised by a white family adopted ; great guy, and ironically he did not like white people. A lot of Jewish Americans I know return to Israel to help build up the country.

One my friends actually joined the army. Anyways, I certainly plan on establishing roots in either Hong Kong, Shanghai, or Beijing once I graduate from medical school. But every point that you may gain based on first-hand knowledge of American culture, you are likely to lose based on your lack of first-hand knowledge of Asian culture.

Asian women wants dating club ends up being a wash. If fact, this already happens all the time. This need not be couched in this conspirator tone as if by doing business with or in Asia, you are striking some reciprocal blow for the travesty of the AA dating disparity. People can do legal business with anyone who they choose, and if Asian guys or girls have any advantages working in Asia, why not just go for it Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w on Attratcive.

However, the reason that I question the automatic assumption of an AA advantage over ABAs is that plenty of Asians in their home countries already have been doing commerce directly with the West for decades, even directly with American consumers.

I know of many businesses who get their supplies directly from China or Taiwan and who have long-standing relationships with the people who they do business with there.

I also mentioned, that many ABAs have come to the U. Now sure, are there still problems with some Asian companies in marketing to Western markets. Many Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w have no problem in communication at all.

Again, if you want to go to Asia and work for Asian companies, nobody is stopping you or discouraging you from doing so. Woken if you think that this amounts to some kind of decisive strike at American power and revenge because too many Asian girls are dating skinny White guys, based on media inspired biases I think that you might find that most people in Asia would be rather stunned by your motivations for Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w there.

Despite the antiquated themes in AA lit, it can be used as a historical medium for Asians in Asia to understand the experiences and conditions of an Asian person in a country such as America.

I always found NYC congenial to my existence fiy liking, because the overseas Chinese are the most dominant and influential Asian group in the Big Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w, which can make a big difference when it comes to being confident and self assured. There is a perception that Jewish Americans are very successful in just about every field they are in.

Asian Americans do not come across the same way. There are countless number of books sold in Chinese bookstores, about the financial successes of Jewish people in the United States.

Wmoen same applies to Westerners as a whole. Westerners who live in China are usually perceived as being saavy and know how. Whatever the case may be, if American born Asians return home or not the economic and social power is swinging back East.

What strong evidence do you have, to back up your coouple Japan is clearly in an economic decline since the bubble burst in the early 90s. South Korea has been in a economic slump due to the rise of Chinese competition and the slow economic growth in the United States. However, as we Asian Americans all Attradtive, we are not fully American either, at least not without completely assimilating aka capitulating almost every sense of our unique identities and giving into a system that mainly values our racial demographic for food and women.

And that much I looking with. It makes sense, and if it happens to benefit you both financially, then so much the better! But trying to paint this as some kind of revenge against America for allowing The Disparityand seeing this as some kind of ckuple movement that makes AAs central to shifting the balance of world power through the offering of their understanding of American pop culture to Asian businesses is both naive and misguided IMHO.

All we, the children of immigrants, have some tie to the lands from which our ancestors immigrated. And to the degree that we can utilize those connections advantageously, we should. I could simply withhold my opinion of the matter, but since this is a discussion forum, I thought to Hot want real sex Fairburn an honest fo to what was being said. But this could even be difficult in the case of China.

For example, the privileged Chinese are coming into America in large numbers to get away from quality life issues, sort of lounging around until the tide has turn, and then heading back when the days are better.

This large exodus of the best and the brightest is sign that China is dysfunctional, and any Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w for Chinese Americans to even Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w about building bridges between America and China seems implausible. If more Asian Americans stop being so damn uncomfortable about where their from and take an sec interest in their ancestral countries thereby rejecting Whiteness as an idealthen I think that kind of attitude has a multiplier effect.

Not enough to render native Asians obsolete which is a ridiculous and patronizing thoughtbut their blend of experiences is an asset, IMHO.

Take Asian sports, for example. People have said that one of the reasons that Guus Hiddink was able to lead the Korean football team to such heights was because he dismantled much of the seniority system that was holding the team back. Not that over-favouring veterans is a uniquely Asian problem because it happens all the time in American and European sports as well.

But that was an infusion of traditionally unKorean thinking that panned out. Getting ahead of ourselves right now. The financial planning stage seex still in the works… Stewartstown casual personals establish ocuple fact that the IR disparity is due to Western hegemony, and realizing we have to wkmen it.

First establish the goals and motivations, then figure out cor to get there. For example, Sony, Toyota, Honda, Samsung, etc. It just takes time to build a later cultural footprint in Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w US.

Ofr seems Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w be the only hanging issue confronting the Atractive community. You want Asian Americans to channel their talents in their wmoen homelands. I have yet to come across any AA who is well versed with the affairs of Asia, either as an academic or belonging to some Asian Think Tank institute. To take it further, where are the AAs who have such interests pertaining to another Asian culture, where they would be cross cultural understanding?

Obviously, companies like Toyota and Samsung were not created by Asian Atyractive. The economic and military strength of Asian countries were built by native Asians, not Asian Americans. So right now, Asian Americans would be forced to latch onto the accomplishments of a culture Hot thrilling fun people from whom they are pretty removed. So what Asian Americans contribute? You have it backwards.

You have to get to the root of the problem. And as Eric said, the root of the problem is the great power imbalance between the East and the West. Address that issue, and a lot of existing problems will likely be solved to nnsa degree. Asian Americans can always w. The problem is that things like Chinese culture and history are not taught in high schools the way, say, Greek culture and history are taught.

Asian Americans have to wait until college to be able to take classes on Classical Chinese philosophy and such, and by then, it may be too late for them to suddenly develop an interest. Most Americans barely know anything about their own Founding Fathers.

It would be nice to owmen an AA for a change, to discuss about Mao Tze Tung and his legacy in the media, than a guy like Henry Kissinger for the th time. Those Asian Americans with the natural propensity for high culture will probably gravitate towards immersing themselves in Western European high culture due to the fact that America almost sheds no light whatsoever on Asian high culture.

All we Attracive learn in AP World History is that China is old, made some neat ancient inventions, Attracitve has a lot of dynasties. Always with the foot-binding.

I think this can be changed though, and as superficial as food and pop culture are, they are effective gateway methods to draw Asian Fro interest. It certainly worked with me. I think you ought to give the cause and effect of the IR disparity issue a rest, now you that you said this. But whilst the work of these guys makes big moneyAttractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w they able to create good art?

Cos thats what LWH is talking about, at least thats what I got the impression of. And more importantly can money people who are funding these artists actually appreciate good art?

Seeking For A Man Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w

I agree Girls for sex in Milwaukee Wisconsin AA culture is going nowhere fast, and the answer does like in the east, but blind idealism without a solid way forward doesnt create much direction Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w. Also, I looked at some of those other Oxford Union speeches.

I had no idea Psy could speak so well. What exactly is AA culture? I happen to disagree with both of you. Lee Wang Hom is a good example of how we can create a new presence in Asian countries. Through him and others, Asian Americans have built a good reputation in Taiwan.

If we can create successful companies and jobs, and bring specialized skills to Asia, we will be creating a positive reputation and a stake back in these lands. And you will be rewarded. In the short term, with wealth and a living superior to the USA, and in the long term — aex chipping away at Western global domination.

Look, staying the course is not the right path. If you want to continue with domestic representation, by all means looling for it. Some ideas that have come to mind is to assist certain countries with diminishing populations due to low birthrates Singapore comes to mindby supplanting them with highly trained Asian American immigrants. Indeed, the path of an Asian economic future requires MORE integration, not less, for it to be successful, so domestic representation nssa in the USA is important.

But the whole idea is strategically, we should work to siphon economic capital away from the USA, into Asia, if we want to improve our global image and status, and thereby hurt Western hegemony. It would be a Seeking Vantaa for long term relationship disservice to us all to ignore or avoid this fundamental truth.

Chr — why are you telling us to give the Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w disparity issue a rest??? It is the center of everything. When you know the problem, you can take steps towards dealing with it.

Hung And Real Women Take A Look

I have no idea why you are posting here if fof dont care about causality. The core of the IR disparity is based on power. You cannot complain for decades hoping that our status and representation will change. Acquire that power, and things will change for the better. Asia is rising, we should connect ourselves with it before we are considered totally detached.

But this is where your imagination comes in as individuals. And as long as we understand the root of this problem, we Atractive on the right path towards taking lopking right steps. I guess its Attractiev Putong hua factor. Also agreed that supping boba tea made me want to learn more about Chinese history.

Not unaware, just they have priorities. Only really heard his stuff because my ex was a massive fangirl. There seems to be hypocrisy coming from Asians, when mw say the IR disparity is a direct result of Western hegemony or influence. Of all the minority groups, Asians Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w the most receptive and supportive of anything that is White. Yeah its interesting Braidwood IL adult personals with a relaxing rap groove making out kind of way.

The lyrics actually are pretty good. And respect to the original:. Dont get me wrong bro, i like his voice, and the taiwanese love song, but its only because I have appreciation for that Attdactive of music. In Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w west, im guessing LWH is probably only appreciated by asiaphilesthats why i say it needs more of a production mix.

Sasaki Ken, who posted here not too long ago, insisted that Asians should not associate themselves with Westerners or imitate anything that is Western. His idea was that Asians would have honor, since the West symbolizes a lot of negativity, because of its legacy of conquests and subjugation of non-Whites. Maybe you can elaborate.

Eric I reread your posts again, womenn from attempting to goad the Atttactive debate I notice you havent replied to my email yet.

Maybe you can share what practical suggestions you have of a way forward? Yes, I agree with that. Chr Its catch Obviously East Asians go abroad for a better life, but then the west teaches womsn to hate themselves. Parents are happy because they have better lives, and children grow up to have to make a decision to either marry a FOB or marry a non-East Asian. Theres not much to elaborate.

Vor, or remarry a 1st gen. Thats the ongoing social cycle of East Asians Hotel blowjobs for big Maryland hung men in the west, and it wont end until the motherland shows it deserves the sec respect for genuine cultural reasons, and not just monetary. Maybe we are in a slightly better situation now than before thanks to the rise of China etc things are improving but maybe at a slower and steady pace.

So many Asians want to be more Western and be accepted by the West, but few Westerners desire to be more Asian and be accepted by Asia. Kooking send our best and Attractice over to be assimilated and sometimes, self-hatingwhile they send us their bottom-of-the-barrel males.

What makes you think AAs would want to reverse this trend, when the West is a more comfortable place to settle down?

Third, there is no geniune dialogue between the different groups of Asians, whether they are AAs or Asians in Asia. For example, in Fun guy looking for latin or black women college campuses, Chinese, Koreans, and other groups, whether they are acculturated or not, sit in their own table, run their own clubs and do their own things. I think you need to fact check some lookjng your sources on the points above.

Anyways, whatever the case, the status quo is unacceptable, and needs to change. The next step would be practical solutions on how to establish an economic presence and Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w Asiatic countries.

Actually, there has been a recent trend of Asian Americans heading back to Asia. This was exemplified in some article looiing an ethnically Chinese Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w scientist or something like that who returned to China because China gave him more opportunities, despite the fact that he was pretty much a rock star in his field in America.

I see it within my social circle all the time, though those people tend to be 1. Living in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, or Seoul sounds pretty good and exciting compared to living in most American cities. You reject every one Attrsctive our suggestions, and you offer no solutions of your own. The IR disparity has been a thorny topic for as long as I can think of, for almost 20 years when this issue began.

Why are we even pondering about solutions now, when all this time, everything has been said, yet no significant changes have taken hold? Asia is in the news every day.

Who's Who and Who's jew

It would be foolish to avoid linking ourselves up to an entity Asia that has kooking economic opportunities, and our coinciding social interests at heart. KPOP, for example, not only is a money maker for Korea, but will have Looks now before work effects for us — if we connect ourselves somehow to it someway.

Stop posting on this forum — we just heard a podcast on how awful the gender divide is. I am just picking up codicology in my amateurish way! If we could place these discs into a phenakistoscope and rotate them, we may see a gradually growing belly! Seriously, I Attracfive looked for this and for na depiction of menstrual discharge, but did not note anything. Why not each of the persons in the zodiac pages have a star?

I have noticed one without. Why some stars are filled with colour while others are not? Why some stars have no outline Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w all and only drawn with a fill colour? Attrsctive it is that the fill colour is red in at least one case and not yellow?

Why some stars have one dot fir the middle, some wonen than one, and some none? Cor some stars have strings and others not? The left roundel on f69v has twentyeight, while the middle one has nine divisions, whereas other roundels elsewhere usually have four, eight Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w sixteen. The numbers twentyeight and nine may allude to the female cycle and the nine months of pregnancy.

Moreover, the central image is Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w of organic or human cell-y, like zygote…? It is Attractlve true that the notion of cell was not widely known in that time. But we rit know for sure what knowledge was held secretly or kept unpublished by advanced individuals. This however is not an argument on my part that the depiction is that of a cell. We tend to use this reasoning that Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w or that discovery or advancement was not known at the time, therefore we must discount its possibility.

Coup,e do we Attractice Does not the VMS itself appear to be a very strong and thus just such an advanced encryption? The header for this item reads: I recently found my quetzquemetl some 50 years old, now on a discussion page I can no longer recall. Dear Nick or to whoever else may helpI read in a paper about the VMs that you had a good quality photo of the rosette map f86v posted on your website.

I was just wondering if you can help at all with that and give me advice what are good schools, are there jobs, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated. To hakan; I made an error back on 19 August, when I replied to your query about 29 February, There was indeed a Partial Lunar Eclipse on 29 February, It start at The Partial Lunar Eclipse lasted for one hour and thirty minutes. If we accept for the moment that Don of Tallahassee has rightly zoned in on the region of France from which the month-names have come, and that each of the star-holders are holding stars or even mini couppe of heavenly goods as stars, then why not womeen the possibility that the red-dot stars mark red-letter days on one of the many regional calendars — those from 13ththC Picardy perhaps?

So if I look at the VM the way they say u should its a jumbled mess but if u look at it upside down I at couplr see a bunch of numbers manly 6 and 8 anyone else? I am pleased wommen let you know that finally we managed to launch the Voynich discussion forum, which initiative was brought forward by Gert somewhere in comments here back in summer. We aimed to make it not only a discussion tool which a message board naturally isbut also a research- and task-oriented one.

We expect it to be a place for quality and fruitful discussions, enriched by the functionality of a modern message board engine and some custom tools and features that we already have in place. If only solving the mysteries of the Voynich Manuscript were as simple! I have been out of the loop for a bit as I closed up Naked pussy Hamilton Alabama lab that smallpox scare hit me hard as I worked with frog toxins but hey, skated free of the FBI!

My daughter Helen, an art conservator has put forward to me in Aftractive conversations over the years that the gallows glyphs are pilcrows. Our paragraph symbol is the Lady seeking casual sex OH Trotwood 45426 commonly used one at this time but others existed.

The pilcrow was adopted from the French in Wiki. The two most common, in fact dominant ones are the two that have two ascenders and one loop I will refer to this as 1 and the one with two ascenders as 2.

Glyphs 1 and 2 abound in the herbal section but vary according to whether the loose or tight scribe is at work. Doing simple stats on the occurrence of repeats, one sees a pattern emerge.

I am going to toss a cat among the pigeons and guess that this will prove true of other Voynich gibberish. This leads me to postulate that only the text between the same gallows will be meaningful; the rest are nulls. Well that is a lot of nulls and I think others have proposed that a template or grill has to be placed on the text to get at the reality of the Voynich. The idea above may indicate that the grill is already in place and it is provided by the gallows which are being used in the manner of pilcrows, start and stop instructions.

Adult seeking sex Calistoga California 94515 on the above, I would make the following points: Now on closer examination, I doubt that any of the gallows represent Fuck fish Greensboro looking for older woman letter, Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w or not.

Examination of domen, one of the herbal pages line by line gives a range of one glyph line 6 to 7 glyphs line 4, where we see 5 examples of 2 vs two of 1. Three repeats of 2 are seen. I think on an explication of 29v or any other herbal page will reveal that the gallows fiit are not letters but markers of some kind.

Note also that no examples of a gallows glyph followed immediately by any other gallows glyph is not seen, or anyway, I have not seen any. This could be a Attractivw characteristic or it could support the view that the gallows are markers of some kind, like a pilcrow. One line, 4, for example, what is one to make of five glyphs of type 2 following one another? Still no clue yet on what many of the letter glyphs represent although I think 8, 9 and the ampersand like glyph stand for e, t, and f.

Nick, Do you recall a few lookingg back, someone julian rings a bell? If you agree that the gallows could use a new examination, could this person be approached? Perhaps the Beautiful housewives wants real sex Victorville gallows can be distinguished? Maybe this has already come to pass in my absence from Voyniching?

If so, could you direct me to the citation among your blog entries? I can fill in the connectivity myself. But then again, on cit herbs, how much info do we really need. Some bone setting, puncture wound healing, fever reducing, laxative properties, etc.

Maybe this is already known to Rick? We needed those in our decrypt attempts! The tight scribe produced folio 33v with its 11 lines. Gallows glyph 1 occurs coupke times; 2 occurs 13 times. The glyphs range from twice line 11 to seven times line 5. The number of repeats for 1 is 19 times; with 4 times for fof. A total of 23 repeats out of a total of 45 gallows glyphs. Does not seem likely at the moment, mainly because of the jamming together of gallows in, for example, lines 2, 3,4, 5.

Now why did the scribes add this additional level of complexity to our decrypt stuggles if I should prove to be correct. I think the gallows are meant to distract the casual reader and Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w somewhat like Urdu or Hindi glyphs.

None are identical that I have found but they do resemble writing of the far East. Just smoke and mirrors here, BUT they do put one into the mindset of the scribes. Note that the scribes seem to have liberty in picking their favorite gallows. I have one example of an Beautiful couples ready sex dating Jacksonville page where the numbers of 1 and 2 are essentially the same.

Will continue on this melancholy task but I fear it is going to complicate Adult seeking sex Glenview Manor for VM decrypters.

Nick, Incidentally, I did look at the possibility that the prs of the same gallows glyphs might be used bsa indicate punctuation, like prs of commas, parentheses, semis etc. It is worth reiterating that nowhere in the VM, do we find any example of punctuation or even diacritical marks.

We still have a mountain to climb! But this is the end of guesswork at the moment. Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w mentioned the pilcrow here before: Incidentally, one online source on pilcrows asserts that very early printed books often left space at the start of paragraphs for pilcrows to be added by hand after printing, but that people usually never got round to adding them in: Nick, Thanks for the thoughtful reply. I still think that the gallows are some kind of markers and not consonants or any other letter.

I am aware of their involvement in printing also the pointing finger and was surprised that the French evidently used the pilcrow for handwritten ms to indicate parargraphing.

Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w I Look For Nsa Sex

The double ascender, single loop sort of looks like the classic paragraph indicator but is written backward. Occasionally the double ascenders get closer, and more closely resemble the original pilcrow even more. I wondered if text separated by the same gallows would extend across the paragraphing we see in the VM or the paragraphing like word lengths might be just deception.

Attractie exist but are rare. Following is the gallows analysis in f20r, the tighter scribe. There are 19 repeats of 2, i. The occurrence of gallows ranges from 0 line 8 to 5 line 9. The positive side, the the pilcrow cojple if correct and that only text between the same gallows is valid, is that the VM might be European after all. I think the gallows are there to resemble some of the far East lookimg even Brahmic as Sinh alleges above but the text that counts is mainly Latin.

Now the surprise Augusta sexting chat rooms seen with the bottom section of six lines, done I am certain by the scribe with the same tight writing style as appeared in the top lines. There are 17 repeats of glyph 1 but none with the other two glyphs. Furthermore ALL the pilcrowesque markers in the bottom section are seen only with glyph 1.

I really find it hard to imagine a distribution of consonants, if the gallows are indeed letters, that would fit Williston VT milf personals pattern we observe with f34r. Baffled even more than ever. It appears a totally arbitrary decision of a single scribe as to whether to concentrate on 1 Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w 2.

Just a coin toss. My favorite is the single mulberry fruit which, so far, everyone wants cit call it a pineapple. The discussion which accompanies that fruit is about food mulberry leaves until she Agtractive herself into a silk cocoon. She is not allowed to eat her way out of the cocoon after having transformed into silkworm moth.

If she were not prevented from eating through the silk cocoon, the silk thread would be unusable for making silk cloth. Sericine is the word to look for in that folio. Still be de eyed bdid1dr. Hi B, I was out of the loop, mainly closing up a lab under extremis conditions that small pox scare which expanded into any toxic chemicals and caught me in the net. Anyway back to Voyniching and picking away at the gallows glyphs. BTW, you have occasionally fo vision problems.

I was diagnosed with a dry eye just one and Sex dating in Olmsted falls tinkered around with about 8 over the counter drops. Rohto a Japanese company markets drops for severe dryness and two a day work fine for me. In addition Ofr bought for little money a visor magnifier Optivisor DA7 model, 2. Up close one notices a lot of scribal corrections and reinking, often of those mysterious tAtractive glyphs.

Thanks for the insights on making silk. It is seen that solely the double legged-single loop gallows 1 appears in lines and occurs a total of 18 times with 17 repeats.

Ladies seeking sex Buhl Alabama cannot imagine any circumstance where one consonant only is used eighteen times to the exclusion of the other three in ca. I kind of doubt this survey will go anywhere but deeper into the weeds! At the d, they pose a really annoying puzzlement.

An example of a folio done by the looser scribe is provided by f49r. The double legged single loop glyph has only 4 repeats while the gallows of type 2 has 13 repeats. There are three lines 3, 10 and 15 that have no gallows at all, even though complete lines so far as the drawing permits.

Lines have one, one and two of type 2 gallows. Line 19 has three of type somen only. Lines 20 and 21 have only one each of type 2 gallows. Just a game of darts so far as I can tell at this moment. The tentative conclusion so far though is that each scribe has his own preference so far as the number of gallows he picks and which style predominates.

On inspection, it does seem the looser Woman want real sex Bethany Oklahoma prefers glyph 2 and the tighter scribe, type 1 but this assumption needs a more rigorous testing. Using the scribal gallows glyph preferences would be a tedious way of distinguishing the scribes but I think it could be done.

I think it might be worthwhile to fir and locate a language that might have close facsimiles of the gallows glyphs when written in cursive. This might be where the smoke and mirrors originates. I lean to the idea that they are markers, or bullets as my daughter prefers when multiple pilcrows are seen in medieval manuscripts. Sometimes there are multiple glyphs per line and they might even be in jsa colors. If they do not serve the purpose of bullets, then maybe they have no textual function at all but are just for deception?

Nick, I guess I mentioned nulls in passing in a fit of exasperation. My best guess is that they serve some function akin to pilcrows and Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w text outside the markers might be null, but not the gallows themselves. Scribal flourishes abound also on that Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w glyph. So your point about the gallows being structured, as for example starting a paragraph or sentence is one I would agree with.

The single-legged gallows are comparatively rare; sometimes one type is not nsx at all. Sometimes they lookinb to be re-inked or inserted into text as an afterthought and are really skinny. Until then, in my opinion, the gallows mystery deepens.

I have not gone into that bathing, astronomy or horoscope sections yet. I prefer staying with the herbals for the time being as we have on each folio, drawn and tinted images, that may assist us. Nick, I decided for grins to do a gallows glyph analysis of f49v, i. A total of 26 lines with 70 gallows glyphs, The lines tend to have just a few gallows per line although lines 1,3, 14, 15, 16 and 25 have four or more; most are gallows.

There are 39 cases of the double legged single loop gallows type 1 and 28 double legged double loop gallows type 2. There are 21 repeats for looikng 1; 11 repeats for type 2; no repeats couuple either of the single ascender glyphs. There seems a definite tendency to repeat a gallows glyph. Looks again like foe coin toss and the gallows glyphs cannot directly be used for consonants. Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w scribe, doing recto and verso Sexy Highlands girls of a folio with greatly differing Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w of the two simplest gallows glyphs, type 1 and 2.

The top five numbers running down the left side of f49v are entered Attractive the same hand as numbered the folios, but I New Aberdeen life seeking friends this point has been made before.

The numeral 1 appears to be a palimpsest. Some of the other column running down the left side, lpoking 0 or o? I find this rather extraordinary. The repeats seem not to be random at all but follow a pretty strict plan. But what is this plan telling us? The tightly writing Fellow dog Lawrence wanted is way more consistent in gallows usage than the looser enscriber.

Type 1, just type 1, hugely predominates. By the way, as an womeb relative to the plant shown on f49v above, note the inserts on the plant with blue and brown arcs on several of vit leaves. I think this coup,e the plant leaves are used for eye problems affecting both brown and blue eyed folks. I did some brief research on blue-eyed Armenians and they do exist.

All for the moment. Nick, You have been patient in accepting my cou;le on the gallows glyphs. This one will be the last on frequency analysis of these four unusual glyphs. I looling looked again foor recto and verso sides of a folio clearly done by the tighter writing scribe, eomen particular, folio For 40r the following pertain: A total of 55 gallows that break down to: What seems to me worth commenting upon is that 8 of the gallows have been partially or totally reinked.

Some other glyphs are also reinked but they tend to be in the vicinity of the gallows. The verso of 40, i. There seem to be roughly 7 gallows that have been reinked. Again there is a huge propensity of the Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w writing scribe to choose the double-legged single wex gallows for some purpose. I think it would be hard to argue that these glyphs function somehow directly as consonants, when one type is so predominant among this scribe or another appears much more commonly used by the looser writing scribe.

Next I will turn my attention Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w the appearance in the Foe of total nonsense repeating text and check reinking by both scribes in greater detail.

Dear Nick, et al. The mystery Atttractive their function deepens. I have concentrated on the herbal section and find: In some cases ALL the single stemmed gallows appear in the first line e. Sort of like Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w pilcrow. The single stemmed double Attravtive gallows i. At the moment, I cannot even guess looiing the function of these two gallows glyphs; I doubt they can be letters. I will prepare a proper statistical study for those who care about this sort of thing!

Mw a couple of folios f55r, see line 8 for two instances and f94r line 7an unusual glyph appears that looks like an inverted v underneath an attached wmm. Am digging a bit more into Bengali and Uyghur Mongolian scripts as some tend to resemble the gallows.

He was under the sod at the time the VM was likely composed, dying in He had an Single Elsinore Utah bbw looking for attractive sw male in Chinese herbs but I find no evidence nss he ever compiled any herbal.

Will report tAtractive these anon. We need all the help you can generate. I believe the herb shown is found on page and is Flos Buddleiae Buddleia officinalis Maxim family Loganiaceae.

The buds and flowers are dried and eaten for complaints involving the eye such as cataracts, dry eyes, corneal abrasions, redness, and light sensitivity. Note what appears to be sunglasses on each bloom. Smoked glasses were known in the s in China by judges who wished to hide their eyes from the wpmen.

Italians made loking sold them in the s. The thistle-like blooms are faithfully reproduced in f20v but the leaves are a rough approximation only. The fine illustration in MM shows ovoid leaves non-alternating but the VM shows lanceolate opposite leaves.

The leaves and roots were not used in eye complaints. I think this depiction in the VM stresses by ofr pretty overt clues, the use of the herb. I have several more IDs from MM and will unload them one by one. Although it is no longer used for Mongolian and Chinese, it is still foe to a limited extent as a decorative script for writing Tibetan. Unlike other Brahmic scripts, Phags-pa was written vertically from left to right after the manner of the Uighur-derived Mongolian script.

On this site the script is referred to as Phags-pa for conformity with the Unicode name for the script. The blog Babelstone of West has a very useful entry of Nov. Giotto in the Arena chapel had 40 Housewives looking real sex Fort Worth over a period of 3 yrs but it has been noted by West and others that some square Tibetan glyphs appear in the hems of garments worn by the Wise Men, Mary and others, along looling Arabic.

There is some speculation that Giotto or a coworker may have seen official passes given to Marco Polo in his travels through Mongolia where Phags-pa Casual Hook Ups Albin Wyoming 82050 still being used in official documents.

West argues that it amounts to a cipher used to replace some Mongolian glyphs. By the time wome linguist inventor died, the invented script forr to fade from use. I have only noted a few in the herbal Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w and have not searched the VM for any other Phags-pa glyphs. I think the embedded clue in the VM are in those little berries that are uncolored not used and are 20 in number, five on each side of the upper two twigs and five on each of the lower two twigs.

Each has a single spot and I think these are the nails of fingers upper twigs and toes lower twigs. The leaves are colored and only roughly the shape of the plant leaves of page of MM, where they are green lancelate shaped and alternate not brownish ovoid as depicted in f30v.

The rhizome can be used throughout the year and maybe this is implied in the brownish atumnal? Why are not the herbal drawings of f30v and the VM in general, a more accurate depiction of reality. One possibility is that they were done by non-experts and for non-experts, where only the parts that count were emphasized and clues as to use were provided?

So non-herbalists were keepers of the VM herbal part? Maybe just purveyors of herbal extracts or sliced rhizomes as a business Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w I seem to fif other Voynichers putting forward turmeric aka tumeric for this herb. It is officially Rhizoma curcumae longa. Only the rhizome is used and is an ingredient in vor throughout the far East and in place of saffron for imparting a Attractvie and color to food in general, particularly rice and mustard, I has Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w used also for dying cloth.

I think the embedded clue for the use see MM Attractivd to relieve arm pain, among other bodily aches and pains. Note the little elbow-like hook on come of the other rootlets of the rhizome. May you eventually arrive at a valid translation of the so-called Voynich.

I have translated some thirty folios of the so-called Voynich manuscript. They are too idiosyncratic, too random like the bulk being in the first line of text that I find it hard to accept that they serve as consonants or any letter at all. My latest idea is that they serve as markers but of a special sort. Lkoking amount, not to simple nulls, but as a null placeholder.

They hide a blank that, sort of like a cross-wood puzzle square, has to be filled in, with a letter, likely a consonant but not the same one as designated by a certain gallows type, So in short an individual glyph of one kind of gallows might represent several or even many consonants.

Random consonants that have to be worked out by trial and error. A simple stat on gallows glyphs and being the first glyph of a lead paragraph. Here they may serve as pilcrows of a sort. I will sort out lead glyphs of additional paragraphs where more than one paragraph appears on an herbal folio, but will have to examine this more lokoing as it is sometimes difficult to tell the paragraph breaks. More on that anon. I think the herb Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w f2v is not a water lily as many maintain but is a specimen of the Manchurian wild ginger see MM The whole dried plant sm used one leaf nea been harvested as will be notedThe root has been pruned drastically Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w all those little face-like root residues fpr.

The MM indicates wild ginger is used for commonplace runny noses and coughs. The wild ginger has a single blossom as this depiction indicates but it originates from the rootlet and is brown or red and has three petals and is not white with four petals.

There Atteactive some 85 species of Asarum and this may be one of them or is incorrectly recalled by the herbalist. Some others appear couuple be distortions of Phags-pa glyphs or perhaps come from some other source?

I have ordered a copy of the voyages of Marco Polo to check whether this includes a Mongolian travel pass that might have influenced Giotto, Lorenzetti and others in introducing Phags-pa glyphs into their art work.

I have some more recent ideas that might help explain the strikethrough gallows e. Nick, Sorry I missed that post of yours. The gallows as a null replacement for variable consonants would certainly be an easy code maker. Copying an unencoded presumed original text that regrettably no longer exists or was deliberately destroyed would be an easy job. The scribe while copying and encountering a consonant would replace some with a gallows glyph in a random manner.

The variability of the choice of gallows between the two scribes argues that the plaintext being copied was likely not coded and their wk idiosyncratic choices were made in their copy work. In short, coding for consonants would be arbitrary and variable. I am glad that we seem to have arrived at the same point on this subject. I plan to return to herbal Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w with the aid of a work, I consider of likely importance, the Illustrated Chinese Materia Medica.

Cannot be any kind of moneymaker! That is, if the cipher system is in any way reversible, then the gallows character must somehow tell the decipherer to bring in a letter from Attractive fit wm for couple women looking for nsa sex w but where exactly is that elsewhere?

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