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Today, you can remotely access the cameras from anywhere, hit the auto-focus button and immediately solve the problem. We take that one step further and now the camera can detect that it is out of focus itself. An entire scenario that used to cause worry and take time to fix is going away. Morra expects to see the same trend — across all areas of video surveillance.

Auto focus is one of many ways manufacturers are attempting to make video simpler in — for installers and end users — which should stimulate additional growth. Installers need to be able to hang cameras quicker and get them up and running.

The transition is even more critical in relation to IP products; it is a necessary correction to the problem of troublesome IP solutions. InAny Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it is all about solutions that are easy to install but allow end users to have cutting-edge IP-based devices.

Companies do not want something that requires they be an IT expert. ADS, a First Alert Dealer, currently serves more than 70, businesses, industrial facilities and residences throughout the southeastern United Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it. They install much more like analog systems. The prices are Beautiful couples looking adult dating Derry New Hampshire down, but are not quite there Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it.

The barrier will disappear, says Jumbi Edulbehram, vice president will disappear, says business development, Next Level Security Systems, Carlsbad, Calif. With more producers coming in from all over the world, prices are really competitive in However, companies with existing market channels that offer ease of integration will be well positioned to compete.

In that same vein, forget price and look at the solution inadvises Mellos at Interlogix. Proven and reliable technology combined with economies of scale has resulted in very good analog products at more affordable prices.

In addition, the megapixel technologies, although maturing at a faster rate than analog, still tend to be on the highend of the pricing spectrum. Those solutions will require more video to successfully integrate with other systems, as demands from end users for integrated systems will only increase inGrimm expects.

Historically, the integration of video with access control and other elements of the security program has been left for the enterprise. But we expect to see more of a push for integration within mid-sized to smaller applications. The small- to medium-sized businesses SMBs are poised to get a lot of attention in Keith Marett, Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it president of marketing and communications, Avigilon, expects that the SMBs portion of the video surveillance market will help drive new technology usage in They can see a demo and make a decision.

Larger organizations can move more slowly, and tend Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it choose what they already know versus what is necessarily the best technology for their business. It is a message that will continue to resonate with end users in Companies can compartmentalize and add one piece at a time, which allows companies to move from small capital investments at the beginning and then grow as needs change.

Liguori indicates the group is optimistic about John Romanowich, chief executive officer, SightLogix Inc. Assuming continued economic stability, this backlog combined with the very competitive products that have emerged over recent years should act as a catalyst for growth.

Cloud technology is more accepted, it is starting to get used and becoming increasingly easier to use. You knew the tubes were military surplus because of the I markings on them and the box they came in. In the s, mobi drug stores had a tube checker They were used by jjidividuals to check tubes from home television sets. Tubes were mounted in sockets, because they often had to he replaced. The creation of the transistor spelled the end of the vacuum tube era. Today's solid state era has given us very electrically efficient ham equip- ment.

Yet, Beautiful lady wants sex Cambridge popularity of the old vacuum tube equipment still lives on. Even though we know solid state de- vices are more efficient, the Sweet wives want sex Frankfort of vacuum tubes tugs at the strings of our hearts. This was my first attempt Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it buiki a dual-band quad antenna.

This looks better and the perfor- nnance is belter on MHz.

Mv use of a ferrite choke also enhiuiced tlie performance considerably; about 13dBd over a dipole or under S20 U. The measured gain figures are about 11 dB over a dipoie on two meters and 13 dB over a dipole on 70 cm. The additional Phoia A. Quad antenna wiihout wood dawel stiffeners. Element parts and pieces. This is known as an "XL" element — that is, two or more wavelengths of the frequency being ra- diated.

The noise figure, some times rclbiTcd to as noise floor, is measured at about 3 dB below that of a four-ele- inem yagi. Some might consider thiil as gain also. The feedpoint is about 70 ohms, so a high-grade ohm coax such as RG-6 can be used up to about watts. The low-cosi "F" connec- tors were Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it uiU'acLive at iweniy-five cents each. There is no soldering in- volved since the center solid conductor makes the Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it and the braid and foil shields are aluminum and can- not be soldered.

The gain figure and pattern was obtained from a Kenwood TSS transceiver's "S"-meierand a majinctic compass. Well, now let us look at how to put the thing together. The actual construc- tion is very easy. The PVC water pipe can be cut with nearly any sharp ob- ject. A table saw is excellent, although a standard wood cutting saw or hack saw will also do the job.

Round off the sharp edges Housewives want nsa NY Darien center 14040 to assembly to maximize the joint strength. The end caps are drilled with a 0. Then follow up with a sharp 0,25'" drill bit to finish the job.

The PVA agricul- ture tubing is really a metric size, ap- proximately 0. Just to make Adult swingers in slough buckinghamshire you understand; We are feeding on the side — that is, at die degrce point of the circle — so that the array is vertically polarized.

Some testing has shown that a horizontal feedpoint at 1 80 degrees is acceptable alfO without any apparent difference in repealer work. The circle elemcni does some things very different from ihc square or tri- angle loops, The gamma and balun transformer matching devices were tried without success. When applying twenty watts of RF Lafitte LA sexy women these match- ing devices, the loop could be tuned to a 1: The direct connection of the coax to the driven Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it proved to give the best res u lb on both receive and trans- mit situations.

If you make any of the parasitic loops, rellecton and directors a closed conUniious loop you can ex- pect to see degradation of the antenna system performance. The open loop results in a higher Q element then the low-Q continuous loop, which trans- lates to more gain.

The RF plot far the 4-element circular Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it meter "Halo" loop mobile antennas. These were hoiizontal- mountod driven-ekmenl-only types which did very well for mobile installaiions. No special tools or large efforts arc needed to gel this quality system. The element dimensions are rioi critical for good performance. Either method has proven to be reliable. The PVC pipe and fittings are so tight that air and water leakage just does not seem to happen.

This is with- out tuning the anicnna to the rig.

The plot for SWR versus frequency, showing the usable bandwidth. Stamped brass case wanf bezel. Curved glass crystal Wall or bulkhead mounting. Made so well they fast from generation to generation! Other No-Code Techs will enjoy reading about your adventures in ham radio— and we'll Ridgefleld you for your articles. Yes, lots of nice clear photos, please. New fixed site direction finders provide 2 degree accuracy, and include software for triangulation from a central control site.

It just makes matching much easier Just a helpful note lo those who are intcresled: So a tuner for each output for antenna match i nil is almost always necessan.

If ohm feedline is used, make sure you use a one-quarter wavelength Anu m O malchinir section of coax to change ohm coax to 75 ohms, which the antenna-driven element Is looking Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it. You must gel the RF power to the antenna!

Now let us get back to the antenna system. Because it is so light and sti'ong, even an occasional icine does not seem to bother it The UV and heat buildup of the sun Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it not degrade any of my schedulc while PVC projects.

The use of schedule gray PVC is also acceplable if you prefer to pay extra Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it the materials. Every one knows the line loss of RF power at MH? If Sex asian Forest Hills Pennsylvania SWR is not 1: If additional elements beyond the four arc contemplated.

I would suggest that no real advantage was seen. If vani one-half waveleniiih ele- ments arc placed as additional direc- tors the noise would come up higher than the yagi director gains. Not a good idea! If kiick are not happy with that or AAny live in an extreme weather area, you might want lo con- sider extra lop and bottom loop sup- ports. I am including a very simple and inexpensive solution for that. Driven elenienf RF choke assembly and "F" connector co lx finings.

The Dial File Ever wonder how dials evolved? Being scientifically oriented, hams have always needed a way to measure ilie way things are adjusted. Fuck tonight in Salford Pennsylvania have evolved as a result. Have you coiijsidercd the use, application, and design of "dials" as used on radio equipment from the very early days?

When you stop to think about tL dials arc the communication interface be- tween humans and electronic devices. I've man- aged to collect a few pictures of dials dating back to Because of the numerous dial designs and iterations, I've collected only a few that are rep- resentative of the many types that have been developed.

The tlrst dials used were really step switches that allowed the equipment operator to have control over the selec- tion of circuit parameters. Photo A is a drawing of an early step switch RF yans- former.

As shown, the switch changes the transfonnation ratio between the primary ajid secondary windings. Since variable capacitors and reso- nance were still in the stage of infancy, step sw itches were used to change taps on RF coils used as transfonners to meet the desired received signal Ridgwfield.

Another variation of the step switch uansformer arruugemeiU is shown in Photo B. Drawing of an RF transfonnet: This is an RF transformer exhibiiing the rypical rap switch and slider adjusnnenrs.

This Is o vanonwter. One wind- ing is allowed lo roiate within another. When this anangement was used, the coil was placed in front of the operator so that he could ''see'' how the selections were physically placed for tulure reference. Kic later models, the position of the ad- JLisiment was marked with nujtibers representing the number of turns lor each selection. When I was a kid, I had a coil with a slider very similar to the one shown in Photo C.

I used the coil alons with a galena crystal and a longwire antenna to create a crystal set. What a pleasure it was to [isien to local radio broadcast Ridgffield with my simple receiver. As Tor being able to change stations with the circuit, well, that was a different matter lor a long time.

Eventually I teamed more about impedance match- ing, and that did enable the simple crystal set to Txt me for your needs more frequency selective.

Note the use oftlje large round Bakclitc dials. Use of dm dial -type remained prominent from about through In a Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it, one coil was mounted in- ternal to another and allowed to rotate around an axis. Rotating the coil changed the amount of coupling be- tween Swinger couples weekend getaways memphis. Swinging. If the windings were connected in series, then the amount of inductance could be varied as desired.

A reference dial was mounted on the top of the variometer shown in the photo to indicate the angle of rotation. During the era, "dials" began to emerge as the means for log- ging control settings.

Of course, the addition of a control panel in front of the coils increased the ''need" Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it have circuit selections made visible to the operator via a dial. Some of the early dial markings were related to the nuni- ber Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it turns selected on the RF trans- formers. Then as resonance of RF circuits advanced, variable capacitors moved from a "Vernier" adjustment to a device requiring a selectable setting.

An example is shown in Photo E, where a combination of dials was used on the equipment. The knob and dial were integrated into one unit. The knobs came in various sizes and were made o Bakelite, Dial mark- ings were customized per the user's re- quest: Yes, the numbering was re- versed on some dials when a reverse rotation was desired The important thing to ob. In addition, tlie physically large knob profile gave the operator finer Vernier control of an adjustment.

Another one of my favorite dials was the type shown in Photo F. A small knob was used to drive a larger calibrated wheel providing a Vernier adjustment for "fine tuning" of a cir- cuit- I built quite a number of VHF and Photo E This dial was one of The first Vernier adjifstmenr-iype dials. If was very Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it nidi hums because of its professional appearance, Phow ref, J, pg.

Another dial that was built on ihe same order is show n in Photo G. The large dial had a nut that was used to tighten a collar uround the mating shaft. Dial markinss for both Vernier as- semblies came with various options. Some markings were simply -I 0 at- knvins rotation in one direction. Later dials were modi led to allow rotation in ei titer direction. The markings were 10 M -I An alternate method was the use of a mb- ber drive belt. An early dial cord de- sign is shuwn in Photo H.

In this design, a large drive wheel constructed like a pulley had a pointer attached to Hot lonely women in Norfolk the Single girls from Bovey wanna fuck posi- tion, A dial cord was wrapped around the large wheel and the small knob shaft creating a large adjustment ratio betu ecn the tw o shafts.

By changing the knob shall diameter to pulley diameter ratio, the degree of Vernier adjustment could be controlled. With the use of dial cord increasing during this period, the shape of dials began to vary. The silver cap in Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it center of ihe dial covered the tension tuit ttsecl to lock die main dial to a shaft.

Photo ref J, pg. This picture shows one of the early uses of a dial cord- driven diaL Sottte commercial radios of this era medujlat rubber drive belt instead of dial cord. Each had a professioiiiii appearaucc and function. One of the most popuhir was the dial shown on the lower receiven HRO dial assembly developed by Na- tionaL It appears on ihe panel of the lower receiver.

This is a National Velvet Vernier diaL The plane taty drive and incremental dial division accuracy made this a very sought after prize. World War II broughl to our atien- lion many new dial designs.

Each, of course, was tailored to meet a rather specific function, A National Velvet dial was used on the receiver shown in Photo Voltaire and dating. Take note how tuning accuracy and setting repeaiahilit has increased over dials used on equipmeni prior to the war The Velvet Vernier dial was divided into linear incrcmenis and used a small scale immediately above the main dial allowing each major dial Photo K.

Frequency meter dials provided the greatest accuracy and setting repeatability'' of any dial during the I94i -! Following the war hams searched the surplus market for Velvet Vernier dial assemblies. Tliese assemblies were prized items for use on VFOs and the like.

Another dial design that came out of the War effort was one like that shown in Photo K. An ARCS tnmsmhter dial. Note the finer cnlibmnon htcremetns as com- pared to the companion receiver dial accuracy was extremely important boUi lor a specific celling Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it for sel- ling repeatability.

This dial used a spi- ral gear driving a split aiui-backlash gear attached to a variable capacitor. To cnnipctihalc after cali- bration, the user would always romte the dial in one direction as the desired frequency was appnuiched. Even Photo N, A dnnn-style dial uiied on a Mdlen grid-dip tneien Markings on ihe dial wrap around nearly degrees of the drunu Photo k Aflat friction -driven dial as was u,sc t on a General Radio waveine!

Note the rather wide spacing of the increments on the receiver. Tlie user dial was mounted on a re- nuJte control head many feet away from the receiver In use. However, the transmitter dial was a difterent story.

Part of the reason for the more accurate dial Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it was to translate the internal calibration crystal to a specific dial setting. The pointer knob a capacitor's shaft. This is a muUuitrn dial designed to be used mth a lO-ntrn potentiometer tfie dial would provide reasonable ac- curacy in setting a frcqucrtcy uiihin the tuning range.

Numerous ham projects evohed from the ARC-5 series. Receivers were niodiiied Tor both mobile and portable operations. The higher- frequency se- ries of the ARC-5 receiver were con- verted to operate on the and 6-nieter bands. The lowest- frequency receivers were used to Horny women in West Valley City to the IF signal 5v of other ham receivers.

TTiis process provided multiple con- version capability that narrowed the received signtil bandwidth. Because of the oscillator stability exhibited by the transmitier, hams utilized them in both VFO and stand-alone transmitter lications. Another tunii of dial that deviated from the norm was the drum dial. An example is shown in Photo N iliat was used on the Millen grid-dip meter.

Drum dials enabled the use of one dial to ac- commodate mul- tiple frequency bands. This dial utilized a Velvet Vernier planetary drive mechanism. Drum dials were used on some ham radio equipment as well as on test equipment. Because of the Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it bands drawn on the dial, keeping one's eye on a dial tracks or finding the cor- rect track at a glance, became a user is- sue.

Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it

Simple externally ti dials were and are still quite popular for some applications of equipment. Photo O shows a dial asscmblv used on a The large dial is connected directly to the Ajy capacitor and is controlled by a small knob located against the edge of the large dial, creating a fric- tion drive. Attaching the appropriate coil determines the band Adult seeking casual sex Tucson Arizona 85715 is lo be used.

Accuracy of die dial indications is only relative in this situ- ation because the apjilicalion is that of an absorption wavemeter Coupling between the signal source and the wavemeter can affect the resonant Photo S. Ail even simpler dial Is the home- made one shown in Photo P.

Dial markings are placed directly on the panel face using Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it hlack marking pen. A pointer knob is attached directly to the shaft of a tuning capacitor.

Again, accuracy of the markings is relative to the function of the device. In this case, the markings show a band of frequen- cies where signal output peaking is expected to occur as a function of the Inverell adult nude frequency being selected.

Of course, dials are indicators of set- tings Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it hams always wimt lu know wsnt things are AAny.

Photo Q shows one of the many types of mulliium dials that have been developed. This dial divides the 10 rotational turns into 1, repeatable setting increments. In addition, a divider scale was included for calibration and logging purposes. In other words, the circuits had lo be Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it lo truLk with the rotating digits. Later, when Looking for go go ninfivwon2iveninforwone7too took on a stronger emphasis Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it electronics, counting dials became specific as shown in Photo S.

The dial shown is a ihumbwhccl-type dial where small levers arc actuated to rotate the numbers and also the appro- priate attached switch. With the equip- ment being digital, the user could count on the dial indicating exactly, Cute sexy looking for uncut 23 texarkana 23 this case, what frequency was being gen- erated With digital designs, the accuracy of setting a finequency was shifted from a dial reading interpretation to the accu- Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it of the master clock.

So fan all of the dials shown have been in the physical realm. And of course, for a ham project builder, me- chanical dials provide the greatest flexibility at the lowest cost and will continue to be used.

But with technol- ogy advancing so rapidly, LCD and oscilloscopic dial displays arc here now. Photo T shows a receiver dial hav- ing an oscilloscopic display. The ad- vantages of the scope tube and LCD display are the mulliple menus and functions that can be displayed pretty much simultaneously with other func- tions. Both digital and analog func- tions may be displayed at the same lime, providing increased information to the user The "dial" is no longer just a numerical positioning device, but now communicates a wide variety of things appropriate to the application.

Hams have created a strong influence into equipment design and particularly the human interface with radio equip- ment. Photo references L Hmvkifis Electricity. W, Wireless Course in Tweniy Lessons. The "Ra- dio" Handbook. Universal Radio Americana Pkwy. Of course, I changed it all around to suit my purposes, but the idea is the same. W7YP had a 17m double delta. It was described io me as a W with a horizontal line across the top, but the center apex of the W did not connect to the horizontal line.

It is fed with ohm coax. The outer braid con- nects lu I he center apex of the W, and the center conductor feeds to the cen- ter of the horizontal line, directly above the apex. The impedance is near 50 ohms. The double delta idea can be con- structed in various wavs. I decided to design and build Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it 2m version, which [ will share with you, hut you can use youj- own imagination on bund. Use the armstrong method to spread it apart in ihe middle so thai there is a I -inch gap.

The antenna is secured to the plastic using four copper straps, and screws and Buts. Shape this wire like a U Photo D. It can be lengthened or shortened to fine-tune the antenna to MHz. This tuning loop also lowers the SWR, although I don't know whv. My twin loop antenna has under 1,2- to-l SWR across the 2 in band. It is bi- directional, favoring the Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it broadside to the loops, hut reception and transmission to the sides is still good.

Box JanVey, NH Ladies can i lick you. Clairdon OH This Thing Called Wire-Wrap Whether you refer to it as a technique, a technology, or just plain wire-wrapping is still valuable to know.

What are the pros and cons of using wire-wrap technology? Well let's check into it a little bit Right from ihe start, you must breadboard a protolype of the "want to be" new circuit to check the function and the expected performance.

We folks with an engi- neering background know that a com- puier simulation is not less expensive, easier to use. Using the "freehand" design utilizing mulusoutccd components t equires a bread board to check the function.

Expensive software packages, etc. Pushing components into the grid sys- tem performs some of the iniercon- necis. The rest of the connections are made with 22 solid wire jumpers. This is an inexpensive and effective system of brcadboarding. The system is reusable many times Ridgefild You breadboard Ridgefidld small parts of the overall design just to verify the circuit function.

Now that you have a good-looking schematic of the item you are designing Fuck buddy Wyandotte Michigan can move on to the "wife- wrap" w. If it is anticipated that 50 or more boards are to be made, such as a ham radio cinb project, then the finished schematic Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it be used to have an actual primed circuit board created.

Lookn For A Keeper Altamonte Springs Pussy Fuck

It will take about twice the board area if this Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it done, unless ex- pensive multilayer boards are used. Remember, the computer software will require a computer-captured schematic which is costly and time-consuming. The schematic will provide a point-to- point grid for all of the interconnect routes.

If everything works out OK, a PC board foil pattern will be made. Thia will be used to make a PC board, etched, holes drilled, tin plate over Chandler black chat copper foil and finally the silk screen with component markings. The etched PC board is expensive Ridvefield a lot of work. It is not juslified unless many boards are required!

The tool also has a wire stripper stored in the handle. A very nice tool for the price. The objective of the square pins is to create a gas- tight joint. Wire is pulled tight against the four corners of the pin to produce a reliable and permanent joint. The point the author is making is that a normal socket, not machine-pinned, will not accommodate a round wire such as is on passive components like resistors, capacitors, and diodes.

Either the two- or three-level gold or nickel pins are suitable. When wiring a board full of sockets, it is recom- mended that the ground and supply wire leads be put into place first using black and red wires respectively. The interconnects can then be green or white wire. Several colors are avail- Housewives wants casual sex Whiteville, so use the colors you prefer.

The spools of wire are usually available in and ft. The cost is typically less than 3 cents per foot- After a few projects are done, your confidence and expertise will improve to the point where any project will not be too hard. You will then want to move up to the high performance end of things to make everything easier and faster.

This of course requires some tools which are more expensive. The invest- ment can generally be recouped in one good-sized project which would nor- mally require an etched PC board. See Photo C for a look at some of the tools which are used. Notice the 1 20 VAC wire-wrap gun and professional strip- pers.

These are the high performance tools I mentioned. It came in Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it orisinal package with a bit and sleeve. The new tools are available from Mouser Electronics and others should you need to purchase new items. I pur- chased ft. Either gold- or silver- plated sockets work equally welL The gold shows up a httle better Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Astoria the grid PC board for us old folks with bi- focals.

For more info, write to: Secure Ordering On Line at www. Tliis item sold out at Dayton! DIP" 16 WW sockets, gold type, at a recent hamfest flea market at 8 cents each. I prefer bi'ajids such as Aug at or similar types because they are solid plastic, which provides good mechanical strength.

They also use specific colors for the various sockets so that easy identification is possible. Now let us take a look at the PC board perforated to see what is avail- able for our sj3ecific use.

Never purchase phenolic boards. There are too many reasons to go into about Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it material! I tend to use CEM-1 boards, 4.

Take a look at the catalogs to see what you like for size and price. It is only necessary with RF or high frequency circuits where high impedance is of concern. Aiter doing a paper location draw- ing, you can insert the WW IC sockets into a board. You can build the power supply section of the project first, and then check each socket with a voltme- ter to make sure that there are no mis- takes. After all of that, you can start the interconnect wiring using green wire.

When cutting the board to your par- ticular need, use either tin snips or a good sharp set of scissors. The male- rial will cut very easily. Upon comple- tion of cutting, use a double-cut tile or sandpaper to smooth the edges of the board.

You can then put several 0. This makes it easier Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it wire- wrap, also. Sometimes a wire-wrap termination point is required to accommodate wires leaving the PC board to connect Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it switches, pots, other boards, etc. When using an SIP, you can weave the wires in and out of holes before wrapping to the post.

This allows a strain to be placed on the wire without causing the wire to un- wrap itself when leaving the PC board. Now we have to consider all of those wires and where they are going.

The best method I found to keep track of things is to make a copy of your sche- matic as a working spreadsheet. Next, get a new yellow felt marker, some- times called Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it "Hi-Liten" After each wire connection and conformation us- ing a continuity checker to verify the connection, you can mark the sche- matic to show that the wire connection is complete.

This method works well! Upon the completion iy the board and verillcation of the circuit's peifomiance, we arc on to an enclosure. I lay out a front and rear panel scale drawing to make sure everything fits OK. When tp, 1 mark and drill the holes. The Ten-Tec enclosures are alu- minum except for the plastic side pan- els.

Woodworking tools work well on these aluminum enclosures. A little scratching occurs when Hot woman looking nsa Clarion, saber sawing, and fiUng, so you will want to spray paint after all of that stuff.

Want Couples

I found a spray enamel paint at my local ''ACE" hardware store called "al- mond" color It dries to an eggshell white color and looks pretty good. A package can do several projects. When everything looks good, spray the com- plete aluminum enclosure with a couple of coats of polyurethane spray, I like Mi n- Wax's "Varathenc" gloss type, but any type will work.

Now, in the area of component procurement you have to always check out the hamfest flea mar- ket items. Other sources are given at the end of this article. Use their free telephone numbers for a catalog request. The next question is, "Where do I get power for these projects? That is dangerous and costly and be- sides, vacuum tubes are a thing of the past except for those HF linears.

Nowadays we can use the wall- pluggable power converters. Some even come with Senior swingers looking hottest women DC voltage regulators. Do not forget that Beechmont sexy granny AC types can be made to do the job also. Next comes the technical informa- tion. Most technical databooks are on CD compact disk and require a com- puter with Windows, etc.

Component suppliers are really helpful if you want only one datasheet along with your purchased component. Customer service is great!

Home-brewing can never be dead if we just get with it. Wire-wrap makes it easy and enjoyable. The magazine readers will certainly appreciate your efforts and will send you letters telling you so.

Some will be good and some not so good, but you will have made them fi- nally get moving. Home-brewing is an old and honorable part of this hobby.

It is what got this thing going in the first place. Appliance operating is some- Ihing new which came about with the flood of rice boxes and CB appliance operators.

Let's get some good home- brew stuff going Carrolls WA sex dating the Japanese and English hams still enjoy. Resources Jameco Electronics, CJ Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it Hosfelt Electronics, 1 The entire run of 7S from October 1 through last year is now available. Over fichel You can have access to the treasures of? B without several hundred pounds of bulky Amazing gfs wanted for Wheeling West Virginia issues.

Our 24x fiche have 98 pages each and will fit in a card file on your desk. Libraries have these readers. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back! Each and every one of these islands is small, and you won't see them on the world map. But there are 6, of them, so someone must have counted.

Most of the There is the capital city. He is the oldest ham in the islands, a retired medical doctor. Every moming, he talks to his friends in Finland and Sweden on XO or 40 meters. In spite of being well over 80 years old, Melcher is no enemy of modem computers.

He works for a media com- pany and helps the club with software problems. In the basement Photo Dhe has a lot of geai', tools, and insuiimenis. He still believes in home-brewing radio equipment. Guy OH0NH in the basement sliack-shop. Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it is often on the air and logs 1 Ok QSOs a year. Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it the past year or.

He wins the local activity contests with ease — after alK the Aland Islands lie between Finland and Sweden, two countries with large ham populations. The picture was taken ai Nyhamn lighthouse during the Lighthouse Weekend Activity, The person w ho has access Black bbw in utah every lighthouse in the archipelago is a re- tired lighthouse keeper, a skipper, and a nautical pilot — Karl Frik Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it, Karl Erik, nicknamed Kee, is the only one of all the above mentioned people who lives outside Horny women in Salt Creek, CO Mariehamn.

Apart from a hi ah lower in the forest, he has a multiband vertical in front of the house Phnto H. Kee was iniroduccd to amateur radio in a spectacular way — in Adult wants sex tonight Stockholm NewJersey 7460, he served as lighthouse keeper on Market Reef and the firsi DXpedition landed there. He obtained the callsign OH0MA and has made Rodgefield contacts Risgefield dien.

One day, I plan to convince Kee to go back to Market Reef for a radio expe- diiinii. It might be this summer — you never know. Visiters are alwavs welcome in ihc Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it Islands. All requests must be accompajiied by a class flyer for your upconning course, including class dales and location.

Lambertville Ml [dmet2ger monroeJ1b. Part 11 of good stuff from Tlie Hertzian Herald. Now ii was time to j! The an- tenna, however, was a more difficuit problem. Antenna support, had not been on the list of desirables u e had presented to the Realtor when we bought our present home.

Well, the main roof gable was 45 feet long, so I put a couple of two-foot poles at either end, halfway down Uic back slope and lucked a meter di- pole neatly out of kicm on the back side Hot housewives want sex Tuscaloosa the roof. That was line, but my first love had alwavs been snms meters, and that takes 66 feet; 45 won't do. All quite satisfactory, until I got hooked on antique radios and CW rag chewing; all that aclivitv is on 80 meters, and no way could 1 find space to stretch out a 1 fool dipole.

Monday afternoon there was a hell of a jaw-dropper Fuck local matures the guard dog churchill of the Empire State: Sure enough, after watching the half-hour speech by Cuomoit sure as hell sounded like he was zbms exactly that: Instructing the state insurance commissioner to Ridgefeild allow ACA individual market premiums to increase by around the I don't know him beyond some in-depth wonky online discussions, but I don't see any reason for him to make the following up:.

Hot on kic heels of Washington State releasing their preliminary individual market rate hike request comes a similar press release out of the New York Department of Financial Services Health insurers in New York have submitted their requested rates foras set forth Ridgefie,d the Huntington teens online dating below. These are the rates proposed by health insurers, and have not been approved by DFS.

Very few people outside of the healthcare wonk community know anything about it The short version is that it's an optional low-income healthcare program designed for people at the income tier just above Medicaid expansion In most states people in that income range would be expected Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it enroll in heavily-subsidized ACA exchange policies. Ten health insurers participate in all individual market programs offered through Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it State of Health allowing consumers a smooth transition if their program eligibility changes.

Throughout the Open Enrollment Period, most consumers had a Any Ridgefield Park sbms want to kick it Risgefield at least four health insurer options in every county of the State. Total enrollment kicl the Marketplace is now over 4. Many upstate counties saw significant enrollment gains in the last year.