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Who Is Bruce?

Bruce Hale is a man of many hats

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Bruce Hale

"It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Bruce Hale as a speaker, workshop leader, visiting writer, or any role remotely related!"

— Diane Mark, Creative Writing Program Coordinator, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Running into roadblocks on your way to getting published?

Speed things up with the help of a professional author

Maybe you've got a great book in you, but are having trouble getting it out? Or you have burning questions about how to write or revise your story, how to get an agent, or how to get published?

Benefit from Bruce Hale's 20 years of experience, spanning everything from self-publishing to success with major publishers.

Popular writer and speaker Bruce Hale has made the long journey from struggling artist to bestselling author. He has published over 20 books for young readers and spoken to groups across the U.S. and Canada, including the prestigious Maui Writers Conference.

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Story Writing Tips for Your Success

"I believe everyone has a story to tell.

"And I am passionate about helping people become better storytellers. As an experienced author, I help writers remove stumbling blocks to their success — whether in writing, marketing, or promoting the story.

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"Thanks for visiting my site. I hope I can inspire you to write or tell your story, because the world needs all of our stories."

Bruce Hale

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"Don't get it right,
just get it written."

— James Thurber