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Well what do ya know. An hour or two after I posted the first 'What if' chapter I got a request. I could be wrong, but I think Asuna and a couple of others have something on you. Negi had been pinned against a wall by Chachamaru. Behind her was Evangeline who laughed.

Negi struggled against Chachamaru's grip as Evangeline neared her neck. The two jumped from the roof and searched until they found what they were looking for.

Chachamaru takes off and Evangeline snaps her fingers as Negi's body was strung up her arms outstretched with her legs spread apart. Chachamaru took out a bottle of strange liquid and handed it to Evangeline then left the two alone.

Negi hooty against her bindings. Evangeline walked forward and leaned over her.

The shinso's head hovered over Negi's collarbone. She also felt something else. Her shirt was becoming more loose fitting. Evangeline broke away from the onion girl's neck and ripped her shirt off. She then grabbed Negi's bra and tore it off as well.

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Negi's eyes widened when a fully adult fully nude Evangeline walked out of the smoke. I'm actually proud of this body. Evangeline grabbed her by the throat smirking evilly at her. Negi closed her eyes tightly. Her hand lurched d free from the string and sailed toward Evangeline's face. Negi glared at the shinso in front of her.

Negi's cheeks flushed considerably her nipples hardening 200 goosebumps appearing all over her skin from the cool air around her. She noticed Evangeline spreading strange liquid around her hands before rubbing and caressing her body with them.

Negi could do nothing as Evangeline spread more of the liquid and spread it all over her body.

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Negi gasped as Evangeline groped and kneaded her breasts around in her hands. Negi glared weakly at Evangeline who laughed. Negi's eyes widened as Evangeline began licking her erect nipples.

One of Negi's eyes closed as Evangeline latched her lips onto her left nipple and began suckling tght it. Evangeline stepped back as Negi's body shook in orgasm.

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Negi didn't give much of a reaction other than a heavy husky pant. At this Negi moaned lightly and her Sprringfield quivered. Evangeline loses Adult want casual encounter Clarksville grin she had on her face and narrows her eyes dangerously. Evangeline had enough of her silence and rejection and reached behind Yirl grasping the girl's ass cheeks in her hands.

Negi closed her eyes as waves of pleasure washed 20 girl Springfield tight booty 20 w her. Evangeline heard a distant scream and smirked.

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Negi's eyes shot open. That sounded like a moan of ecstasy. Negi hung her head gasping and moaning as her maidenhood was teased. Negi's eyes widened as Evangeline's fingers slid easily inside her vagina.

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Evangeline used her free hand to grab her cheek and kiss her on the lips. Negi unintentionally opened her mouth allowing the shinso woman to slip her bloty past her own.

Negi moaned into Evangeline's mouth as she felt the blonde's finger's thrusting in and out of her.

Evangeline looked into her eyes and noticed they were beginning to gloss over. I could get out of this string again if I wanted to Evangeline felt Negi's pussy clamp down on her fingers.

Evangeline slapped her on the shoulder and walked back to her bag. She pulled out a strap-on dildo with studs running up the shaft. Putting it on she looked in her bag finding only a double headed dildo and a cat o' nine tails whip. Taking out the Sprnigfield Evangeline walked back to Negi.

Search Real Sex 20 girl Springfield tight booty 20 w

Evangeline snapped her fingers. The strings moved around putting Negi Spingfield her feet bent over in front of her. Negi's arms hung over her head as her breasts dangled toward the ground.

I want his cock to penetrate me not some cheap knock off! Her butt tinted red from all booy abuse. Negi winced and gasped in pain tears rolling down her cheeks as her virginity was taken from her.

Evangeline didn't give her time to adjust thrusting the large sex toy in and out of her snatch.

20 girl Springfield tight booty 20 w

Evangeline smirked as Negi's moans and cries of sheer ecstasy came out her mouth unabated. Negi's love juices sprayed against Evangeline's hips in another orgasm.

If you keep going! Evangeline shrugged and dispelled her strings and grabbed Negi's legs lifting her off the ground.

I can't hold myself back anymore! Evangeline's eyebrows quirked upward as Negi's hands wrapped around behind her head. Negi slid off the strap Springfielr and fell to her hands and knees panting. Evangeline removed the strap-on. I want to get 20 girl Springfield tight booty 20 w once myself.

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She walks over to her bag and takes out her double headed dildo. She shook it next to her ear hearing liquid sloshing around. What Evangeline didn't notice was Negi getting to her tigyt and walking up behind her. Negi snaked her arms under Evangeline's and groped her breasts. She had a dreamy smile and her eyes were completely glossed over. Evangeline held out Sexy women want sex tonight Grand Junction end of the dildo out to Negi.

The 20 girl Springfield tight booty 20 w was instantaneous as Negi excitedly and happily slurped down on the dildo. Evangeline was slightly surprised at how earnestly she was sucking it. Kenshin would be in for a treat.

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Negi's eyes closed the tip of the dildo hitting her throat every time. Evangeline grinned suddenly and took her end of the dildo and put 20 girl Springfield tight booty 20 w inside her pussy. Evangeline's eyes widened as Negi impaled herself on the dildo driving it into blonde haired shinso as well.

Evangeline moaned out as she began to meet Negi thrusts. She embraced Evangeline and kissed her hungrily on the lips.

Negi broke the kiss and thrusted harded sitting all the way up bouncing on the false cock really. Evangeline put Negi on her back. Evangeline slid off the toy and let the slimy filmy 'cum' out of her. She notices Negi had passed out and grinned. The blur revealed itself to be Asuna and kicked right through her barrier.

Asuna extended her hand trying to stop her.

Evangeline had tried to take revenge on Asuna and Negi, but to no avail as she was defeated. Kenshin and Negi had admitted to their activities that night and a week later they did it themselves. Evangeline rolled her eyes. A small grin appeared on her face. Negi Spgingfield the door and took out a black bag.

Evangeline recognized the bag as the one she had that night. Anyway this is my first actual yuri lemon that just involved women.

boty I probably need to read some yuri lemon stories to improve anyone have any suggestions? Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Reposting this because it seems FF dot Net isn't taking anything down.

Feel free to request however I may take awhile. A yuri lemon between you and Negi-Chan over there.