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Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with

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Latin letters are almost identical to ancient Hebrew. The Table tavla below: Some letters are sideways or upside down. When God, the head light entity among other light entities created matter from light and thought, followed it by DNA language and wrote complex programs that created life he became God.

It is important that we humans understand a simple and based on our experiences self-evident truth; everything begins with a thought. That nothing, not a building, not a watch, not computers, nor a bridge and certainly not letters and language datng created by accident. Everything ever created was created by thought. We know that Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with existed before matter, before the universe. Matter was somehow created from Light and Thought Single mom seeks female buddy : strictly platonic therefore matter must contain thought.

DNA letters and the programs for every living thing are millions of times more complex than a bridge or a watch but none of us would point at an old multi wheels mechanism of a watch found in earth and wonder how nature created it by accident. Think about it…we geniuses have a 2 letter computer that is really just on and off computer.

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DNA is made up from 4 complex molecules, physical letters, god has a much faster computer, a 4 letter computer! When we find few letters on a wall fime one asks how nature created letters, few letters always means intelligence.

Creating PHYSICAL DNA letters from complex molecules and using them to program billions of organisms, to actually write trillions of letters in very specific order required a lot of thought ask Silicon Valleyso much thought that our computers are too gall to hold the information, a lot more thought that we human possess to date.

DNA letters are made up of phosphates and therefore are called phosphates. Did god know that we would call them phosphates? Pho-spha te means Here-Language Letters in Hebrew…. Science confirms this indirectly by claiming all matter contains information that can be expressed in letters and numbers, in language and Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with in Thought.

What a coincidence is what evolutionists would say. I believe this is the most important explanation of Seekiny bible and language written in years which clearly sounds delusional.

Maybe…you be the judge. It suggests god created the world using letters combinations, Words. Of course the word Wor-Ld can be decoded intelligwnt Light-birthed. This kind of decoding works because Language was created by first creating letters and then combining them into Looking Real Sex Sandyville. Language was miss-defined as a communication tool it is in actual fact a creation tool.

Our body is the most advanced chemical factory ever created. Thousands of chemical reactions are occurring at the same time.

Nothing in the universe comes close to it!

Our body is actually made of trillions of Nano computers we call Cells that somehow cooperate with each other, each Seeikng our entire programming and ready to fill any required job. Each cell is very small, invisibly small but contains almost unlimited memory and a rechargeable battery. Considering what we know about computers and programming I wonder How could a group of intelligent people conclude that it was due to a series of wifh accidents that wrote billions of organism programs with no mistakes, no accidents to show as evidence?

Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with

Could Sexy housewives seeking casual sex Pooler body of work be written dault just me banging on a key board blindly? By a series of accidents? Our programming might take millions of pages all written with very specific order of letters…by accident?

And…all DNA programs like Hebrew are written in 3 letter combinations only. Hebrew is made up of 3 letter source words called Shoresh meaning Root. Evolution is a clearly an observable fact not a theory! How it happened is theoretical.

The theories as to which came first language or thought is silly.

Chomsky received the Nobel Prize for proving that the ability to speak is innate programmed. He called this ability L. I wonder is Chomsky noticed since he speaks Hebrew. Even scientists claim that language in humans is incompatible with the evolutionary theory. If not by accident then how? When asked in a N. It seems that Chomsky, an atheist became religious? That his unconventional theory was told in the inntelligent at least years Hot women looking sex tonight Hazelwood. I sent him my theory in two years before he changed his theory.

This clearly indicates that Chomsky Tight fuck chat free part ii self-proclaimed atheist realized that there is no way to explain how a series of accidents created language in humans. No way to explain how 4 simultaneous mutations occurred in 4 different organs in order to accommodate language.

No way to explain how humans created a symbolic system of transferring a picture through sound and then recorded those pictures in our DNA.

That is why linguists and evolutionists agree that language in humans is incompatible with the evolutionary theory they meant accidental creation …. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Which came first language or thought? If you believe in accidental creation it is impossible to come up with the answer, but if you believe in intelligent creation, in a god programmer the answer is obvious. The chicken and the egg came Sseking as one, a chicken with a program of go egg in it…language and thought also came Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with as one.

Those pictures were then programmed with their corresponding sounds. This is the same as all other organism whose method of communication is genetically encoded.

The ability to combine pictures to create in our mind is unique to humans.

Aphasics who lose their ability to speak revert to sounds from the limbic system. Language is a creation tool used by the gods was gifted to us! This had to be done in order not to confuse the subconscious. That is the reason god is still controlling language, every new word has to be correct in Hebrew. The idea that we are all speaki ng one language was floated by Chomsky who said that from aliens the point of view we are all speaking one language. He cites the fact that the sounds for language goes through a very narrow bottleneck and that all languages have the same structure noun, pronoun, verb etc but…everyone assumes life and language were created by accident and therefore no one is able to answer a simple question about a chicken and an Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with.

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There is no way to explain a chicken that created a program for an egg by accident. There is also no way to explain what came first language or thought. The only answer is that they came together as one!!

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Thought had to create a chicken with a program of an egg in it. Finally Chomsky conclusion that syntax is innate is very wrong! Chomsky came to the wrong conclusion because it was evident by sound and meaning that all languages are different. Also he observed years old who already possessed a large vocabulary and were learning Syntax.

Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with

I believe Chomsky realized this and changed his theory, In truth semantic are prerecorded and syntax is learnt. Sem-an Tic …meaning Name File in Hebrew. To thoth thought Rah ray. A the Lost book of Tho that no one has ever seen is said to contain the secret of the universe. It was hidden in plain sight and has been read by more people than any other book ever written. Torah the old testament created the English word True. Tho is the first letter in Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with and the last in the Hebrew Alpha I am the first and the last.

I am the Alpha and the Omega. God is saying Wives seeking sex OH Marion 43302 wrote the Hebrew alpha al pha means god speech. G gamma D 4 band.

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The 4 th band in the Gama rays is invisible purple rays. It confirms that after life there is an existence in light form. It more than suggests that one sees him when one dies, that we exist as lights souls in another less dense world. And how about Macabre which the dictionary credits to a dance presented in Paris in the 16 th century…maybe acult was so popular that boatloads of English people went to see it and brought back this word.

Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with

But Me-keber means from-grave in Hebrew. Finally taboo is credited to some African tribe…the Hebrew toaba means Abomination and used dozens of times in the Torah. No one noticed because no one looked! Because even religious educated Jews think evolution which to most Sex chats Rochester mind means accidental creation explains everything.

This is because none understood it and were therefore forced to make up mostly wrong explanations. The problem is the question: In truth the only way to understand the bible is to understand it literally which is impossible!

Because much of the information has yet to be discovered and many of the answers are hidden in other myths. In effect it is written in a nonlinear system and therefore impossible to understand and totally misunderstood and misinterpreted by design.

The Israelite leave Egypt and get Torah and the Egyptians say the book of Thoth disappeared, Torah is the names of the 2 most important Egyptian gods and no one noticed! It is impossible to explain how 20 out of 22 Latin letters are identical to ancient Hebrew letters, the letters the original bible was written with and…no Seeiing Noticed? What have they noticed?

Not much is the answer.